Daiwa Ardito-TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod (3 Piece), Medium/7′ Review

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Daiwa Ardito-TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod (3 Piece), Medium/7'

Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 1

Rating: 4.8/5






- Incredibly sensitive despite the short length

- Easy to assemble

- Portable and travel-ready


- The power is somehow questionable


Daiwa Rods Comparison


Buying a 3-piece fishing rod is no joke. This means that you are aware of what you want and what you expect from your fishing trips. 

Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 2

Purchasing the wrong model could single handedly ruin your entire fishing trip or it could make it so much better. This is the main reason for which you need to ensure that you’ve taken a look at the specifications and you are aware of the unit you are buying.

With this in mind, the Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod is one which is most definitely worth your attention. Supposedly, it’s great for quite a lot of different fishing endeavors but the truth is that its strength lies in inshore saltwater fishing and lakeshore freshwater fishing trips.

Main Usage

As we’ve mentioned, if you enjoy boat trips inshore and you can’t go without the occasional few casts, this is a rod to include in your fishing kit. With a significant amount of benefits, the rod is fashioned in a manner which complements this type of fishing significantly.

Its length is appropriate while its strength is significant and it’s something that’s going to withstand fairly larger fish, characteristic for inshore saltwater undertakings. It’s also worth noting that this is something that you could also use for fly fishing as it’s short and particularly lightweight.

Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 3

At the same time, the construction is fairly lightweight which brings a lot of comfort and allows extended fishing sessions. Normally, an experienced fisherman is going to stay away from 3-piece constructions as their stability is usually jeopardized but this one manages to do just fine.

Meanwhile, the 3-piece design makes it perfectly portable, travel fishing rod that you can carry in the back of your trunk and fish whenever you feel like it. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the specifications of the product.

Product Features


The first thing that needs to be pointed out when it comes to the balance is the size of the fishing rod. It comes with two overall sections and it has a length of 6 feet and 6 inches. For a 3-piece design, this is something rather unusual as they are normally slightly longer than this.

However, the shorter length allows for proper balance and casting speed, which is overly beneficial. Furthermore, the rod is also going to provide a lot of casting speed which is something overly preferred when it comes to fly fishing in particular.

The graphite construction and the X45 Bias Graphite fiber which prevails in it allow for splendidly light weight and handling capabilities. Despite the fact that the unit is not heavy, this is something which allows for perfect balance.


Even though we are normally used to heavier 3-piece designs, this one in particular is rather lighter. However, given the fact that a lot of people are using it as a travel rod to hold in their trunk, this is particularly convenient. It allows for fishing on the spot as assembling the kit is fairly quick and incredibly easy. There is nothing complicated when it comes to it.

The strength provided by the rod is also rather outstanding. This gives you flawless sensitivity as well as hook-setting power, despite the comparatively shorter length.

Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 1Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 1Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 1Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 1Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 4


When it comes to fly fishing, the truth is that sensitivity is likely to be one of the most integral qualities that you want to look out for in a fishing pole.

Daiwa Ardito TR Heavy Travel Trigger Rod 3 Pcs Medium7 5

You need to be able to react as quickly as you can as soon as the fish hits the fly and not having enough sensitivity is going to prevent you from doing so.

However, the Fuji aluminum oxide guides as well as the premium quality SCII graphite components of the rod allow for unprecedented sensitivity, allowing you to react on the spot.


In any case, the overall conclusion is that this is a well-rounded travel rod. As such, you shouldn’t be expecting some professional-level capabilities but it’s never been the manufacturer’s intention. After all, the price tag is also fairly affordable, which is something to consider.

The rod comes with a lot of perks and this is the thing that you need to consider. It’s a properly completed unit with high-end materials and significant potency in terms of fly fishing and all of the aforementioned purposes.

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