Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Reel Review

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket 

abu garcia revo rocket

Rating: 4.7/5

Gear Ratio




- The speed of this fishing reel is outstanding; it’s an actual “rocket”.

- The X2-Craftic allow frame provide increased corrosion resistance.

- It weighs just 6.75 ounces.

- It can be adjusted to handle almost any fishing situation and different size lures.

- It has both internal and external brake adjustments.


- In order to adjust the centrifugal brakes, you have to remove the same sideplate that contains the dial used for adjusting the magnetic brake system, consuming time and effort.

- The visual assessment of the centrifugal brake setting may be difficult for some.



Year after year, the top baitcasting reel manufacturers play some kind of race to exceed each other regarding their reels’ speed (particularly the retrieve speed). So it came by as a big shock when Abu Garcia released the Revo Rocket and its unparalleled retrieve ratio reel of 9.0.1.


The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is famous for its impressive fast retrieve speed while maintaining a nice performance. It has a speed of 37 inches of line retrieve per turn of the crank handle, making it the fastest reel at the Revo Lineup.

Besides the impressive speed, the Revo Rocket features 10+1 stainless steel bearings, alloy frame and sideplates, a D2 Gear Design, a Carbon Matrix drag system, a dual brake system, and an Infini II Spool design that guarantees a large castability and heavy loads.

The weight of this fishing reel is just 6.75 ounces, which makes it very lightweight when compared to its competitors, and has a great maximum drag pressure of 20 lbs.

Main Usage

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is an extremely high speed baitcasting reel that can be effectively used to catch not only big fishes, but also top water toads, buzz baits, hollow body frogs, poppers, wake baits, or even jerk baits. This fishing reel is definitely one that can increase your chance of catching that fish that needs to be caught for winning a tournament.

Its alloy frame and sideplates makes this fishing reel as suitable for saltwater as it is for fresh water, while the Infini brake system and its limitless possible adjustments makes the Revo Rocket perfect for handling almost any fishing situation.


Baitcasting is a fishing technique that consists on throwing a bail with a fishing line out over the water using a flexible fishing rod. There are many different techniques that can be used by anglers as an attempt to cast further, making this kind of fishing challenging and exciting. The most common technique is to shift the body weight towards the front foot in correlation to the forward movement of the rod. For salt water fishing, rods and lines are usually heavier.

Product Features

Reel Body/Housing/Frame:

All of Abu Garcia’s Revo reels are usually very good at finish and fit. The Revo Rocket shares a similar body design with the Premier, the S and the Winch. The only main difference is its color, which is a sassy red in the Revo Rocket.

This is a refined and a solid fishing reel. The finish is pretty clean, and there are also no inconvenient gaps, spaces or misalignments between the sideplates, the frame, and other pieces. The handle doesn’t have any backplay either, and it also has very tight knobs.


The Revo Rocket handle is made of carbon fiber, and the X-Craftic alloy frame and sideplates provide an increased corrosion resistance.

Drag System:

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket l is a very powerful reel. The maximum drag pressure is 20 lbs, making it one of the most powerful fishing reels on the market.

The question of power is important for small reels like this one, and especially when their retrieve ratios are above 7.0:1, but the Revo Rocket proves to give an impressive amount of control according to its speed.

The drag system of this fishing reel is called Carbon Matrix, which consists of a set of carbon washers, and provides consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

Casting Controls:

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is similar to the Revo STX in the way that they both feature a dual braking system (magnetic+centrifugal brakes). This dual system is very effective, even when it takes time to get used to the possibility of adjusting two different brake systems at the same fishing reel.

The Linear Magnetic Brake system uses 5 magnets for the purpose of inducing resistance on the spool depending on the setting. The cast control is externally adjusted and can be set from zero to max, even if the dial only contains an indication of “Max”.

Reel Gear Ratio:

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is named after its 9.0.1 gear ratio, which is amazingly fast. This is definitely one of the fastest fishing reels out there, if not the fastest.


The retrieve speed of the Revo Rocket is equivalent to between approximately 18 and 36.5 IPT (Inches per Turn), depending on how much of line there’s on the cast. Comparing this to the retrieve ratios at other STX, we find that the IPT provided by the Rocket is a major jump compared with the STX.


In summary, the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket is a top-notch fishing reel that might be just the thing you are looking for if you care for speed and versatility.

In terms of features, Abu Garcia meets the expectations as usual, with very generous bearing replacements, micro-click adjustments at the drag star and tension knob, and externally adjustable brakes.

Also, like other Revo siblings, the Rocket is an extremely comfortable reel to fish, while also being very lightweight.

This fishing reel is far more versatile and fast than anyone would expect. It becomes clear that Abu Garcia’s engineers have done an amazing job at delivering this super-fast reel without sacrificing power and feel.

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