B’n’M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 Rod Review

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B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 Rod

BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10 ft 2 Pc IM6 Rod 1

Rating: 4.1/5






- An extremely sensitive rod that gives you the best results when fishing the small ones, i.e. panfish and crappie

- It is light and portable

- Offers the best casting for panfish hunting


- Only accommodates light lines

- Can't handle big fish



Sam Heaton redesigned these rods with an aim to make them the most sensitive poles for hunting the small fish types. B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 Rod is a 10 feet rod that gives you a great casting promise and a host of other features that will make you want to carry it along. 

BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10 ft 2 Pc IM6 Rod 2

It’s a two piece rod. You will have no headaches when it comes to transporting it to your preferred fishing locations. I should mention that apart from the greater performance, you now have a beautiful looking pole in burgundy color.

Main Usage

The rod features a Portuguese cork handle for the optimal balance. It is made of the reinforced IM-6 graphite that gives you strength, power, and high sensitivity. The 40 million graphite modulus rod picks up the slightest and lightest touches on the hook. That means that you are best poised to catch the most slippery of fishes.

The high sensitivity has been complemented with high strength to allow for powerful hook sets. It can also be used for jigging and pulling out the slab crappie from the brush underneath. The rod comes with aluminum oxide guides that give it the light feel and smooth casting. With these guides, you know that your lines will not stick in the casting process.

BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10 ft 2 Pc IM6 Rod 3

Although the rod is as light as they get, and offers the highest sensitivity for rods in its range, it is also surprisingly tough. I say surprisingly because it is uncommon to find a rod that combines high sensitivity with power.

Product Features

Power :

B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 Rod features a tubular blank that has been specially strengthened for maximum flex and power. It is evident that the IM-6 graphite renders lots of power to this rod. The rod manufacturing process has ensured that the resin is evenly spread throughout the graphite fibers to offer the best flex range.

The rod can easily handle light fish and some medium ones too. The Portuguese cork handle helps the angler to balance the rod with ease even when the wind is high or when tackling a fish. The two pieces of the rod are seamlessly connected. There is little play once the connection is properly done.


The rod is a fast action choice that gives the best performance when handling panfish and crappie. The fast action means that you are provided with a chance to set the hook and seal the deal before the fish slip away. The pole is a tubular type made from IM-6 graphite. It flexes steadily so that you have your fish secured; even as they try to break free. It is a rod that gives you both great fishing advantage and fun in the same breath.

I was impressed with the casting; thanks to the aluminum guides that provide smooth casting effect and return to the home position without a glitch. Notice that the rod is a whole 10 feet long. That means that apart from the actual casting mechanics, you have the advantage of a long rod in your hands.

BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10 ft 2 Pc IM6 Rod 4


No one wants to carry around a rod that they have to lay down every five or ten minutes. That is the reason why the fishing legend Sam Heaton decided to do something for the panfish and crappie fishermen. 

BnM Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10 ft 2 Pc IM6 Rod 5

The rod is split into two pieces to provide you with some level of convenience in transporting it to the various fishing locations of your choice. It is also significantly light.

B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 Rod has been designed to accommodate mono lines. It is, therefore important to use the recommended line types, lest the performance of the rod is highly compromised.

Sensitivity, Recovery and Brittleness:

The rod is a 40 million modulus graphite piece. That’s why it is rated one of the most sensitive rods for panfish and crappie hunting. I was also impressed with the quick recovery it offers. It’s a unique and welcome combination of sensitivity and power.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the tubular rod has been specially reinforced to make it flexible. Therefore, there is little chance of the rod breaking in your hands during a drag, or when you exert heavy pressure on its tip. The fast action of the rod also means that you have a rigid pole that secures your target without budging.


B'n'M Sam Heaton Super Sensitive 10-Feet 2 Piece IM6 is a light and portable rod. It offers the highest sensitivity I have ever experienced in hunting for panfish and crappie. The fast action ensures that you do not lose your targets.

You will also appreciate the optimal flex offered by the tubular blank and the strength that is reminiscent of graphite rods. The IM-6 technology allows the rod to be versatile in usage.

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