Abu Garcia Revo STX Reel Review

Abu Garcia Revo STX

abu garcia revo stx

Rating: 4.3/5

Gear Ratio




- The X2-Craftic allow frame provide increased corrosion resistance.

- It weighs just 6.35 ounces, which is as low as it gets for an aluminum framed reel.

- It can be adjusted to handle almost any fishing situation and different size lures.

- It has both internal and external brake adjustments.

- The dragstar and tension knob both have micro-clicks adjustments.

- It features two bearings per knob and two bearings on either side of the levelwind.


- In order to adjust the centrifugal brakes, you have to remove the same sideplate that contains the dial used for adjusting the magnetic brake system, consuming time and effort.

- The visual assessment of the centrifugal brake setting may be difficult for some.


Those casting reels priced in the $180-$210 range are nowadays the most popular segment for those users looking to spend some money for quality, but not going to the higher prices that take price in the super high end gear segment. Abu Garcia is now making a serious competitor for this segment with the Abu Garcia Revo STX.

The Abu Garcia Revo STX Baitcasting Reels provide unmatched casting control and precision. It has been trimmed down to only 6.35 ounces thanks to its advanced materials compositions and a compact design. That is a 2.5 ounces reduction compared to its previous model (29%).

This amazingly light weight combined with the new EVA knobs guarantee the possibility of fishing for hours without any fatigue dragging you down. It also features the widest range of ratios within the Revo family, with 6.4:1, 7.1:1 and a new high speed 8.0:1 ratio model. Plus, the Infini Brake System allows almost limitless adjustments.

The most important product specifications for this reeling fish are:

  • Rated Line Capacity (spool volume): 12lb / 145 yards
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces (Reel) ; 16 grams (Spool)
  • Bearings: 10 HPCR + 1 CRRB
  • Casting Brakes: Centrifugal + Magnets
  • Handle length: 80mm

Main Usage

The Abu Garcia Revo STX is a baitcasting reel that performs as well on saltwater as it does on fresh water, since the X2-Craftic alloy frame provides an advanced corrosion protection. This is an advantage over most baitcasting reels that will probably work on saltwater, but need some careful cleaning with fresh water after every use.

The almost limitless adjustability of this fishing reel makes it capable of handling any fishing situation. The Revo STX works very good to cast many size lures from hardbaits to soft-plastics.

Baitcasting is a fishing technique that consists on throwing a bail with a fishing line out over the water using a flexible fishing rod.


There are many different techniques that can be used by anglers as an attempt to cast further, making this kind of fishing challenging and exciting. The most common technique is to shift the body weight towards the front foot in correlation to the forward movement of the rod. For salt water fishing, rods and lines are usually heavier.

Rotating reels used to be built for catching bigger species, so they were not totally adequate for this kind of fishing. During the last few years, reels with up to 10 bearings (Abu Garcia Revo STX has 10 stainless steel ball bearings) have been designed, allowing a functioning so soft that allows a way out for the fishing line as agile as the one that would be obtained with a frontal reel.

Product Features

Reel Body/Housing/Frame:

Just immediately after taking it out of the box, you can see that the Abu Garcia Revo STX is an extremely solid reel. No unusual gaps are found in the sideplates or frame. The movement is internal, making it transparent to the user. All the knobs are great and tight to handle and there is no backplay in the handle. The C6 carbon sideplates make for a significant weight reduction, while also maintaining the strength and durability of previous models.


This model also features an upgraded X2-Craftic alloy frame, providing more corrosion protection.

Drag System:

The drag on the Abu Garcia Revo STX is extremely smooth and consistent. The drag system of this fishing reel is called Carbon Matrix, which consists of a set of carbon washers, and provides consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

The maximum drag pressure advertised by the manufacturer is 10 lbs, but most experienced users have proved not only to reach this drag pressure, but also exceed it. This amazing drag pressure can easily pull in saltwater game. Even after reaching the maximum drag power, it’s noticed that the drag pressure remains smooth and let out line consistently.

Casting Controls:

Regarding casting control, this fishing reel has a Magnetic Brake system, which uses 5 magnets for the purpose of inducing a resistance at the spool. An important advantage is that the cast control is externally adjusted and can be set from 0 to max, even if the dial only contains an indication that reads “Max”.


There is a metal plate that can be adjusted and is used for shielding the magnets. The magnetic system can’t be totally turned off at the minimum setting, even if the shield is over the magnets.

With the cast control set at minimum, the Revo STX still freespools faster than most fishing reels.


The Abu Garcia Revo STX feels good at every cast. It has a relatively deep spool that is around the average in weight. The reel’s spool is accessed through the non-handle sideplate. The Infini II Spool design guarantees extended castability and extreme loads. This system allows physically separating the spool from the main drive train, reducing unnecessary friction so that each cast can be precise, smooth and distant. Also, when wind kicks up, the cast control and spool tension knob work perfectly.


In summary, the Abu Garcia Revo STX represents a whole new era for the company. It is unlike anything they’ve offered in the past, and puts Abu Garcia in front of many other competitors in the reels market.

It is very lightweight and extremely comfortable to palm. The Infini Spool II System make the casts fluid. The ten stainless ball bearings make the reel run smoothly, and since they are shielded, the bearings prevent dirt from getting inside, ensuring a good long-term performance.

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