13 Fishing Inception 6.6:1 Gear Ratio Fishing Reel Review

13 Fishing Inception 6.6:1 Gear Ratio Fishing Reel

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4/5

Gear Ratio




- Strong torque

- Effective gear ratio

- Has both left and right hand models

- Has 6 pin centrifugal brakes for instant and reliable braking

- The reel has great paddles


- A little too light for heavy and rough angling in high wind conditions

- The side plate is tightly fitted. It can easily fall off the reel body



13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel is another 13 fishing line reel with brand new ideas on performance and durability.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

This reel is fitted with an effective arrow-line guide that ensures accurate distant casting; even when the wind is high. The fast and fluid retrieval capacity is a feature every experienced angler wants on their reel.

Main Usage

13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel is solid, robust and versatile reel. It combines the trending technologies with superior wisdom to present a dynamic tool for long lasting and reliable service. The reel is ideal for fluke fishing too.

You need a reel with such fast retrieval ratio to catch up with the fast-flitting guys as you go. There is no wasting time in the casting action with this reel. The 6 pin centrifugal brakes ensure that you don’t lose your prey even when in a ferocious fight. The reel combines ergonomics and power.


Anglers with a thing for the big ones can feel at home with the reel too. It offers a big nonwobbly drag that secures fighting fish with ease.

Product Features

The Drag System

The reel is fitted with multilateral drag washers that are large and robust. This feature allows the reel to handle up to 18 pounds of drag efficiently. Its forged aluminum and graphite body and frame are the important materials that a reel needs to take on the beatings of saltwater environments and violent deep sea fishing encounters.

The anti-reverse bearing prevents backlash while handling large fish. It does so with such calm effect that you won’t even realize the mechanical power involved in the process. The drag settings are easy to reset on the fly. You won’t have to lay down everything else to retune the reel.

Body and Frame

It is fitted with an aluminum body and frame, graphite side plates covered in a matte gray finish, 13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel gives you an impression of a tech savvy reel design that spares lots of energy. You will be impressed with the red and black touches that blend in perfectly for that classy calm but clear and distinct look.

The reel is light enough for tournament fishing escapades. The light design makes it ideal for extended fishing encounters. The body is light; the frame sports the renowned graphite structure. You are provided with a rich combination of strength and versatility.


Casting Controls

13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel offers lightning speed retrieve rates. The reel features lightweight handles that make it is easily accessible even on the fly. You will be impressed with the soft grip EVA knobs that make you confident of controlling the casting without slipping off.


The reel has an accurate casting tune up that delivers bait with ease. I was impressed with the greater distance casting capacity. The knobs on this reel are distinctly different from your classic ones. You will also discover that the reel is versatile and allows anglers to use a broad range of rod types.

The massive line capacity is a welcome feature that provides reassurance for the adventurous angler that they can tackle anything anytime.

Gear Ratio

Yes, you won’t understand a reel before evaluating its gear ratio and outlining its torque advantage. It is the gear ratio that even the drag system derives its power. Anglers need a reel that takes off the burden of fighting fish from their hands and settles the scores with the target; with engineering ingenious. I mentioned earlier that the reel offers one of the fastest retrieves ever witnessed in angling. That makes it ideal for fluke fishing and trolling too.

Fitted with the Japanese Hamai Gears and a gear ratio of 8:1, you certainly know that you are handling a tool with a promise for a lot of power. The ratio guarantees one of the best torque advantages and big fish fighting capacity. You cast fast and retrieve fast when you have 13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel in your hands.


13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster Reel offers one of the strongest drag performances, ever. It is fitted with large drag washers that make it so robust and steady.

The bearing system is tech savvy too. It allows for easy operation and fast casting and retrieval rates. With a gear ratio of 8:1, an angler does not need anything better; it doesn’t get better than this.

When tackling the large and assertive clients, the reel offers a steady braking mechanism. The instant-centrifugal braking effect makes it ideal for situations when fishing requires fastback outs and effective control of the large clients.

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13 Fishing Inception 6.6:1 Gear Ratio Fishing Reel Review
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