Abu Garcia REVO SX Reel Review

Abu Garcia Revo SX

abu garcia revo sx

Rating: 4.7/5

Gear Ratio




- Very ergonomic design.

- Extremely lightweight and comfortable. It achieved a 25% weight reduction compared to the previous versions.

- Max-Trax brake system works really well.

- Magnetic brake system is easy to adjust.

- It has micro click adjustments on the spool tension knob.


- The gear ratio is 6.4:1, while other baitcasters within this price range provide a 7.1:1 gear ratio.



The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX low profile baitcasting reel takes lightweight design to a whole new level, dropping 2 ounces when compared to the previous version, achieving an amazing 25% reduction in weight. While covering different levels in performance and pricing, the Revo family is enjoying great levels of popularity among anglers.

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX features an all-black finish that is highly attractive, even more appealing than the silver that appears in the high-end Premiere models.


With a weight of only 6.66 ounces and a maximum drag of 20 lbs, the Abu Garcia’s Revo SX provides an incredibly smooth and consistent pressure while maintaining extremely lightweight. Its retrieve is very smooth throughout the entire range, and is also surprisingly quiet; you actually can´t hear a thing while reeling it.

Despite its light weight, this reel has the casting ability to throw smaller lures and all the backbone to catch big fish.

This Abu Garcia’s Revo SX has an adjustable magnetic brake system that makes it nice and easy to use for those who are not used to using a baitcasting reel. It is very easy to adjust in order to prevent backlash.

Main Usage

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX R100XS is a baitcasting reel. Even though it can be used both in fresh or saltwater, if you’re using it on saltwater you will need to clean it with fresh water after every use.

Baitcasting is a fishing technique that consists on throwing a bail with a fishing line out over the water using a flexible fishing rod. There are many different techniques that can be used by anglers as an attempt to cast further, making this kind of fishing challenging and exciting. The most common technique is to shift the body weight towards the front foot in correlation to the forward movement of the rod. For salt water fishing, rods and lines are usually heavier.


Rotating reels used to be built for catching bigger species, so they were not totally adequate for this kind of fishing. During the last years, reels with up to 10 bearings (the Abu Garcia’s Revo SX has 9+1 bearings) have been designed, allowing a functioning so soft that allows a way out for the fishing line as agile as the one that would be obtained with a frontal reel.

Product Features

Reel Body/Housing/Frame:

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX has an alloy-frame (X2-Craftic) that ensures a superior corrosion resistance. It also features a carbon handle sideplate, which helps this reel to maintain extremely lightweight, but also strong and durable.


The most important highlight of this model is the astonishing weight reduction that was achieved compared to the previous models. Its weight is just 6.66 ounces, which represent a weight reduction of more than 2 ounces (25%).

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX has a very attractive look, featuring an all-black color design.

Drag System:

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX is a very powerful reel. The maximum drag pressure is 20 lbs, making it one of the most powerful fishing reels on the market, and particularly amazing for a fishing reel that weighs less than seven ounces.

It features a Carbon-Matrix dragging system that provides a drag pressure which maintains constant across the whole retrieve and a very smooth performance, even when it’s hooked to hard fighting fish. This system consists of a set of carbon washers, providing consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

Casting Controls:

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX features a Mag Trax brake system that provides a brake pressure that remains constant through the entire cast. It definitely provides a nice, easy to roll cast.

The externally adjustable linear magnetic brake system is another highlight of the Abu Garcia’s Revo SX. The Linear Magnetic Brake system uses 5 magnets for the purpose of inducing resistance on the spool depending on the setting. The cast control is externally adjusted and can be set from zero to max.


In summary, the Revo SX is an excellent caster and is capable of handling a wide variety of baits comfortably, including big baits.

Ball Bearings:

The Abu Garcia’ Revo SX features nine stainless steel ball bearings, plus one roller bearing that ensures a smooth operation.

Ball bearings on fishing reels reduce friction between the different moving parts, helping the reel to move freely and smooth under loads resulting from the wind and from your drag. The 9+1 ball bearings provided by the Abu Garcia’s Revo SX guarantee nice and smooth movements for the reel, help for experiencing an easy drag and also assure a long durability for your fishing reel.


In summary, the Abu Garcia’s Revo SX is one of the best baitcasters in its price range. It’s a very nice and smooth reel, extremely lightweight and comfortable.

When the magnetic brake system is adequately adjusted, this reel provides immense casting capabilities and prevents backlash.

The Infini Spool II System make the casts fluid, while the nine stainless ball bearings make the reel run smoothly. The retrieve of this fishing reel is impressively smooth and also very quiet.

The Abu Garcia’s Revo SX baitcasting reel is built to perform side by side with the best of the industry.

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2 thoughts on “Abu Garcia REVO SX Reel Review”

  1. Extremely good reel!
    You won’t find many reels as light, cast super far and durable for $159.
    I purchased my Revo SX on Cabela’s website for $79 on sale and will be willing to pay full price in the future.
    Every cast I emptied the spool, could go further if I had more on, 2yr old Suffix 832, about 70-75 yards against the wind, 3/4once lure.
    Now, I’ve coupled this reel with PowerPro Super 8 line and Allstar Classic 7ft saltwater rod.
    This reel blows away any Johnny Morris reels with cast, performance, durability and warranty.
    Abu Garcia has a lifetime warranty, if it can’t be cleaned, they’ll recommend replacing the reel for half the cost. Cleaning will be a small fee.

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