Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak Review

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak

Rating: 4.6/5



Length Vs Width



- The canoe is best suited for recreational paddling

- It is a fast boat that can be used where long distances need to be covered

- It is quite stable


- It is expensive



The 13 feet Columbia XP is designed to be paddled by 2 people. It has the extra room for gear and is an ideal vessel if you are planning a recreational tour. It is an all-around kayak constructed from the Duratek hull and 600 denier polyester material.

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak 2

The kayak is stable and tracks decently. Perhaps the only problem the kayak has is that it comes with fabric that is hard to dry. Drying the craft is annoying.

The vessel features adjustable core seats that feature a high backrest and a foam base. It also features a mesh pocket, a fishing rod holder, and a cup holder. The seat can be adjusted so that it can accommodate kayakers of varying sizes.

Main Usage

The Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is a sit on top kayak designed for recreational touring. The vessel can accommodate two paddlers and comes with convenient features that make the boat rank high among the boats.

The craft has a long waterline and is a flat rocker. It boasts an outstanding tracking ability and can cover long distances with ease. It uses an inflatable chamber that features a proprietary X-beam technology which mimics a hard shell kayak. The construction of the boat is blended with rugged 600d polyester and is UV protected.

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak 3

The boat comes with an integrated Splash Guard ™ seats that provide utmost comfort to the paddler. It has mesh storage pockets that are integrated with fishing rod holders it also features an infinite adjustment system as well as a quick release fin system that is easy to setup. The boat comes with adjustable elastic straps that keep the gear close to the paddler's hand. Also, the boat allows for easy drainage of water.

Product Features

Type of Construction:

Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is constructed using Aqua glide's proprietary X-beam technology and feature a strong PVC beam. Also, it features a streamlined silhouette, a removable tracking fin and an XP floor that enhances the unit's performance.

The boat is spacious and is best suited for recreational paddling. This makes it the best choice for occasional travel and touring. The construction makes it track well, and paddlers are assured of covering longer distances. It has both the rear and front spray guards that keep the paddlers dry.


The method of propulsion is one of the factors that determine whether a paddler chooses a particular type of a vessel or not. Also, the paddler's comfort is of great importance.

The Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is propelled by paddle power. It is a two paddle vessel that has become popular because it can cover longer distance because of the enhanced paddling power.

The Kayak is long and can cover more distances. Even though, it is difficult to maneuver it in tight spaces. In spite of this, it is a stable kayak that can be used in offshore waters.

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak 4

Length Vs Width 36'' Wide:

The boat is 13 ft. long and is an ideal craft for paddlers who want to cover longer distances. The length gives the craft more space and makes it more efficient. It is a long kayak that hulls faster since it has a longer waterline length. The unit is lesser maneuverable compared to other shorter hulls.

The width of the boat is 36" which makes it wider and has a greater wetted surface that makes it a little bit slow. The hull is designed with a high degree of secondary stability and can handle rough waters quite well. The kayak hulls fast and are quite stable. However, it is less maneuverable even though it can be used to navigate through moving water. It is a good vessel when going for recreational tours.

Initial Stability Vs. Secondary Stability:

The Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is a versatile canoe and an excellent craft for families and sportsmen. It is long and wide hence it has excellent initial and secondary stability. The craft has a long waterline, is a flat rocker and is designed with a sharp bow that makes it glide well and gives it an outstanding tracking ability.

Columbia XP Two Inflatable Kayak 5

In fact, this is the reason why the boat is preferred by families on recreation because it covers great distances and is faster. It is a high-chinned kayak that feels ok when it is leaning on its side.

At 36" wide, the boat is considered wider, a thing that gives it increased initial stability. Therefore, the boat is an ideal unit for both newbie and experienced paddlers.

Maneuverability vs. Tracking:

The Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is 13.5' long and hulls with a low degree of a rocker. The unit curves up quite well. This makes it track well even though it is quite difficult for the boat to turn. It is, therefore, less maneuverable and could not be a perfect boat for paddlers planning to use it in tight areas.

The boat has a more wetted surface and is not very fast. However, since this boat can be propelled by two people, it is the right choice for anglers planning to use it for recreational purposes where great distance is to be covered. Note that this is a sit on top kayak that is stable and ideal for inexperienced paddlers. It requires little proficiency and can be used in both still and moving water.


If you are looking for a canoe that keeps the paddler dry, then the Columbia XP 2 inflatable kayak is, certainly, among the Kayaks you should consider buying. It is made of Duratek™ bottom material that offers strength and makes it durable.

It is popular amongst people looking for a boat that can be used for recreational paddling. It can be used for occasional traveling or tours. It is comfortable, well balanced and performs superbly well in still and moving water.

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