Best Fishing Lures for Saltwater

best saltwater lures

When it comes to saltwater fishing, having the correct equipment is key. While the rod and reel are certainly important factors in creating a successful fishing trip, choosing the correct lure is equally as important.

By nature, lures are meant to mimic the sounds, movements, and appearance of baitfish in order to bring in larger species. Lures are what attract fish and draw them closer, making them a crucial component for any fishing setup. In comparison to freshwater lures, saltwater lures should be tough, durable, and colorful.

Saltwater fishing has the unique ability to expose lines and lures to a vast array of fish. Even more importantly, saltwater species are known for being tough fighters, with heavier weights and a greater surface area to fight through than species within ponds or streams.

With such a vast variety of saltwater lures on the market, it can be difficult to determine which saltwater lure is best for you. By taking an in-depth look at the key elements of saltwater lures and the most frequently reviewed lures, anglers will be well-equipped in finding the best saltwater lure for their needs.

Finding and Using the Best Saltwater Lures

For anglers looking to find the best saltwater lures, there are a few general tips to follow. Not only will following these tips help to pinpoint the best equipment, but they will also go a long way in ensuring that each fishing trip is as efficient and as enjoyable as possible.

Look for Bright Colors

Fish love bright, flashy decorations. Vibrant colors will attract their attention quickly, and draw them into the hook. As such, the best saltwater lures will be vivid, colorful, and as new as possible. Once lures start to look dull or faded, they should be replaced.

Of course, the one exception to this rule is when fishing on overcast days. When the sun isn’t shining in full force, dark or muted colors may work just as well, as they produce different shadows than brightly colored lures.

  • Supertrip 8-Segment Swimbait Lures
  • Replicates color & patterns of actual baitfish
  • 3-D eyes
  • Rigged with 2 high-quality treble hooks
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Soft Shrimp Prawn Worm Bait Lure by THNKFISH
  • Bright, vivid colors to attract saltwater fish
  • Each pack comes with 3 lures
  • Soft glow for nighttime fishing
  • 100-mm length
  • Relefree® Glitter Glow in the Dark Shrimp Rigs
  • Realistic to the touch
  • Package comes with 5 lures
  • Glow in the dark
  • Glitter strings help attract fish
  • Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure
  • Tested by hand before distribution
  • Durable design
  • Holographic inserts to improve visibility
  • Hard-cutting, darting action
  • Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure
  • Topwater diving depth
  • 10 different colors to choose from
  • Super durable hardware
  • 3 sharp hooks on each lure

Know When to Use Noisy Lures

Although smaller lures are typically more effective, if the water is choppy or restless, large and noisy lures will work best. Saltwater lures that come with either a rattling or popping function avoid the risk of fish ignoring or not noticing lures due to turbulent water.

Use a Loop Knot for Lures

As a rule, lures are much more efficient if they are linked to the line or leader by a loop knot. This allows for increased lure action, including bait action.

Know When to Use Each Type of Lure

This can get tricky since there are several different factors that may determine which lure is best to use. These factors include weather, fishing environment, temperature, currents, waves, and the clarity of the water. Features like color, noise, weight, and shape can all be determined by environmental conditions.

For the best results, lures should also be catered to the desired fish species. For example, a spoon fishing lure may be very efficient when catching bluefish or mackerel, but when going after tuna or cod, a jig will be much more effective.

Overview of the 5 Top-Rated Saltwater Lures

While there are many available saltwater lures, there are a few that have demonstrated high levels of value and effectiveness. This review will take a close look at the key features and performance qualities that have made these lures into the top-rated saltwater lures on the market.

Each one of these lures has received consistently high ratings and reviews from customers and experts alike, making them the top saltwater lures to consider investing in.

1. Supertrip 8-Segment Swimbait Lures

This segmented swimbait from Supertrip features high quality and performance for an incredibly competitive price. The 8 body sections allow the bait to move freely and naturally through the water, mimicking movements of actual fish. Additionally, the color and pattern have been specifically formatted to look as realistic as possible while maintaining eye-catching, vivid coloring.

This saltwater fishing lure is well-equipped to perform in various conditions, whether the water is calm or choppy. Its durability comes from ABS plastic, ensuring that saltwater conditions don’t cause damage to the lure. Additionally, the attached treble hooks have a flexibility hinge, allowing for the hooks to shift and move along with the fish.

While formatted for saltwater environments, this lure is perfectly effective when used in freshwater environments, making this a versatile lure to invest in.

2. Soft Shrimp Prawn Worm Bait Lure by THNKFISH

As an artificial lure, soft plastics work wonders on saltwater fish. Part of their success stems from their wide variety. 

Soft plastic lures can be shaped to mimic nearly every fish or crustacean under the sea, and this expert mimicry is often what makes the difference between a strike and a miss. This soft saltwater lure from THNKFISH features bright hues of orange, yellow, and pink to attract attention as soon as it drops into the water.

An additional benefit to using this saltwater lure is that the paint and plastic are meant to glow in the dark. Some reviews have stated that, while the lures are naturally luminescent, using a lure light will provide the best results.

3. Relefree Glitter Glow in the Dark Shrimp Rigs

For an eye-catching setup, it doesn’t get much better than these Relefree shrimp lures. With 5 separate pieces connected to the same line, these lures give the effect of a small school of shrimp. 

While it may seem strange to have all pieces connected, saltwater species will immediately recognize this group as a quick and tasty meal, making them incredibly effective lures. Their intensely bright, luminescent appearance will easily reflect light through even the darkest water, keeping the lures highly visible.

Their vibrant appearance helps attract attention from the biggest fish, even at night. At about an inch long, these saltwater lures are slightly bigger than other lures, but this helps contribute to efficiency in catching larger species of fish.

4. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure

Rapala X-Rap saltwater lures are some of the most effective and versatile tools available. This lure is built with durability and strength in mind, making it able to bring in larger fish species.

The slash bait provides enhanced mobility in the water, creating a darting, aggressive motion that makes the lure irresistible to saltwater fish. The bright blue coloring ensures visibility through even the darkest water. Paired with holographic inserts, this lure is meant to catch attention at every angle and every opportunity.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the X-Rap saltwater fishing lure is its characteristic rattle. Not only does the lure attract fish through vision and light, but it also uses sound to draw in big catches.

5. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

The Super Spook model is the backbone of Heddon lures, and it isn’t hard to see why. This lure is built to last through heavy weight and pressure from saltwater fish species.

From the lure to the line ties and hooks, each component is built to withstand even the toughest of fights. As an additional benefit, each saltwater lure comes equipped with three hooks, increasing the likelihood of bringing in fish.

With 10 different colors to choose from, anglers have a great selection of vibrant hues and reflective features. Of the ten, models with the brightest colors and best reflection include Silver Mullet, BONSL Bone, Speckled Trout, Chartreuse Silver Insert, and Nickel.


Regardless of preferred technique or fishing style, the best results will always come from having fishing equipment that is properly fit for the job. This ensures that each fishing trip remains enjoyable and effective, whether you are on a pier, standing in the surf, or fishing from a boat.

A large part of this depends on finding the right lures, particularly for saltwater lures. By nature, they will have increased durability, strength, and visibility to attract saltwater fish species and to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Looking at each top-rated saltwater fishing lure can provide valuable insight into the key components of each lure, ensuring that angler can identify the perfect saltwater lures for them.

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