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DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod Review

By John Andrews | Fishing Rod Reviews

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod 1

Rating: 4.2/5






- Comes with the IM-7 graphite quality

- Equipped with a hook keeper

- Look great

- It is a tough rod


- The rod is a little too stiff for fun fishing when handling fish

- Not the fastest action

- Sensitivity is a bit compromised


Daiwa Rods Comparison


If there is a company that has the qualities of customer sensitiveness in the fishing accessories and tools manufacturing, it must be Daiwa.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod 4

The rod is a product of intensive research that was informed by customer needs expressed in various forums. It is a strong and powerful rod for a broad range of fishing experiences and environments.

Main Usage

The rod offers a wide range of fishing techniques with a bias for salmon and steelhead. It is a noncorrosive rod that gives you a choice to also venture in salt water fishing. It comes with aluminum oxide guides and handles that are tightly bound to the blank.

The design gives the rod a steady quality because there is no allowance for rod play. Therefore, anglers can expect sound transmission and steady control when fighting with fish. It also has a hook keeper and the popular EVA soft and steady grips that you need in all weather. 

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod 3

The rod is fitted with both front and rear grips to make sure that there is no slip even when the moment is volatile. It is a rod that has been fitted with a combination of features for both light fishing ventures and heavy-duty angling. If you wish to carry it along on fishing missions in distant places, it is light enough for you too.

Product Features


DX 902 MFS Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rod is a fast action rod that gives little chance to Salmon and bass alike to escape the hook. Anglers can reset the hook and dig it tightly into the fish’s mouth tissues with an impressive reflex; thanks to the high sensitivity. The rod largely flexes at the tip end for the maximum hook setting advantage and little play along with the new length.

I was also impressed with the fast and distant casting qualities that it provides. There is also the quick transmission of power from the rod to the blank for that desired control and sensitivity. It also ensures that the angler has the advantage of adjusting the line and hook as the pressure changes during battle.


DX 902 MFS Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rod comes with a medium range power rating. This means that the rod can be used for both light fish and large, stubborn fish. It can accommodate a wide range of fishing lines including the heavy braided types. Such is the versatility you get with this powerful rod. 

It provides great casting distance but still gives the angler the gravitational advantage when there is a big fish on the hook end. It is one of the best choices you have for targeting big underwater clients such as bass, musky and tog. It is a battle rod fitted with all the tweaks that big fish encounters need.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod 6


The rod is light and strong in the same breath. It is a great choice for adventure fishing and inshore ventures. With a two piece rod, you have the freedom to move as far as your fishing instincts take you.

DAIWA DXS Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod 5

It is also a great rod for the long fishing escapades in tournaments. Sport fishing enthusiasts will find this rod particularly attractive because it is strong, durable and light. It has a heavy line capacity. It is a resilient pole that offers a progressive flex, ideal for high tip pressure.

The medium-range weight rating is a great one for tackling both small and heavy fish varieties. The lure rating is at 3/8 -1. It has hollow blanks that reduce its weight significantly.

Brittleness, Recovery, and Sensitivity:

Since this rod is a fast action rod, you can count on it to give you the indication in good time when a fish is playing with the bait. Graphite is known for its high sensitivity even as it provides the needed strength required to limit too much flex along the rod length.

The rod is steady and largely flexes at the tip end. So, its recovery is great after casting. There is little allowance for batting and swing. The quick recovery allows for accurate bait delivery and accurate casting. The rod is made of composite graphite material that has been strengthened to reduce brittleness by allowing for a gradual flex at the tip end of the rod


As its name suggests, it is your best option for tackling huge catfish and a range of other heavy clients. It comes with the renowned Fuji aluminum oxide guides.

The rod offers a wide range of options for fishing freedom. It has the necessary tweak to tackle big fish but can also effectively reign in light fish.

The fast action gives it an edge when dealing with the stubborn clients. It has a great line weight capacity that accommodates the braided ones. The grip is steady and comfortable.

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