Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile Review

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.5/5

Gear Ratio




- Efficient drag system

- Six stainless steel ball bearings, plus one roller bearing to provide better corrosion protection

- Dual anti-reverse to lend maximum support in high-pressure situations

- D2 Gear design for better gear durability


- Drag is less smooth than ORRA2

- Doesn’t cast as far as ORRA2



Are you an inshore angler looking for a super-efficient, lightweight baitcast reel?

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

If yes, then you will find Abu Garcia Revo Inshore ideal for you. Solidly constructed, this reel is extremely comfortable to use for many hours continuously. The reel has a sturdy feel to it and can easily tackle bigger baits. What’s more, it works well in saltwater conditions too. With Abu Garcia Revo Inshore by your side, you’ll be able to catch big fishes easily.

Main Usage

A quality baitcast reel designed for inshore anglers, Abu Garcia Revo Inshore comes in a much improved X2-Craftic frame which offers better corrosion protection. Its high-performance corrosion-resistant bearings offer maximum protection under all conditions.

With Abu Garcia Revo fighting beefy inshore fish species will become a whole lot easier, all thanks to its extended handle having big EVA knobs which provide you with a much better grip. Additionally, the reel provides you with extra back up through its dual anti reverse to help you deal better with high pressure situations.


The design of Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile is more compact, so while the reel’s width is no bigger than the original, it offers extra line capacity, compared with the original. Furthermore, its C6 carbon side plates, pitch centrifugal brake system, and a heavy-duty gear system ensure that this reel is just as durable as any other in its price range.

Product Features

Reel Body:

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore has an alloy frame is suitable for freshwater fishing. If your chosen playground is saltwater, then too you can use this reel as its alloy material offers increased corrosion protection.

The reel is solidly constricted and you can comfortably use it all day long. You can feel the superior sturdiness of Abu Garcia Revo as you hold it in your hands. The reel can easily handle larger baits. If you are looking for a reel for some walleye and pike fishing, you should strongly consider it because it’s great for heavy baits.

Reel Gear Ratio:

Whenever you purchase a new reel, you must pay attention to it reel gear ratio, because this is what will govern how fast or how slow the retrieve will be.

If you are looking for a high-speed retrieve, you must settle for a reel with a reel gear ratio of 6:1 or greater. With a reel gear ratio of 7:1, Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile give you a super fast retrieve. Generally speaking, reel gear ratio and torque are inversely related. That is, higher the reel gear ratio, the less torque the reel provides for reeling in a fish. However, thanks to a great design, this reel also provides decent torque.​


Drag System:

One key highlight of this reel is its superb Carbon Matrix drag system. Thanks to which, the pressure is consistent and smooth across the full drag range.


And if you are wondering how that’s going to help you, the answer is that you will encounter very few broken lines. So nearly always, whenever you catch a fish, it will end in your kitty instead of you losing it because of a broken line.

When you use Abu Garcia Revo Inshore, you will find that the line pulls out smoothly, without any hesitation whatsoever.

Ball Bearings:

If you want a reel that’s smooth on the retrieve, you should pay attention to the quality and the number of ball bearings it has. Usually, it’s safe to assume that greater the number of bearings, the better the performance of the reel. According to experts, anything below four ball bearings is not on. Majority of reels in this price range offer four ball bearings or at best five.

However, Abu Garcia Revo Inshore comes with six ball bearings. In other words, your retrieves will be smooth and non-constrictive. What’s more, there’s one roller bearing as well and all the bearings are corrosion-resistant.


Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile provides ultra smooth reeling and casts farther than most other baitcaster reel in its price range. Its drag is as smooth as the best in the business and it holds pretty well against bigger species of fish. All in all, it is a great reel at an attractive price.

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