The 5 Best Topwater Lures

When looking for different types of lures, anglers are often looking for different fishing techniques or methods at the same time. This is certainly true for topwater lures, as they require a combination of certain movements from the rod, fishing line, and lure to be effective.

The goal of floating topwater lures is to move the lure around the surface of the water, attracting fish and tempting them to strike at the lure. For non-floating lures, the method is similar, though the lure will stay on the surface mainly through the retrieve.

In order to be most effective, movement on the surface of the water needs to closely mimic that of common prey (like fish, frogs, or insects). As a result, many topwater lures will be painted or manufactured in the shape of other animals. They may also have joints or hinges to allow for increased movement along the water’s surface.

Known as one of the most exciting ways to fish, the most common species that respond to the topwater approach are ladyfish, redfish, bluefish, bonefish, spotted seatrout, and black bass.

Finding & Using the Best Topwater Lures

For anglers who are looking to find the best topwater lures, there are a few general guidelines. These guidelines are meant not only to ensure that lures are of top quality but also to ensure that the lures are used properly. After all, having the best equipment should also mean using that equipment to your best advantage.

These guidelines will help ensure that each fishing trip remains both efficient and enjoyable.

  • Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure
  • Topwater diving depth
  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • Super durable hardware
  • 3 sharp hooks on each luredjustment
  • Jackall Pompadour Topwater Lure
  • Noisy topwater plug
  • Half crawling action
  • Stainless steel wings
  • Magnetic weight transfer system
  • Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure
  • Topwater diving depth
  • 10 different colors to choose from
  • Incredibly durable hardware
  • 3 hooks on each lure
  • Goture Topwater Frog Lure Kit
  • Made from soft, elastic material
  • Realistic shape and color
  • Contains two high-strength hooks
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Rose Kuli 2 in 1 Floating Topwater Lure
  • Bright colors to attract fish
  • Performs well in all water conditions and speeds
  • Equipped with 2 treble hooks
  • 10-cm length

Match Colors to Mimic Live Bait

Since topwater lures are meant to represent live fish, frogs, or insects, making sure the colors match is important. They should be as close as possible to living bait. Silver topwater lures are typically much more effective than brown lures.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, fishing at night may necessitate the use of darker lures. Black topwater lures can be used, as darker forms will be clearly seen when lit against the night sky. Additionally, depending upon the fish species, bright colors may also be effective.

Keep Weather and Location in Mind

Deciding which type of topwater lure to use may depend heavily upon both your weather and location. For example, heat and the sun both make topwater lures extremely effective with schooling bass. Conversely, in shaded areas, buzzbait may have better results.

In general, the best time of year to use topwater lures is from late spring through fall.

Look for Quiet and Noisy Lures

It's no surprise that the best-kept secret in fishing preparation is to always bring a few different options. Noisy and silent lures both have their own advantages, and it may be worthwhile for anglers to have both at the ready, just in case.

Clear, quiet water is best for the use of silent lures. In this case, movement and reflection are often enough to attract fish. If the water is choppy or restless, noisy lures can help draw attention away from waves and towards the lure.

Overview of the 5 Top-Rated Topwater Lures

While there are many available sizes and shapes of topwater lures, there are a handful that have demonstrated high levels of value and effectiveness. This review will highlight each one and pull out the key features and qualities of performance that have propelled these specific lures into top-rated status.

Each lure has received consistently high ratings and reviews, making them the best topwater lures to invest in.

1. Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure

The Super Spook Jr. comes with all the durability and reliability of its predecessor in a more compressed, explosive design. Although it may be smaller, this lure is built to last through heavy weight and pressure from fighting fish. From the lure, line ties, and hooks, each component is built to withstand even the toughest of battles.

As an additional benefit, each topwater lure comes equipped with three hooks, increasing the likelihood of bringing in fish. The rugged line ties ensure that fishing line stays secure and that the lure won't get lost in the water.

With 25 different colors to choose from, anglers have a great selection of vibrant hues and reflective features to choose from. Realistic finishes ensure that fish are fooled into striking, including Frog, Speckled Trout, Wounded Shad, Blue Shore Shad, and Clown.

2. Jackall Pompadour Topwater Lure

For topwater bass fishing, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness and excitement that comes from the Jackall Pompadour lure. With stainless steel wings and moderate crawling action, this surface crawler makes a ton of noise, simultaneously bringing in a ton of fish.

An interior mechanism produces a rattling noise, sending vibrations throughout the water to stir up latent fish. The wings also produce a wake for fish to follow, leading them directly to the hooks.

Two treble hooks are attached to the lure, ensuring that strikes are set as quickly as they occur. Professional and amateur anglers alike rave over its ability to produce strikes each and every time. For high levels of value and performance, the Jackall Pompadour lure is a solid choice.

3. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

For those looking to use topwater techniques in saltwater environments, the Super Spook is one of the best options. This lure is built to last through heavy weight and pressure from saltwater fish species. 

The body, line ties, and hooks have all been reinforced for durability and toughness against even the strongest of fish. As an additional benefit, each lure comes equipped with three hooks, increasing the likelihood of bringing in fish.

With 10 different colors and finishes to choose from, anglers have a great selection of vibrant hues and reflective features. Since saltwater fish typically go for brighter colors, the best finish options include Silver Mullet, BONSL Bone, Speckled Trout, Chartreuse Silver Insert, and Nickel.

4. Goture Topwater Frog Lure Kit

By using high-quality components and attention to detail, Goture has created a thoroughly effective topwater lure. The soft, elastic material mimics the actual body of a frog, making for an incredibly life-like lure.

Not only does this attract more fish, but it also helps each hook sink in, as the body of the lure is designed to be soft enough to collapse. Snag-free hooks further ensure that fish will not break free from the lure.

Intricate details increase the life-like qualities of the lure, including spots, color variations, and shading. Additionally, the back legs have been slightly weighted to provide realistic swimming action during the retrieve. For those looking to use frog lures to catch bass, snakehead, or carp, these amphibious topwater lures will certainly get the job done.

5. Rose Kuli 2 in 1 Floating Topwater Lure

With a smooth and rapid diving action, the Rose Kuli Floating topwater lure provides maximum results. Part of the success of topwater lures stems from their ability to mimic real bait, and this lure manages to accomplish that quite easily.

The paint and finish of the lures are both made with real scale patterns and colors in mind, making for a realistic image. Additionally, swimming action is almost exactly like natural swimming patterns, creating a wholly realistic topwater lure.

The lure is made to appear as though two baitfish are swimming together, adding to the versatility and effectiveness of the lure. With the addition of 3-D eyes, this lure has no trouble grabbing the attention of big fish lurking beneath the surface.


No matter what type of topwater lure you choose to use—floating, crankbait, frog, or otherwise—the most important thing is to make sure that the lure is well-matched for the fish species. This ensures that each fishing trip is just as pleasurable as it is productive, whether you are in a lake, stream, or river.

A large part of fishing is about finding the right top water lures. Looking at each top-rated lure can provide valuable insight, helping anglers identify the perfect lure for their fishing needs.

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