Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch – 1 Piece – M – MF) Review ⋆ Reel Chase

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch – 1 Piece – M – MF) Review

By John Andrews | Fishing Rod Reviews

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch - 1 Piece - M - MF)

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod 6 Ft 6 In 1 Pc M-MF 1

Rating: 3.5/5






- The rod is inexpensive

- It is particularly convenient

- It works pretty well under high pressure


- If handled carelessly, it can be broken 


Baitcasting Rods Comparison

  • Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod
  • Hybrid design construction
  • High sensitivity
  • Cork handle design
  • SS304 guides for increased durability
  • Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod
  • Patented SVF graphite technology
  • Graphite fiber construction
  • Custom reel seat
  • Fuji alconite ring guides
  • Shimano Trevala Casting Rods
  • TC4 construction
  • Fuji reel seat
  • EVA handle grips
  • Medium or medium-fast power
  • Penn Senator Rod
  • EVA fore grips
  • Machine aluminum reel seat
  • 1-piece glass blank
  • Chrome plated guides
  • Entsport 2-Piece Casting Rod
  • 7-foot length
  • 6+1 corrosion resistant guides
  • High density EVA handle
  • Carbon fiber construction


You know that the rod is going to be reliable and strong when it’s under 7-feet of length. Of course, this is something which also means that you prioritize big-game fishing over salmon and steelhead fishing, for instance. The Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod manages to bring quite a lot of different benefits on the table.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod 6 Ft 6 In 1 Pc M-MF 2

With a proper combination of convenient and well-thought out characteristics, all of which complement the experienced angler. It’s designed with a high-end carbon fiber material in mind, guaranteed to ensure the necessary reliability and high performance.

What is it good for?

This is a moderately big-game fishing rod. The one-piece design alongside the fairly short length is something which ensures it substantially. With this in mind, if you want to go bass fishing or you want to undertake some other off-shore, inshore or freshwater pond fishing for a larger fish, you will definitely be able to take a lot of advantages.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod 6 Ft 6 In 1 Pc M-MF 3

The balance, sensitivity as well as the overall weight and length of the fishing rod are well combined and they are going to ensure that you can use the rod for a prolonged period of time without any issues. This is thanks to the contemporary technology which promises a well-rounded and perfectly good balanced solution without sacrificing the fact that it’s incredibly light weight.

Product Features

Power :

This is a medium power rod which means that it’s going to bend up until the half way line. This is why we mentioned that is good for moderately larger fish. Of course, you should expect the rod to be sustainable enough for off-shore shark fishing but it’s going to do pretty well under high pressure.

The power is a characteristic which determines the overall resistance of the fishing rod towards bending. Therefore, medium power means that it’s resistant enough but not as much as the rods which are heavy-powered. This is something that you want to account for.

Rod Action:

The rod comes with medium fast action capabilities. Once again, this is directly correlated with the previous characteristic. If the power determines how much the rod is going to bend, the action determines how quickly it will return back to its original form. This is an important factor which is going to determine the rod control.

At medium fast rod action, you would be quite comfortable tackling larger fish but you still want to be rather careful when it comes to it. Don’t make any definitive pulls and always make sure that you are being fairly gentle with your pulls as this is something rather important.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod 6 Ft 6 In 1 Pc M-MF 4


The length of the rod is 6-feet and 6-inches which is considered to be the ideal length for undertakings of this particular type. This is something very important that you want to take into account.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod 6 Ft 6 In 1 Pc M-MF 5

If the rod was longer, you wouldn’t have been able to rest assured that it wouldn’t snap and the rod itself wouldn’t have been able to bring the same characteristics.

Shorter rods are characterized with heavy power and fast to medium action at best. This is the main reason for which you can rest assured that everything is handled as per the highest standards.

Balance and Sensitivity:

The balance of the rod is also well-thought out. This is something which enables the fisherman to ensure that he doesn’t tire out after a few minutes of casting. After all, being a casting rod, you want to be able to go for longer sessions. The ergonomic handle design is one of the things which is designated to provide you with these capabilities.

The sensitivity of the rod is the factor which enables you to react the strike of the fish. This one will ensure that you will be able to do so quickly because it reacts to the slightest hits of the bait. Of course, this is something that you need to get used to in order to ensure that you have the best handle over it.


With all this being said, the Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Casting Rod is one which is particularly convenient. It comes with all the necessary perks that you’d expect from a rod of this kind. 

Being fairly moderately priced, the rod is also well-rounded and it employs the best technology. It’s going to provide you with splendid fishing opportunities and it’s going to ensure that you have some truly good times while out on your regular fishing trip.

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