B’n’M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole Review

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B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole

BnM 10 Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole 1

Rating: 3.9/5






- It is cheap

- It is light weight


- It cannot be used to fish in areas covered with weeds



B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Rod is not just durable but is stiff and sensitive. The product is a testament to great workmanship and research, which resulted in a light and must-buy rod. The rod is nice looking light in action and stiffer. It has some backbone, a feature that anglers seek in rods. 

BnM 10 Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole 2

This is a perfect rod for anglers interested in vertical jig since it is super sensitive and does not disappoint them. The rod comes in rich gold color is high in quality and delivers the best performance ever.

Main Usage

B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Rod is constructed from a 30-ton, IM8 graphite and comes with Dyna-Flo spinning guides, which provide a smooth casting and ensure a smooth line retrieval.

Also, the guides ensure that this rod can be used with some techniques. It is durable, stiff and is one of the most sensitive rods you can ever get on the market. It provides an outstanding feel and comes with an original Portuguese cork handle. 

BnM 10 Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole 3

The rod is light and can be used to target panfish and rainbow. It is long and flexible hence it performs well when fighting larger fish. If you are a novice or experienced angler, it is recommended that you buy this good looking rod which features top characteristics such as light weight, ample backbone, and good flexes.

Product Features


The B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole is 10 feet long, no wonder that it is one of the rods that can be cast farther. It comes with longer handles which allow for more casting distance and gives the angler more power when fighting bigger fish.

Also, this is a 2-piece rod which can easily be packed in a trunk and transported. It is a great asset for travelers who prefer fishing with longer rods which can tackle bigger fish. It is a light weight rod with a line weight of 4 to 8 lbs, which can be used to fish smallmouth bass, bream and trout. The rod can also be used to fish steelheads and salmon.


The B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold rod is lightweight and is moderately resistant to bending. It is capable of handling a line weight of 4 to 8 lb and can comfortably drag a lure of 1/32 to 1/8 oz. This is a powerful rod which can handle light lines and may be used to fish small fish like panfish. It is suitable for fishing in the clear and open water.

The rod's blank is moderately stiff, and this makes it a light action rod. Note that the rod can be used to fish minnows, leeches, and chicken livers.



The B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold is a light weight rod that can accommodate lures of between 1/32 and 1/8 oz. It is a medium action rod that flexes in the first half of its blank. 

BnM 10 Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold Jig Pole 5

The rod is relatively strong and can handle small lures and helps anglers to flip baits all day long. This rod handles lighter lines, but is relatively sensitive and allows the angler to feel when the fish bites the bait.

However, experienced anglers with great angling skills can use the rod to catch large fish.


The B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold rod is a moderate action rod that bends over the last ½ of the blank when pressure is applied. The blank is made of a 30-ton, IM8 graphite which makes it light, more efficient and sensitive. The blank has a thin wall that makes it flexible and will vibrate to signal the angler when the lure reaches the ground.

The rod has a wider curvature that gives it a better casting. When cast, it will start to bend in the middle and flexes in the last ½ of its blank. Note that the rod takes some time before it fully recovers after casting.


If you are a novice angler with no prior knowledge in fishing, you need a rod that is stiffer, but which is a little bit lighter. Also, you need a pole that is affordable to enable you to launch your fishing career without breaking a bank.

One of the poles you should consider buying is the B'n'M 10-Feet 2 Piece Bucks Gold rod. It is lightweight and easier to use.

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