At ReelChase.com we love to fish. If it isn't evident from the content, reviews, images, and videos on this website then please consider that our disclaimer. We talk about fishing a lot. The owner of the website grew up on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts at a time when it was still the largest seaport on the US east coast. The entire community that was born into were all fishermen. Literally. The entire economy was based upon the fishing industry. That town Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Home of the Perfect Storm and Gorton's frozen fish fame. It was only natural that a kid in that atmosphere to take up shore fishing and deep sea fishing. But then something happened... This kid actually moved away from his small, hometown. He was not destined to be a long lining sword fishermen or a halibut dragging netter. Nope....instead he became an accountant and got a job in Ohio. However, that doesn't mean that the fishing "genes" that ran in his blood left.

He continues to fish to this day. As a small group of anglers, we have around 85 years of salt water, deep sea, stream, and lake fishing between us. There's not a part of fishing that we're not obsessed with. We'll often review fishing rods and reels, tackle, fish finders, and other accessories.