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Bomber has a long history. Founded in 1944 by Ralph Wham, this lure company began with just one flagship lure - their “bomber” crankbait, designed specifically for deep dives, great action, and easy retrieval in the tough Texas reservoir waters that were often weed-choked and hard to fish. By 1947, they were cranking out 1000 “bombers,” a day, and their success has only continued.

Today, Bomber is known for their hugely versatile crankbait offerings. They offer dozens of models of crankbaits, including midwater and topwater crankbait lures, as well as their classic “deep diver” crankbaits, and even some topwater suspenders and other baits.

Crankbaits are what they’re known for, however. Their deep divers go down long and fast with the same wiggling action and great, steady retrieval that kickstarted their success over seven decades ago, and they’ve become one of the go-to companies when it comes to getting great quality crankbaits and lures at a price that won’t make you refinance your house.

  • Bomber Deep Fat-Free Shad
  • Excellent for greater depths
  • Tight wiggling motion
  • Very responsive on retrieval
  • Loud rattles
  • Bomber Saltwater Grade Magnum
  • Designed for harsh saltwater conditions
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Wiggling action
  • Super strong and durable
  • Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk
  • Heavy-duty saltwater lure
  • High-pitch rattles perfect for windy days
  • Slow sinking twitching action
  • Excellent for topwater fishing
  • Bomber Triple Threat
  • Tough construction for durability
  • Realistic searching action
  • Crawfish-like exoskeleton
  • True-running nature
  • Bomber Suspending Pro Long
  • Unmatched realistic design
  • Wiggling and rolling action
  • Highly visible with 3D eyes
  • Available in many colors

Their massive selection includes both freshwater and saltwater crankbaits, and versatile and distinct crankbaits that are sure to fit just about any fishing application – from deepwater trolling to freshwater jerkbaits, or variable and versatile midwater fishing with great actions at all speeds of retrieval, you’re sure to find a lure to love if you take a look at what Bomber has to offer.

So we’re going to take a look at some of their offerings, which utilize their decades of manufacturing expertise, top quality materials, and great craftsmanship to create some truly unique and quality lures that are as fun to fish with as they are effective at their job.

Deep Diver Shad Crankbait - Bomber Deep Fat-Free Shad

This crankbait comes in both 2 ½ and 3-inch versions, both of which are great at what they do – diving. The gigantic lip combines with the streamlined “fat-free” shad design to create a superb diving action that’s both fast and ultra-realistic, diving deeply into the water to draw plenty of attention, especially when combined with its straight tracking, built-in-rattle, and ultra-tight “wiggle” that mimics the motion of a shad-like baitfish.

It’s available in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to find one suitable for the water conditions that you typically fish in, and it’s outfitted standard with Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble Hooks that offer an incredible amount of versatility, bite-angle-catch, and secure hold once your prey has taken your lure.

Running depth is typically 12-18 feet, depending on the line used and the rigging (if any), so it’s not suitable for shallower streams and lakes. But if you take this little lure deep, it shines like no other.

Natural, attention-grabbing, and with a great retrieval action that’s smooth and realistic, you’ll love fishing with this lure.

Saltwater-grade Topwater Crankbait - Bomber Saltwater Grade Magnum Long A - Baby Striper

If you want some real versatility, you may be interested in this saltwater-grade topwater crankbait. Its high-quality finish, design, polycarbonate body and saltwater-grade 1/0 hooks make this a totally versatile lure, and though it’s made to saltwater spec, it can just as easily be used anywhere you’re looking to toss out a beautiful, functional topwater crankbait.

This is a larger lure - 7” long standard, so you’ll want to be sure to use it in larger lakes or areas where fish typically do munch on larger prey, though most users report some degree of success even in smaller fishery areas.

The lure runs standard at about a 1-3’ depth, and is very versatile, responding well both to steady, fast retrieval methods and slower, “jerkbait” style casts and retrieves. It can even be used to troll off of the side of large boats, with a consistent, natural motion that draws in plenty of strikes.

It can hold up to it, too. The polycarbonate body is bite-resistant, and the hooks are very securely attached, treble hooks that can really latch onto a bite, so you won’t have to worry about losing your lure (and your fish). You can just concentrate on bring it in, and figuring out how you want to grill it.

High-pitched Saltwater Grade Topwater Crankbait - Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

If you like the sound of the Magnum Long A, but are in an area where a 7-inch lure is impractical, you may want to look into the Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch. This versatile crankbait lure is built in a 4” profile that’s natural, durable, and finished off with #2 saltwater grade treble hooks, and can be used both in saltwater and freshwater environments.

Like its bigger cousin, this lure is designed to run at 1-3’ water depths, and it features a specialized high-pitched rattle that transfers sound waves through the water at longer distances and higher sound ranges than most other crankbaits, allowing it to function spectacularly during more intense or unfavorable weather and water conditions.

It’s versatile, too. Far from being a standard “catch-and-retrieve” crankbait, this thing works well as a “walker” – toss it in and start “walking” the lure around in circles, and the natural swimming action combined with the high-pitched rattling of the lure will do the rest.

But if that’s not your style, you’ll also find great success with standard slow and fast catch-and-retrieve methods, as well as “stop-and-go” jerky methods of fishing.

Versatility. Durability. Quality. What else could you want from a lure? The Badonk-A-Donk delivers all of these and more and should be a staple in your tackle box if you often move from saltwater to freshwater fishing areas, or are just looking for a great topwater crankbait.

Bomber 4A 3-pack - Classic Crankbait - Bomber Triple Threat

This set of Bomber Crankbaits features 3 of the classic crankbaits that Bomber is famous for - the versatile, deep-diving Bomber 4A. It’s known for being as versatile as it is classic – it can be used to catch bass, walleye, pike, and just about every other kind of critter that eats small baitfish. It can be rigged for trolling (up to 9 feet in depth) or used as a casting crankbait that’ll dive 6 feet or more. And this triple-pack gives you three different colors, so you’ll be able to choose the right one for the occasion, at a low price.

It’s high quality too, featuring durable standard treble hooks and a high-quality polycarbonate body. The well-crafted profile mixes with the deep diving capability and loud, clear rattle of the body to create a side-to-side action that drives fish nuts both on the drop and the retrieve.

Because of its unparalleled versatility, low cost, and great quality, this 3-pack of the Bomber 4A earns very high marks from us. If you’re interested in Bomber lures but wary of spending a lot on a lure, this should definitely catch your eye.

Once you handle one of these lures and experience its all-weather, all-water, all-year-round versatility and great action, you’ll never want to buy another midwater crankbait.

Suspending Crankbait - Bomber Suspending Pro Long A Fishing Lure

This lure is great if you don’t like the standard cast-and-retrieve styles, and are looking for a mid-water suspending bait that’s a joy to fish with a more erratic, jerky motion. Built with 3 top-quality treble hooks, beautiful and bright polycarbonate construction that’s durable, and a neutral profile that runs at about 4’ deep, this high-quality lure is built to react to line-twitching and jerking with a natural, erratic action that simulates the motions of a wounded baitfish, and its responsiveness is surprisingly good for a larger lure – it measures 4 5/8’’ long and 9/16oz in weight.

The midwater running action of this lure is especially good in shallower waters and places where other crankbaits might have trouble staying in the middle of the water column, and the streamlined design ensures that you won’t have much trouble with weeds or rocks.

The versatility of this lure is great too – if you get sick of using a twitching motion, walking, or jerking this lure, it can easily be used as a standard cast-and-retrieve bait, and its heavy weight makes it a breeze to cast long distances.

Overall, this is a great addition for anyone who loves neutral-running suspending crankbaits, and it’s large enough to bring in quite the variety of prey, while still being fishable with most standard freshwater casting setups.


There’s a reason Bomber mostly sticks to the crankbait niche. They’re really good at it.

From the first “plug Bomber” developed in Texas over 70 years ago, to the modern offerings of deepwater, midwater, and topwater crankbaits that can be used in freshwater and saltwater alike, that are suitable both for casting and trolling, and that feature a massive size and style variety, Bomber continues to innovate and lead the crankbait industry.

So whether you’re in the saltwater, trolling for tuna and other huge, strong prey, or a freshwater angler looking to nab some smaller trout and other freshwater staples, Bomber certainly has a lure for you, and theirhigh-quality crankbaits deserve a spot in any fisherman’s tackle box.

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