Best Okuma Rods Reviewed and Compared

As a company, Okuma prides itself on providing high-quality fishing equipment that will last throughout the test of time. For them, fishing is less of a destination, and more of a journey, calling it an “endless pursuit.” Their philosophy is that fishing equipment should support this journey, from the very beginning to the very end.

Reels, rods, and tackle from Okuma Fishing Tackle are all built as tools to “not only execute, but also to excite, energize, and exhilarate.” Today, Okuma rods and reels are used by anglers of all ages and skill levels, making them one of the most dynamic fishing manufacturers.

Okuma utilizes innovative materials and designs to create fishing equipment that not only performs out on the water but inspires anglers to get out on the water. Out of all the fishing manufacturers, Okuma seems to exhibit the deepest and most committed company philosophy. This commitment has certainly paid off: Okuma rods and reels are widely distributed throughout 86 countries.

Top 5 Products from Okuma

As a result, the Okuma Fishing Tackle brand is globally recognized as one of the most reliable and valuable manufacturers of fishing equipment.

Rod Characteristics

Before examining the top-rated Okuma rods, there are a few rod qualities and characteristics that anglers should be looking for. Understanding the importance of these features will help determine which Okuma rod is the best fit for your own fishing style and needs. When looking for Okuma rods, keep in mind the following characteristics:

Flexibility & Strength

Stronger rods tend to be heavier and less flexible, which means they may also be less sensitive to small tugs and bites. On the other hand, lighter rods tend to have enhanced sensitivity but less strength, making them less ideal for larger fish.

Rod length

The length of the rod will primarily determine the casting distance, though it can also become a factor in strength, too. Most rods up to 6 feet in measurement will come in one piece, with longer rods disassembling for easy transport.

Rod material

Fishing rods come in either fiberglass or graphite construction, with a great deal using a blend of the two. The difference between choosing a fiberglass rod or a graphite rod usually comes down to preference and application. Graphite is lighter and more sensitive but can damage easily. In contrast, fiberglass is tough and flexible, but less sensitive overall.

Top Rated Okuma Rods

When looking for the best Okuma rod, the wide array of options can make it difficult to narrow down your search. This review aims to provide expert guidance by taking an in-depth look at the top-rated Okuma rods that are currently available.

This comprehensive list includes the Okuma rods that have consistently been praised for their durability, performance, and craftsmanship. Each component of these reels is carefully analyzed to see what qualities set these Okuma rods apart from the competition.

Whether you are a professional angler or a beginning angler, examining the top-rated rods will help identify which Okuma rod is the best choice for you.

1. Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod

This Okuma rod features a durable fiberglass rod blank construction, creating a tough and flexible rod for surf or pier fishing. As a saltwater fishing rod, the components of the rod have been specially formatted to withstand heavy duty application and harsh weather conditions. The stainless steel hooded reel seats are corrosion-resistant, so anglers won’t need to worry about saltwater sprays ruining the rod.

The EVA foam fore and rear grips provide enhanced comfort while grasping the rod, making for a more comfortable grip. EVA foam also works incredibly well during wet conditions, ensuring that the rod can be firmly gripped, no matter how much water is splashed.

Reviews praise this Okuma rod for its ability to create long, effortless casts. In fact, some anglers report being able to cast between 20-30% further distances when compared to similar rods.

What You Should Consider:

Longer rods tend to be made with convenience in mind. Depending upon the length, it can be difficult to efficiently store fishing rods, or to even bring them out to the water. Luckily, this Okuma rod comes in two pieces, making for easy transport.

2. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

The Okuma Longitude Surf rods aim to deliver high value for a modest price. With graphite composite blank construction, these Okuma rods come with enhanced sensitivity to enable anglers to quickly feel the movement of the line.

While the rod can be used for saltwater and freshwater application, most anglers choose to use this rod for saltwater fishing. The rod has been formatted to withstand heavy use and to resist corrosion from saltwater sprays. The stainless steel hooded reel seats and aluminum oxide guide inserts help minimalize damage from saltwater.

The rod comes in seven different sizes ranging from 8-12 feet. Most of the rods come with heavy power, with medium power available only in the 8-foot model.

What You Should Consider:

By and large, this Okuma rod is best suited for spinning reels and techniques. If you are looking for a rod that works with casting reels, Okuma makes it clear that the best option will be the 8-foot rod. This is also the only rod that comes with medium power, so make sure that this rod strength will also work with your casting techniques.

3. Okuma Classic Pro GLT Downrigger Rod

The Classic Pro series is one of the most popular rod sets that Okuma offers, and it certainly isn’t difficult to see why. This Okuma rod comes with incredibly high value at an extremely affordable price, combining performance, enhanced features, and more strength than ever.

The E-glass offers greater strength and durability than fiberglass, which means this rod is well-suited to hold up even amidst the heaviest of weights. The rod blank also comes with a custom mirror finish, adding a sophisticated look to a sophisticated performance.

With stainless steel guide frames and stainless steel hook keepers, this Okuma Classic Pro rod is built to last. It’s also built with comfort and convenience in mind, with a triangular shaped EVA foregrip and a removable shrink tube butt.

What You Should Consider:

Anglers searching for a new trolling rod will find that this Okuma rod is ideally suited for heavy application. The rod is incredibly durable and sturdy, making it a great option for those trolling for salmon, striper, and bass. While the rod can certainly be outfitted with your own reel choice, this rod works particularly well with Okuma’s line of star and line counter reels.

4. Okuma Celilo Graphite Ultra-Light Trout    Rods

Okuma technicians partnered with some of the top-performing professionals to create their specialty series: the Okuma Celilo rods. Built with lake trout and river salmon in mind, these rods are one of many series that prove Okuma’s dedication to enhancing the overall fishing experience through high-quality, top-performing equipment.

The sensitive graphite composite blank lets anglers feel every movement and vibration in the line, a feature which makes snagging the perfect catch much easier. Comfort is also a great benefit when using this rod, as the quality grade cork grips allow anglers to keep a firm hold on the rod for long lengths of time.

Reviews praise this Okuma rod for its lightweight quality and its high sensitivity. Despite its lightweight feel, this Celilo model contains enough backbone to bring in larger fish.

What You Should Consider:

While there are a few different models within the Celilo line to choose from, this top-rated Okuma rod has a few unique specifications. This model measures 5’6” and comes with heavy rod power. Additionally, while other models have 7-9 line guides, this model comes with 5.

5. Okuma Cedros Jig Casting Rod

For anglers looking for maximum power and performance, it’s hard to find a better rod than the Okuma Cedros. The E-glass blank absorbs shock while offering exceptional power to pull in heavy, fighting fish. 

Zirconium guide inserts help reduce friction, enabling braided line to be used with ease. The ribbed EVA foregrip provides better grip and better control of the rod, making advanced techniques much more successful. The pyramid reel seat is also built with an ergonomic design to facilitate extended periods of time out on the water. 

As an added benefit, the grips are also lightweight and very agile. Anglers will also find that the jig clincher is particularly useful. This eliminates the jig from swinging once it is attached to the hook keeper.

What You Should Consider:

This Okuma rod comes in three different sizes, but there is a ton of variation in the rod power. It’s rare to find a rod that goes past a heavy rating, but the Okuma Cedros certainly does. The 6’ measurement features extra-heavy power, and the 5’6” is powerful enough to warrant a double extra-heavy rating.


As a group, Okuma rods consistently offer high levels of performance and durability, making them one of the most competitive brands available on the market today. Taking a close look at the top-rated Okuma rods can be a valuable tool to use when looking for the best Okuma rod for your fishing needs.

Regardless of the Okuma rod that you choose, anglers of all levels of experience and expertise can be confident in knowing that Okuma rods come with decades of dedication to passion, performance, and reliability.

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