DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod Review

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DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod 1

Rating: 4.7/5






- The rod is reliable and convenient to use

- It is moderately priced


- The rod action is not as fast as some anglers might expect


Baitcasting Rods Comparison

  • Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod
  • Hybrid design construction
  • High sensitivity
  • Cork handle design
  • SS304 guides for increased durability
  • Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod
  • Patented SVF graphite technology
  • Graphite fiber construction
  • Custom reel seat
  • Fuji alconite ring guides
  • Shimano Trevala Casting Rods
  • TC4 construction
  • Fuji reel seat
  • EVA handle grips
  • Medium or medium-fast power
  • Penn Senator Rod
  • EVA fore grips
  • Machine aluminum reel seat
  • 1-piece glass blank
  • Chrome plated guides
  • Entsport 2-Piece Casting Rod
  • 7-foot length
  • 6+1 corrosion resistant guides
  • High density EVA handle
  • Carbon fiber construction


One of the first things that you look at when you buy a brand new fishing pole is the manufacturer. This is important for a range of different reasons. But with so many brands already on the market, making a good choice is not always as easy. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a review of what seems to be one of the well-perceived fishing rods on the market for this year.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod 6

Brought to you by DAIWA, a well-known and reputed manufacturer, the DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting rod is an item that you should definitely include in your fishing kit.

What is it best for ?

Of course, the purpose that you have in mind is going to determine what type of rod you would go for. If you want to tackle steelhead and salmon, you’ve come to the right place.

With a range of particularly appropriate features, this specific fishing rod is designated to be your best friend when it comes to quick current and mountain-river fishing. Salmon and steelhead are not easy game to chase but with this particular rod it would be a lot more convenient.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod 3

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other types of fishing undertakings as well. The overall graphite construction is particularly flexible when it comes to it and you will be capable of using the rod for other types of freshwater adventures.

Now, once we’ve crossed this off, let’s take a look at the specifications more thoroughly in order to understand what the rod is capable of.

Product Features

Power :

What is power when it comes to fishing rods? A lot of people tend to believe that this has something to do with the pulling capabilities of the pole. In reality, however, the power of the fishing rod is its resistance to bending. Basically, the less the rod bends, the more powerful, hence resistant it is.

This is something important. DAIWA’s DXS rods are numerous and they come with different ranges when it comes to the power. You can pick from heavy to light options, depending on your preferences. With this in mind, if you want to ensure that you have the stability for larger fish, you want to get a heavy rod in terms of power – it will bend less and hence provide you with more reliability.


The balance of the fishing rod is also a very important characteristic that quite a lot of people tend to disregard. It’s something which determines how well the rod is handled. Basically, well-centered poles are going to allow you to use them for longer sessions without feeling overly tired. This is a very important thing to rely on.

This is especially true when it comes to salmon fishing which is quite intensive and specific. Therefore, you would have to be holding the rod throughout the entire time. With this in mind, if it’s not well-balanced, you will get tired quite quickly, which is definitely something that you want to prevent.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod 4


This is a critical characteristic. The DXS series are known to provide different options, most of which are moderately medium. They bend mainly on top, allowing the fisherman to go for different types of fish. This is also quite beneficial as it’s going to ensure that everything is handled properly. You wouldn’t have to worry about being limited to particular undertakings.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Casting Rod 5

The action is decided and determined by a few different factors, with the length and the material being amongst them.

This particular fishing rod series contains rods which are made out of M-7 Graphite. This is a very durable yet particularly lightweight material, ensuring that your solution is reliable and yet convenient to use.

Furthermore, the guides are made out of aluminum in order to additionally complement the overall convenience brought by the fishing rod. This is undoubtedly particularly beneficial.

The weight and the length of the rods vary depending on your own preferences. There are versatile rods which are going to fulfill all sorts of requirements and personal preferences. This is important as certain people have their own specifications that they are looking for.


In any case, the pole is also fairly moderately priced, making it a rather affordable option.

Given the convenient construction as well as the significant advantages brought by the rod, it’s safe to say that it’s definitely a good purchase that you might want to take into account.

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