Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo Review

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.1/5






- It is a versatile combo suitable for a wide range of applications

- Durable

- Highly sensitive


- The rod is not easy to carry around because it is in a single piece



Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo is an offer for both a reel and a rod in one pack. It is one of the most comprehensive baitcasting combos on the market today. The combo offers anglers a choice from six feet rods to seven feet ones. 

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

The rod in the combo is made of 24-ton graphite for a unique combination of lightweight and strength.

It includes a one-piece frame reel that gives you a great promise for durability and robustness. These kinds of reels can withstand high impact.

Main Usage

The Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo includes a graphite side plate and a single piece body construction. It means that you have a highly versatile choice on your hands. The combo set is effective for throwing spinnerbaits, cranks and flipping.

With 24-ton graphite construction, the constitute rod to give you reliable service to withstand a great deal of strain. The reel also sports graphite side plates and a sturdy one-piece body construction. It is fitted with EVA handle grips for the ultimate rod handling comfort. 


Apart from the comfort, you are presented with; it is a chance to feel control and balance while holding the rod and the reel. The real seats have been designed to cut out excess weight while giving you the much needed tight lock between the reel and the rod. The combo comes with several other features that will impress you.

Product Features

Rod Action:

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo contains a fast action rod. You can use the rod to go for the big fish or target the stubborn ones in your local streams and ponds. It is a highly sensitive graphite rod that is complemented by the EVA grips. The front and back handle grips offer the best sensitivity. 

The combo rod is fitted with seven stainless steel guides. The guides are also fitted with zirconium-coated inserts. These help you to cast long and accurately. The rod recovers perfectly as well. The reel offers one of the easiest drags I have experienced while fishing.

Power :

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo contains both a strong and powerful rod and an equally robust reel. The reel is fitted with a great power disc drag system. The reinforced graphite material is strong and steady.

It is tuned to provide a gradual and steady flex meant to tackle stubborn big fish. It also features the 6:1 gear ratio, which quite advantageous when fighting fish.

The reel and rod are designed to accommodate a range of lines including mono and braided ones. The set is non-corrosive and resilient. The reel body is designed to withstand heavy impact.

Abu-Garcia Silver Max 5


Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo contains a reel with a machined aluminum spool. The reel and rod are light, portable fishing tools because there has been deliberate effort to keep the weight low. 

Abu-Garcia Silver Max 4

With a lure weight capacity of between 3/8 and ¾, you have a rod that can accommodate quite a bit of pressure on the tip but remains reasonably light. The reel is fitted with four bearings to enhance its mechanical advantage.

The combo is designed to accommodate mono and heavy braided lines. It is optimized to hold 145/12, mono and 140/30 braided type. The rod is a 7 feet pole, constructed, largely, from aluminum graphite

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

This is a one piece rod that is constructed from graphite. From angling experience, it is clear that the design aims at maximizing the sensitivity. The EVA grip handles are also strategically designed to ensure that your fingers and palm pick up the signals with ease and fast enough to help you react in real time.

The reel offers a smooth drag for the ultimate fish-fighting experience.The quick recovery ensures that there is no interfering with the casting. It delivers the bait accurately and returns to its home position with little play


If you are looking for a combo that gives you a perfectly working combination of rod and reel, I would suggest that you try out Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo. The combo contains a reel with a great gear ratio.

You will also enjoy smooth casting with a whopping seven stainless steel guides fitted on the rod. The guides come with high-quality inserts coated with zirconium. The roller bearing enhances the real's operations and adds to the overall efficiency of the combo

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