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Scott Fly Rods Review

When you’re talking about top-of-the-line fishing rods, you are most likely referring to Scott Fly rods. Scott Fly Rods has been around since 1974 and pride themselves for their passion in rod-making craftsmanship, namely how all their rods are handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado. They take pride in their simplistic design that omits the use of any paints that can potentially hide the beauty of the rod blank itself.

Their rods are manufactured with you in mind, and their attention to the most minute details are astounding. One example of this is their attention to rod vibration and how excess vibrations take away from the sensitivity of your rods, meaning less awareness to all those small nibbles. Their technology supposedly decreases the length of these vibrations and allows you to feel even more from your rod.

  • Scott Radian Fly Rod
  • Fiber bonds with reinforced resins construction
  • Lenghts from 7'6'' to 10'
  • Fast action rod
  • Unique rod with excellent performance
  • Scott G Series
  • 9 Foot 4 piece
  • Multi-modulus design
  • Hand Crafted in the USA.
  • Scott Flex Fly Rod
  • Multi modulus design
  • X Core Technology
  • 10' Length
  • Hand Crafted in the USA.
  • Scott Tidal Fly Rod
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • Reinforced carbon composite construction
  • Multi modulus design
  • 9' in length

Furthermore, Scott Fly rods tries to do the opposite of what other rod manufacturers do, which is place less emphasis on a particular “magical” type of material used in each rod (as St. Croix does with their SCII graphite composite blanks). Instead, they focus their attention on their innovation and contributions to the rod-making industry, such as their multi-modulus lay ups and their graphite reinforcements.

Their X-Core technology increases in the inner diameter of the rod and creates a faster taper, both of which are meant to improve stability as well as power and control. The cherry on top would be that all these rods are manufactured entirely in the USA.

1. Scott Radian Fly Rod

The Scott Radian Fly Rod is a top-end Scott rod advertised based on the claims of its combination of fast action and amazing feel and won the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show, the largest international show of fly fishing organizations in the world, “Best of Show” in 2013. The Radian Fly rod utilizes their X-Core technology, giving the rod an enhanced feel with amazing performance.

 This rod also features fiberfuse technology which utilizes reinforced resins to strengthen fiber bonds within the rod. Lastly, the rod features their Advanced Reinforced Carbon that is intended to reduce torque while simultaneously increasing strength.

What you end up with is an incredibly different rod unlike anything else on the market. If that weren’t enough already, the Scott Radian Fly Rod offers two grip styles, named A and B, where B has a cork end in addition to the cork handle. 

There are a total of 21 models, all 4-piece, and range in lengths from 7’6” up to 10’0”. While the price on these rods are undoubtedly higher than what you will find from other brands, the technological advancement is well worth the price.

2. Scott G Series Fly Rod

The Scott G Series Fly Rod is a medium fast freshwater casting rod and is intended as a high-performance rod for beginning and advanced anglers alike. This rod features a multi-modulus design for flexibility and recovery and a natural finish that aims to increase strength while decreasing weight.

This rod features REACT technology that brings together X-Core with a new complex materials and taper system to dramatically increase recovery speed.

X-CORE tech brings enhanced feel, incredible stability, and performance. 

X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.

Despite its high price many anglers swear by its ease of casting and power transfer.

As such, while its simplicity makes it ideal for beginners, its advancements make it a rod that won’t be easily outgrown. Anglers can use it as a beginner rod and transition with as they gain experience. So whether you are a novice or experienced angler, don’t hesitate to check out the G Series Fly Rod. It is, without a doubt, priced higher than other rods out there, but it should last and can be a rod you’re proud to carry as a more advanced angler.

3. Scott Flex Fly Rod

Scott’s Flex Fly Rod maintains stability when applying forward power. The main features of this rod are the multi-modulus design, natural finish, and advanced reinforced carbon.

It has a medium-fast flex profile and medium-fast recover speed. This rod comes in two grip styles, J and K. Both styles have cork ends in addition to the cork handle; the main difference is the split handle on K is much thinner and longer, whereas the J style handle is mostly used on the shorter rods.

The Flex models come in nine different models with nice, long lengths starting at 11’0” and ranging up to 15’0”. What you’ll immediately notice, even when holding the longest of these rods, are their lightweight feel.

Upon casting it for the first time, you will be amazed at the strength with which you can propel your line forward and how solid the rod itself is. As you try to change direction, you should also notice how easy it is. Everything about this rod, including the price, is just simple and doesn’t require a second thought.

4. Scott Tidal Fly Rod

The Scott Tidal Fly Rod is the fly rod you want with you out in the harshest saltwater. This fly rod is made using the latest advanced reinforced carbon composite blank which adds to the hoop strength and counteracts torque. This will make fly fishing in saltwater, an already difficult task, much easier.

Furthermore, this rod is made with a natural finish with the intention of keeping the rod as light as possible. This is exactly what you want in this sort of excursion. Lastly, this rod, as many of the others, utilizes the multi-modulus lay-up.

As this is a saltwater rod, the Scott Tidal Fly Rod has a fast flex profile and faster recovery speed. It comes in seven different models all with a length of 9’0’.

The primary difference between each model is the type of line used. For those who want to take on the challenge of fly fishing in harsh saltwater, this is the rod you ultimately want on your side. You will be casting fast, accurately, and easily.


It is without a doubt that Scott Fly Rods are high-end rods. They are not modest in price and, as such, the option of stocking up on multiple rods isn’t a realistic possibility for many. That said, these rods have an amazing performance. Unlike other brands that offer decent beginning rods for $30 or less and are more likely to break within a few months, Scott Fly rods are ones that beginners can hold on to for much longer.

The icing on the cake is that unlike numerous other fishing rod brands, Scott Fly Rods offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Taking this into consideration, you are much more likely to save money by investing in a high-quality rod rather than multiple beginner rods that snap more easily.

Whether you chose a higher end Scott Fly Rod like the G Series or the Tidal, or a more modest rod, such as the Flex, you will be getting the Scott Fly Rods guarantee of technological advancement in your rod. It is well worth the investment.

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