Abu Garcia RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel Review

Abu Garcia RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.6/5

Gear Ratio




- The big knob and handle allow the angler to set the hook quickly and does not give the fish a chance to spit the soft plastic or the jig.

- It has a strong drag

- The reel is simple to cast


- Inexperienced anglers will find the big knob and the oversized handle uncomfortable.

- The reel requires constant adjustment especially when the wind speed and direction changes



Anglers who spent most of their time in the water need a durable and unconditional real designed for heavy duty applications. Of course, there are plenty of reels such anglers may opt for. 

​However, none of the available reels will give them better service than the RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel bu Abu Garcia. It is one of the casting reels you will get on the market which has lived to its name.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

The beast features an aluminum construction, brass gear and suitably designed to accommodate any size of baits. The reel delivers an increased line capacity and is an ideal reel for anglers who would prefer to flip, throw rigs and swimbaits.

Main Usage

Abu Garcia designed this reel after seeing the predicaments anglers were going through. It delivers a massive drag of 22lbs and has enough power to slow down the biggest fish on the angler hooks. The reels retrieve pretty fast thanks to the 7.1:1 gear ratio that gives anglers a chance to pick up the line quickly.

This reel comes with a knob and an oversized handle that makes it easy for anglers to have a good grip and at the same time provide them with leverage to haul the fish safely into their boat. Also, the spool is designed to deliver an enhanced line capacity and increases casting capabilities.


Product Features

7+1 Stainless Steel HPCR™ Bearings

RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel comes with 7+1 stainless steel bearings with increased anticorrosion properties. The bearings are engineered to reduce friction between moving parts and allow free rotation around fixed axle. These are specially designed rotary bearings that transfer axial and redial loads to the supporting rotor. They are stainless steel bearings that guarantee a long life to Abu Garcia's REVO3 Beast reel.

The bearings are strategically placed in the real to ensure that the reel remains stable and smooth all through. Also, this reel features 1 roller bearing that gives it a magnificent anti-reverse capability. The 7 bearings are enough to optimize the reel's performance.

Carbon Matrix™ Drag System

Abu Garcia is the inventor of the robust Carbon Matrix® Drag system which ensures a constant drag across all the settings.

It comes with corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings whose job is to ensure a smooth drag all through. The drag system is powerful but makes the reel consistent in fighting a strong fish.

It gives the angler a chance to adjust the drug tension depending on the force the fish is exerting on the system. The drag system is designed in such a way that as the line is pulled, the entire drag range experiences equal pressure.



RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel comes with infini casting brakes and uses both internal centrifugal brakes, as well as an externally adjustable magnetic brake that gives anglers full control of the reel. It allows then to adjust it whenever they feel it is necessary to do so.


The centrifugal brake system utilizes sliding plastic tabs which flung out when the spool spins at high speed. The tabs rub against the brake ring and effectively slows down the spool. 

The tabs have less force and allow the spool to keep spinning. Note that the system works best at the start of a cast and greatly reduces backlash problems.

X-Craftic Alloy Frame

Abu Garcia RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel comes with an X-Craftic alloy frame which is not just corrosion resistant, but it is durable and makes the reel deliver an impressive power.

The frame is stronger and is not too heavy. Also, this frame is designed to improve the overall integrity of the RVO3BEAST Revo Beast Reel making it one of the best reels for anglers.


Abu Garcia responded to the whims of anglers by coming up with a state-of-art RVO3 reel. This real comes with a large handle and knobs that guarantee anglers a good grip.

 It is the only reel that gives fishers a chance to use many techniques. They can snatch, sweep, pull and lean with reasonable success. 

This is a high-impact reel that is preferred by diehard shallow water anglers who are ready to pay an extra penny but enjoy top features that come with the RVO beast. Besides, is a beautiful piece of equipment that any serious angler should add to his stock.

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