Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 Review

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 1

Rating: 4.3/5

Gear Ratio




- It is a powerful reel that is easy to cast.

- It is reliable and is inexpensive.

- It has a dependable drag.


- Despite being a strong and powerful reel, it should be handled with care and cleaned after use to remain in a good working condition.



When you set out to purchase a reel, you must do some research to help you buy a reel that will give you excellent service and make your work easier regardless of the prevailing fishing conditions.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 2

You need a reel that will serve you for years without developing any major issue. It should be an all-around reel, which should perform the task at hand in both fresh and saltwater.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-7000 is perhaps one of the reels you may need to consider. It is reliable, smooth and works great in any environment. This reel holds a considerable amount of mono line and has a solid drag.

Main Usage

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-7000 is a reel for big water anglers. It guarantees them a smooth action courtesy of the 2+1 stainless steel ball bearings. The anti-reverse bearings give this reel a solid hook, a thing that makes it a perfect choice for anglers going to battle it out with big fish.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 3

The reel comes with an extended bend handle that dramatically increases the torque and makes it easier to align the cranking hand and move it closer to the reel to increase the fighting power. Perhaps big water anglers like the 7000 C3 because of its four-pin brakes that allow the anglers to control their cast. Also, the Ambassadeur 7000 C3 comes with a Carbon Matrix drag system which ensures that the drag is smooth and consistent.

Product Features

2+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings:

All reels must have some ball bearings that are strong and rust resistant. No other material guarantees these features other than the stainless steel. The bearing is made of DD400 martensitic material which does not just make the bearings hard but gives them an increased load capacity and a long life.

The DD material is sturdy and gives the bearing the standard of quality which makes them suitable for reels designed for big fish. No wonder that the 2+1 stainless steel ball bearings give the Ambassadeur 7000 C3 the smooth operation, suitable for experienced and novice anglers.

Carbon Matrix™ Drag System:

The Ambassadeur 7000 C3 reel has a Carbon Matrix™ drag system that is smooth and guarantees a consistent pressure throughout its drag range. It is a powerful but low-profile drag you can ever get in a reel.

In fact, the drag system gives this reel the functionality and the style that is a reminiscence of the classic reel. The Carbon Matrix™ drag system is light weighted and enhances the casting distance.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 4

6 Pin Centrifugal Brake:

The Ambassadeur 7000 C3 comes with 6pin centrifugal brake, which ensures that the angler remains in control throughout the battle. In fact, the 6pins are considered more than enough because you only need 2pins to balance.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000 5

However, with the 6pins in place, you are guaranteed of a steady balance, and there is no room for negative effect regardless of the casting distance. Setting the brakes to 2 opposing pins, you will not feel unbalanced. All the same, you are free to use all the 6pin system but setting it to 1 or 2 pins will still give you the braking you need.

Anti- Reverse Bearing:

The fact that the ambassador 7000 C3 comes with anti-reverse bearings which are all corrosive resistant makes the reel the greatest of all. It provides a solid retrieve with a zero back play which is a good thing for anglers.

The new anti-reverse bearing used in this reel allows the angler to take the fight the prey without worrying. To get the best service from the bearing, it is important that you lubricate it periodically with grease or oil so that the anti-reverse mechanism does not fail you when battling it out with a big fish.


If you are looking for a reel that is super smooth, has a great feel and is easy to cast, you need to check out the Ambassadeur 7000 C3. It doesn't matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced angler; you need a great reel that you can use to catch catfish or Cobia with ease.

Also, ensure that you buy a reel that is sturdy to make your trip in the high seas enjoyable.

The Ambassadeur 7000 C3 guarantees great working, has a solid drag, a heavy braided line and enough amount of mono line that makes the reel unbeatable

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