Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo Review

By John Andrews | Rod and Reel Combo

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo 1

Rating: 3.4/5






- It is lightweight

- Casting the rod is easy


- The blank is made of graphite which is brittle and needs good care



Once again Abu Garcia has presented to anglers a tool with which to pursue their dream with zeal. The Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo comes with both a reel and rod designed for fishing in both fresh and saltwater. 

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo 2

The combo comes with a line that is fed through the line guide and tied on the reel to help load the spool. This is combo is majorly targeting experienced anglers. Even though novice anglers may use it, but they run higher chances of backlash. The rod is 7' long and falls in the medium heavy category.

Main Usage

The Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo comes with a reel and rod. The reel has 7 stainless steel bearings that provide smooth operation. It also comes with an anodized aluminum spool that gives it the strength the angler needs to face the hard fighting fish. It also features a power drag system that plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth operation. The reel is equipped with Abu Garcia's superior Rocket line management.

On the other hand, the combo comes with a rod that is lightweight and well balanced, thanks to the EVA grip handle that allows the angler to firmly hold the rod and strike an effective balance that enables the angler to remain in control. The blank is made from a 2-ton graphite which increases the rods sensitivity. Also, the rod features a handy Texas –rigged hook keeper.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo 3

To effectively use this combo, all you need to do is to master how to configure the reel using appropriate drag, brake, and tension. All you need to do is to lower the line to avoid instances of the line digging in when you cast the rod.

Product Features


The length of the rod remains critical to anglers and determines how they cast their rods and fight the fish that bites the bait. Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo features a rod that measures 6'6''. Note that the longer the fishing rod is, the lighter it is, and the longer it can be cast.

However, it becomes difficult to control longer rods, and the angler may not be able to fish in difficult situations. Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo features a rod that is neither too long nor too short. It strikes a good balance between controlling and casting it. This rod is comfortable for all day fishing.

The power:

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo features a rod that is rated as medium heavy. This implies that it is a stiff rod that offers plenty of resistance to bending. The rod is suitable for offshore trolling and is designed for surf casting.

It can handle a line weight of 8-1 lbs and a lure weight of 3/16- ½ oz. Keeping the line rest within limits printed on the rod is important. This rod should be used to target medium and large fish such as musky but experienced anglers can use it to target the bigger preys like the bass.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo 4


Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo features a medium option rod which flexes in the top half of its length. In fact, it is this action that makes the rod suitable for fishing both small and large species of fish.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo 5

It allows the angler to control the rod and set the hooks depending on the targeted fish. Also, the action allows the rod to be used in a wide range of situations including targeting a variety of fish species. 

The rod can be used in crankbait fishing where aggressive baits are allowed to move freely. This gives the fish more time to take the bait and enables the angler to feel the bite and set his hook.


A well-balanced rod reduces fatigue and has increased sensitivity. Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo features a rod that is made of graphite, which increases the rod's sensitivity. Also, the rod features EVA grip handles that enable the angler to hold the rod tightly and control it.


If you are an angler looking for a combo that promises to give you great service, Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo is certainly the tool you have been looking for.

The combo is affordable casts pretty far and has the strength anglers look for in a combo. The rod is strong, yet it is lightweight.

It is easy to calibrate and configure the reel to make casting easy and smooth. If you are a new angler who wants to improve your casting, this is one of the rods you should consider buying.

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