Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round Review

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round 1

Rating: 4.5/5

Gear Ratio




- It has a perfect fit and finish.

- The quality and the craftsmanship employed is high.


- It is a little bit expensive but offers more value than any other reel in its class.



Abu Garcia C3 Catfish is custom designed to make it super smooth. It is the kind of a reel every experienced angler should have to make his outing a success. If you are a new angler, you will find this reel the most appropriate because its quality is at the top and makes it easier for you to control it and will, certainly, guarantee you a great catch.

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round 2

Its casting is smooth and will allow you to land a lure wherever you want. Perhaps one of the reasons why most anglers prefer the Abu Garcia C3 is that it can be used for both catfish and live bait. Also, the reel is designed in such a way that it allows you to hook a jerk bait and cast it into the waters without struggling.

Main Usage

One of the features of a good reel is that it should enable the angler to have full control of the equipment when it is being cast. Also, the angler should be able to pinpoint the cast at his whims. Abu Garcia C3 was designed with this in mind. It gives the angler an opportunity to pinpoint the cast and can deploy it at whatever distance he wants when targeting big fish.

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round 3

It is tough and has the power that allows for an easy and effortless retrieve. It comes with a 3 +1 stainless ball bearing system, which guarantees the angler a smooth cast. Also, the matrix drag system, the six pin centrifugal breaks allows the angler to fully control the reel while the bent-handle gives him the power and the torque required when dealing with a strong fish, which may keep pulling the reel.

Product Features

3 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings:

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish comes with 3+1 stainless steel bearing that greatly reduces rolling resistance and is vital in conserving energy. They are hard and frictionless. The bearings are corrosive resistant and allow the anglers to deploy this amazing reel in both fresh and saltwater.

The bearings are strategically placed in a line roller to reduce friction further, enhance performance and durability. The 3 bearings make the reel to perform exceptionally well and could be compared to any top reel with four to six ball bearings. Note that the bearings are all strengthened to make the reel to last over one lifetime.

Carbon Matrix™ Drag System:

Anglers have found the Carbon Matrix™ drag system reliable. It incorporates shielded stainless steel bearings that are corrosive resistant and frictionless. They make the drag system to remain consistent across the settings and provide a smooth casting and easy retrieval.

Also, this particular drag system is easy to operate and will fight the fish consistently. The fact that that it comes with an Infini II spool system and two magnets makes it easier to cast and control the reel regardless of the prevailing fishing conditions.

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round 4

6 Pin Centrifugal Brake:

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish comes with a 6-pin centrifugal brake that is solid, and which do not need to be often changed. Once the breaking is set, it allows the angler to comfortably cast the reel knowing that it is easier to control it regardless of the prevailing fishing conditions and the type of a lure being cast.

Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round 5

The trouble is to choose the settings that work best for you. The amount of weight remains constant, so if an ideal setting is chosen, it gives the angler a head start.

Ordinarily, an angler would comfortably control the reel with a 2 pin break. However, the Abu Garcia C3 has 6 pins which make things even better.

Extended Bent Handle:

The Abu Garcia C3 Catfish is designed with a bent handle, which increases its cranking power and enhances its performance. It is corrosive resistant and gives the reel the power it needs to withstand 22 lbs drag. It makes the reel compact, sturdy and dependable.


If you are an angler, you deserve a reel that is easy to cast, and which remains consistent regardless of the prevailing conditions. The reel must be user-friendly and allow you the flexibility of casting a wider distance as you deem fit. Abu Garcia C3 Catfish is the reel that guarantees all this.

It can be cast over long distances with very few if any overruns. This is an investment that is attractive to many anglers because of the product’s durability and versatility. They are the all-weather reels that adventurous anglers need in their hands at all times while at sea.

Shimano TLD Reels provide a unique combination of quality and comfort in one. You can’t go wrong with over 20 years of market presence.

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