Top 5 Lures for Salmon

Not only are salmon the most commonly eaten type of fish, but they are also the most common target for game fishing. In fact, some states have even established salmon stocking programs to ensure a steady supply. Their migratory patterns allow them to thrive in both freshwater and saltwater conditions, giving anglers a wide variety of fishing environments and techniques to choose from.

There are a few different types of salmon lures to use in order to successfully bring in salmon from lakes, rivers, and streams. No matter what species of salmon you are after, chances are that there is a salmon lure specifically catered to meet your needs.

Before discussing the top-rated salmon lures, this review will take a closer look at the best lures to use when looking to attract salmon.

Finding & Using the Best Salmon Lures

When looking for the best salmon lures to use, there are a few generally accepted types of lures that prove to be most effective. Understanding how each lure works and why they attract salmon is a key component in finding and using the best salmon lures. Keep an eye out for the following types of lures:


These salmon lures send out tiny vibrations throughout the water, making them ideal for muddy water conditions. These vibrations are sent by metal blades that rotate as the lure is moved around. Since bright colors are less likely to be seen, adding motion to the lure can make a huge difference when fishing for salmon in murky water.


Plugs are one of the most effective and versatile salmon lures. While they come in many different sizes and colors, those characteristics will be determined by water clarity and weather conditions. As a rule, when fishing for salmon in water that is clear and shallow, try to use noiseless plugs so that surrounding fish aren’t spooked.


When trolled or reeled throughout the water, spoons can be very effective in bringing in salmon. Their unique shape allows for a fluttering motion, attracting and holding attention. Depending upon the speed of the current, you may want to consider a wider or narrower salmon lure.

For example, a wide spoon will get bogged down in rapidly flowing water, whereas a narrow spoon won’t create enough lift in calmer waters.


These lures are most effective when used to fish for salmon gathering in schools. When purchasing and using a jig, the most important thing to remember is that the jig should closely resemble the chosen prey of the salmon. This is certainly going to change from one environment to the next, so it pays to do a little research.

Weight will also be important—heavier jigs are best for salmon swimming closer to the bottom of the water, while lighter jigs are perfect for salmon swimming towards the top.

Overview of the 5 Top-Rated Salmon Lures

With so many available options for salmon lures, it can be difficult to pinpoint which lures are the best to use. One of the best ways to narrow your search is to look at the top-rated salmon lures that are currently on the market. The following lures have all received high praise and recommendation for their durability, efficiency, and overall value.

This section will take a closer look at each top-rated lure, highlighting key features, and components that have propelled these into the top salmon lures.

1. Shelure Soft Lures Shrimp Bait Set

For anglers looking to catch salmon in saltwater environments, the Shelure Soft Lures Shrimp Bait set is a perfect option. Each lure has been crafted specifically to look exactly like the real thing, fooling fish into striking. With a hidden hook and natural coloring, salmon won’t be able to tell the difference. One of the best traits of this salmon lure is that it allows for easy application. 

Simply take the lure out of the packaging and attach it to the line with no assembly or fuss required. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this salmon lure makes it easy for any angler to start bringing in salmon.

As an added benefit, the high-quality plastic makes the lure soft and pliable, ensuring realistic swimming action underwater. Anglers looking for a life-like, effective salmon lure need look no further, as the Shelure Soft Lures Shrimp Bait set has high levels of value for a very affordable price.

2. Prime Lures Chrome Candy Fishing Spoons

Originally designed for rivers in the Pacific Northwest, these spoons certainly pack a punch when it comes to fishing for salmon. The extra-strong hooks have been reinforced to ensure that large salmon won’t cause the hook to bend, making for a long-lasting lure.

Perhaps the best feature of these Chrome Candy Fishing Spoons is the expert chrome finish. Each spoon is sure to reflect light in even the darkest water, attracting widespread attention from hungry salmon. Additionally, with five different colors, anglers can choose from spoons with bright, neon colors, or muted natural colors.

With even weight and effective movement, these spoons are a valuable addition to any angler’s tacklebox.

3. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

For anglers who want a dependable spinner, the Original Rooster Tail is a prime option. Since 1941, Yakima Bait has been producing top-quality fishing tackle products, and this lure is one of their most popular options.

While the price may be a little higher than other salmon lures, the performance is certainly well worth the price. These lures employ a unique spinning action, sending small vibrations throughout the water in order to attract big salmon. The weighted body design allows for responsive and dependable movement, prompting the hackle tail and ensuring strikes.

With high-quality metal components, this lure is guaranteed to last, standing up to years of wear and tear.

4. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

The Heddon Super Spook lure is simply one of the most versatile, durable, and effective lures on the market. For salmon fishing, this durability and performance are particularly important. 

Each component—including the body, line ties, and hooks—is formatted to hold up against even the toughest fish. Though most lures come with one or two hooks, the Super Spook features a total of three hooks, increasing the likelihood of solid, dependable strikes.

With 10 different colors, anglers have a wide selection of hues, detail, and reflective features to choose from. Of the ten, perhaps the best finishes for salmon anglers to choose from include Silver Mullet, Bone, Black Shiner, Nickel, and Blue Chrome.

5. Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon Lure

The Coyote Spoon has quickly risen to popularity in salmon fisheries across Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Its thin material is incredibly responsive to changes in the water, making for perfectly life-like swimming motions.

Although thin, the lure is made with an incredibly durable material, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest salmon. The small rings on the top and bottom of the lure have been welded on, so anglers don't need to worry about losing a lure due to faulty equipment.

Reviews applaud the Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon lure for its high performance out in the water, particularly when combined with dodgers and flashers. For a lightweight, effective spoon lure, it doesn’t get much better than the Coyote.


Whether you choose to use a spoon, spinner, or a plug, using lures that are made with salmon fishing in mind is the absolute best way to get results. Finding lures that work specifically well with salmon will not only keep each fishing trip productive, but it will also keep each trip enjoyable, too.

Each of these salmon lures has outperformed their competition in terms of reliability, durability, and performance. By taking a closer look at each of these top-rated lures, anglers will find themselves well-equipped to pick out the perfect lures to start reeling in salmon.

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