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Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination Package Review

By John Andrews | Rod and Reel Combo

Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination Package

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.1/5






- It is well priced.

- It is easy to carry.

- It boasts a durable construction and is well balanced.


- It feels a little bit heavy in hands.

- The reel does not provide a smooth performance especially when debris is lodged inside it.



Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination Package is one of the combos you should consider buying if you are a serious angler. It is a medium action fly rod that is not just of good quality but sells at a very affordable price. 

The combo comes with an aluminum-made reel that guarantees to reward any hard-working angler. The combo is a perfect choice for anglers who spend most of their time on the water. The combo comes with a trout taper and a beautiful package case.

Main Usage

Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination combo consists of medium fast action fly rod, a precision cast aluminum reel 5 wt fly line and comes with a complete warranty. It is one of the outfits you will buy and hit the water in the next minute. 

This is a medium fast rod made of graphite and has a smooth progressive action. This is a 4 piece fly rod that comes with a fly line and a backing that is pre-loaded on the reel. It is a 9' 5wt medium action that comes with a Cordura rod case. 


The rod is easy to assemble despite being a 4 section rod. Also, the reel is easy to secure into place, and you will be ready to start casting it.The rod is flexible, made of graphite and engineered to withstand the weight of large fish. However, it is effective in reeling small and medium size fish.

Product Features


The Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination combo is a medium action rod that is 9 feet long. It is easier to cast, is flexible and constructed from the lightweight graphite. It is long enough to give the angler a chance to cast it farther and target evasive fish.

It allows for some extent of maneuverability and the accuracy the angler needs when targeting certain species of fish. The handle is relatively long and gives the angler an added mechanical advantage when fighting it out with bigger fish.


This refers to how stiff a rod is and how it can resist bending. Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination combo is best suited for surf casting since it has the strength to lift moderately heavy lures and can target fish such as minnows or leeches.

It can also be used to jig or fish other species such as muskellunge and blue catfish. The rod is capable of handling a line weight of between 8-14 lbs. and a lure weight of between 3/16 and 1/2oz.



Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination combo is a moderate action rod that bends at the first half of its top. This is critical and allows the angler to target both small and large species of fish. It gives the angler space to fish effectively even when in a tight situation.


The rod provides plenty of hook setting capability and allows the angler to cast it far.

The rod bends at the top 1/2 of its way towards the blank, which makes the rod quick and efficient in when fighting a fish that has been hooked.

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination combo recovers fast after it has been cast. It loads up faster and is quite outstanding when the angler is taken by surprise. The rod is sensitive and allows the angler to detect when the fish is moving towards the lure.

The blank is made of graphite, which increases the rods sensitivity. Graphite is brittle, so the rod needs to be handled with care if you don't want to break it. However, it is more flexible and the best material that manufacturers use to make fishing rods.


Buying a rod that loads fast and which comes with a more flex on double haul is recommended. The rod should be easy to shoot and should not cost much.

TFO Mangrove rods are among the rods you should consider buying. The rods takes a shorter time to recover, are sensitive and are among the rods you should consider adding to your stock if you want to increase the returns on the time you spent in the water.

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