5 Top Rated Redfish Lures for The Money

best redfish lures

When looking to reel in a specific fish, having quality equipment can make all the difference. From rods, reels, fishing line, to lures, catering your tools to a specific species can not only ensure success, but it can also ensure that fishing remains a gratifying, pleasurable experience. No angler wants to lug all their fishing equipment to the water only to miss out on strikes because of poorly designed equipment.

One of the most popular fishing targets, redfish are known for their hard strikes and powerful movements. Their ability to thrive in saltwater conditions and freshwater fisheries also makes them one of the hardiest species of fish.

Their power and versatility make having the right redfish lure incredibly important. Lures should be durable enough to withstand heavy power to reel in larger fish. Although shape and color are certainly important, keep in mind that for redfish lures, quality and durability are of the utmost importance.

Finding & Using the Best Redfish Lures

When it comes to redfish lures, the type of lure doesn’t necessarily matter. Despite their variances in size, redfish certainly have no qualms about attacking any potential prey they can find. What will make a difference, however, is having a keen sense of environment and how that can affect the type of redfish lure that you use.

Keep in mind the following components when finding and using the best lures:

Water Conditions Matter

Water clarity is anything but static. Conditions can change from day to day, or even from one area to the next. As a general rule, clear water conditions call for redfish lures that have muted, natural colors. Clearwater is also a great opportunity to use silent lures, as fish will have fewer distractions.

In contrast, cloudy or moving water necessitates the use of added color and noise. This ensures that the lure can be noticed and struck, despite poor visibility due to murky or noisy conditions.

Sunlight matters

Depending upon whether you are fishing on a cloudy or a sunny day, the amount of sunlight cast upon the water can make a huge difference in how successful a redfish lure is. As lures hit the sunlight, their colors can change. Just as with water conditions, visibility is also determined by sky conditions.

If it’s a cloudy day, darker colors tend to work best. This is because fish don’t have the proper visibility to separate a lure from live bait. In clear, sunny conditions, a clear or life-like lure will work best to align with enhanced visibility.

Color Matters

Each species of fish has different variations in color that work best. Redfish tend to respond to earthly, organic colors since these hues best mimic their prey. Stick to shades of red, brown, black, orange, or dull yellow.

Overview of the 5 Top-Rated Redfish Lures

There are vast ranges of sizes, colors, and shapes of redfish lures, although there are some that perform much better than others. These top-rated lures have each been proven to bring high levels of value, durability, and efficiency.

This review will take a close look at each top-rated lure, finding and highlighting key features that have made these into the top-rated redfish lures.

1. Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk Fishing Lure

For an effective and durable redfish lure, look no further than this Rapala Skitter Walk fishing lure. The weighted tail allows for a rhythmic side-to-side motion, perfectly imitating the movement of a fleeing baitfish or mullet.

For aggressive, topwater fish, this lure is particularly effective, allowing for easy "walk-the-dog" action. With 8 different colors to choose from, anglers are well-equipped to find a lure with the perfect finish. Each lure comes with holographic 3-D eyes, increasing the life-like appearance and visibility to redfish.

Two durable, extremely sharp VMC hooks are attached to each lure, widening ability to attract and hold strikes. To date, this redfish lure carries a 100% approval rating, making it difficult to argue against its value.

Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk Fishing Lure

2. Strike King Redfish Magic Saltwater Spinnerbait

It might seem extravagant to provide a redfish lure with 24K gold features, but this spinnerbait is much more than an attractive design. One of its key features lies in its ability to withstand heavy contact and prolonged wear and tear. Revolutionary technology has created tear-resistant material, ensuring that these redfish lures can hold up to various amounts of pressure and long-term use.

The soft, flexible construction enhances the life-like qualities of the lure. This increases the range of movement of the lure, as well as increases the likelihood of strikes.

It certainly goes without saying that the premium components used in construction are a noted benefit. Along with 24K gold accents, this lure features a stainless steel “R” bend wire, including nickel needlepoint hook. For anglers who want their equipment to have equally sleek looks and performance, the Strike King redfish lure is a perfect option.

Strike King Redfish Magic Saltwater Spinnerbait

3. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

It’s hardly a surprise that the Heddon Super Spook lure is included as a top-rated redfish lure. The Super Spook line has long been recognized for superior durability and performance while out on the water. 

Each component of the lure, including the body, line ties, and hooks, is formatted to hold up against even the toughest fish. Although most lures come with one or two hooks, the Super Spook features a total of three durable, sharp hooks, increasing the likelihood of solid, dependable strikes.

With 10 different colors, anglers have a wide selection of hues, detail, and reflective features to choose from. Of the ten, perhaps the best finishes for redfish anglers to choose from include Silver Mullet, Bone, Speckled Trout, Black Shiner, Nickel, and Blue Chrome.

Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

4. Egret 3.5-Inch Vudu Shrimp Bait

For anglers who prefer not to deal with the hassle of stringing live shrimp, the Vudu Shrimp Bait is the next best thing. In fact, it may even outperform live bait! 

This redfish lure comes with the perfect amount of detail and coloring to convince redfish to strike, and the durability to stay intact during even the strongest bites. Four different colors allow for variances in weather and water conditions, including brighter hues like pink and chartreuse. It’s worth mentioning that, for catching redfish, anglers seem to have the best luck with the natural finish option.

Simply put, the Vudu Shrimp Bait continues to outperform other plastic shrimp lures, providing the highest levels of durability, performance, and effectiveness.

Egret 3.5-Inch Vudu Shrimp Bait

5. Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

The Bomber Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch lure is the perfect solution for anglers looking to fish in windy weather or murky water conditions. The loud rattle is sure to attract attention from redfish, through any type of environmental distraction. Perhaps the most well-known feature of this redfish lure is its action. Using a “walk-the-dog” retrieve doesn’t get any easier—or more effective—than with this lure.

With an irresistible sashaying movement from left to right, the Badonk-A-Donk captures attention and drives it home. Anglers will appreciate a little extra weight from this redfish lure, which enables it to be cast through longer distances.

With 13 different colors and finishes to choose from, anglers will have no trouble finding the best finish for them. Of course, it stands to reason that the best results are bound to come straight from the Redfish finish.

Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch


No matter what type of redfish lure you choose—topwater, spinnerbait, shrimp, or otherwise—the best results will inevitably come from using the best equipment. Whether searching for redfish in saltwater or freshwater conditions, fitting lures properly to the targeted species ensures that each fishing trip continues to be productive and enjoyable.

The redfish lures highlighted here have all outperformed the competition in terms of durability, reliability, and performance. Looking at each top-rated lure provides essential insight, acting as a guide for anglers to find the perfect redfish lure for them.

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