Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 4-Piece 5’6 Review

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 4-Piece 5'6

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 1

Rating: 3.7/5






- Very light rod that makes the cut for travel fishing

- Steady balance during angling

- Very sensitive rod


- A little too light to venture beyond the recommended application limits


Spinning Rods Comparison

  • Shimano Solora 2-piece Spinning Rod
  • Durable aeroglass blank construction
  • Solid locking graphite reel seat
  • Ceramic line guide
  • Medium power
  • Shakespeare Two-Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater
  • Available in 9, 10, 11, 12, and 15-foot
  • Durable EVA grips
  • 5-year warranty
  • Ugly Stik Clear Tip design
  • Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore
  • Graphite rod blank
  • Genuine cork handle
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater use
  • Ultra-responsive rod tip
  • Piscifun Graphite Spinning Rod
  • Carbon fiber blank made with ArmorCore
  • Multipurpose hook keeper
  • 4-piece design for easy travel and transportation
  • Ceramic guide sets
  • Daiwa Mini System Ultra-Light
  • 4’5” spinning rod
  • 5.1:1 spinning reel
  • Comes with compact carrying case
  • Smooth, multi-disc drag


Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod is one of the lightest spinning rods on the fishing accessories and equipment market today. You are treated to a durable rod that also gives you extraordinary casting power.

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 4

It is fitted with shock absorbers to help you handle the aggressive fish and secure them with ease. This is a top notch rod that comes with several other tweaks to enhance performance.

Main Usage

The rod is designed to provide easy handling on long fishing missions. It is great for light to medium size fish hunting. If you have a bit of experience on your cap, you may also use it successfully to catch some bigger targets such as medium size bass and musky. However, it is safer to use it within its recommended range of application.

It’s a light fishing rod that makes it easy to go to distant places for fishing. It can easily be disassembled and reassembled. It can be stuffed into your backpack and carried without much effort. The rod has been designed with micro pitch taping of the blank to provide that needed steady flex and power.

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 3

Indeed, it is a remarkably powerful rod. The Micro pitch blank taping technique ensures that the resin is evenly spread through the graphite fibers for the optimal tapering and power when subjected to stress at the tip end.

Product Features

Power :

As mentioned earlier, the design team has applied the micro pitch blank taping technology. The technique ensures that the rod has a steady flex and great power. The resin allows for a contained stretch that can withstand a lot of pressure at the tip. The IM-7 rod offers reliable strength.

Graphite is known for its toughness. When it has been carefully reinforced with meticulously chosen technologies, you have a versatile rod that will last for a long time. The Minima reel seat is securely and tightly attached to the rod for the best control and stability. The rod also comes with a durable black ring line guide. The split grip cork handles offer the best balance during casting.


Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod is a highly sensitive rod. It is also strong and durable. All these qualities have been made possible because of the deliberate design choice to use IM-7 graphite. 

The high modulus guarantees great sensitivity while the reinforced graphite fibers give you the required power and stiffness to set the hook as soon as you get a signal that a fish is playing around the hook end.

I was impressed with the quick recovery that the rod offers after casting. The stiffness of the rod is a great boost for accurate casting. The rod offers smooth casting and the stability you need to focus on the fishing rather than the tools you are using.

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 5


Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod is a portable light rod by design. It is a great rod for spinning activity. It can accommodate light line types; a feature that has been chosen to complement the aim of keeping it a light choice for the traveling angler. 

Daiwa Presso Ultralight Pack Spinning Rod 6

It has been fitted with 7 to 8 light line guides and has a split rubber cork handle that helps in cutting down the weight.

It provides the optimal balance while casting. Since it’s a four piece rod, you can be sure that it is an easy one to carry around.

Sensitivity, Brittleness, and Recovery:

The rod is light and highly sensitive. In fact, it is the lightest rod you have in the range. Light rods are well known for their sensitivity. Daiwa has added its ingenious technologies to take the lightness theme to a higher level.

The result is the ultra light feel that not only enhances sensitivity but also makes the rod the lightest option for the traveling angler. The great power tweak that comes from the reinforcement procedures in micro pitch taping makes it hard for the rod to break under pressure. The gradual flex also makes it bat and shake very little after casting.


The rod presents travel anglers with a handy choice to pack and move with ease. It is highly sensitive and gives you the advantage to secure your catch with ease. 

The combination of qualities which are often counteractive is a great design feat that reduces dilemmas for anglers. The pole provides both high sensitivity and power in one pack.

The lightweight split grips also give you the best balancing experience while casting. Micro pitch blank taping spreads the resin evenly in the graphite fibers to give you that optimal strength and power.

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