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best daiwa fishing rods

Daiwa’s beginnings in the fishing equipment industry can be traced back to 1955 with its first assembly-line-manufactured spinning reel. They officially opened as a sales and distribution industry in 1966 in Culver City, California, not far from their current corporate office in Cypress. Now, however, they have expanded from the United States into Canada, and Central and South America with most dealers either located in the US or Canada. Since their start, they have been a core component of the industry, emphasizing innovation and the quality of their products.

Daiwa offers a broad range of reels and rods from the typical freshwater, saltwater, and fly rods to surf and jetty rods and ultralight and freshwater specialty rods. Additionally, they also offer their own line of pre-mounded rod and reel combos and lure, lines, and accessories as well. Like other rod retailers, Daiwa also offers a one-year warranty on all their rods, apart from a few that have an extended warranty.

Best Daiwa Rods We Selected for You

Top Rated Daiwa Fishing Rods

What you’ll find below are a list of the top rods that will satisfy any angler. Casting rods, spinning rods, surf rods, trolling rods – Daiwa has it all.

1. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa’s Tatula Casting Rod is definitely a higher-priced Daiwa rod; however, it is well worth the price. This sleek black rod with yellow accents utilizes Daiwa’s latest, cutting edge rod technology, specifically a graphite fiber construction meant to increase flexibility and strength while reducing blank twist. In addition to increasing rod strength and sensitivity, it is also intended to increase hook setting power.

What sets this rod apart from the rest is the use of Daiwa’s exclusive Super Volume Fiber Graphite technology, custom reel seat and machined aluminum reel clamp nut. This rod also features Fuji-style alconite ring guides, a split EVA foam grip, and a hook keeper.

Tatula Casting rods come in nine models with medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, and heavy power selections. Actions are offered in moderate, fast, and extra fast, while lengths range from 6’10” to 7’2”. 

Each length and action offer a different experience, and it wouldn’t be going too far to purchase more than one Tatula rod. All the technological advances incorporated into this line pays off as the sensitivity on this rod is phenomenal. Detecting even the tiniest nibbles is incredibly easy. If you choose to pair this rod with a light-weight reel, you will be in for a treat. You’ll be impressed with the caliber of fish you will be able to catch with the Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod. As an added bonus, this rod has an extended warranty of five years.

2. Daiwa Exceler Casting Rod

Daiwa’s Exceler Casting rod is the answer to all your casting needs. This rod features a 26-ton IM-6 graphite and carbon blank construction, aluminum-oxide guides, custom reel seat, split foam grip, and a hook keeper. The graphite blank with carbon accents, while adding to the lightness of the rod weight,is meant to ensure strength and maintain sensitivity. The split foam grip provides additional comfort for the user.

The casting rods come in six different rods with medium to medium-heavy power and fast to extra-fast action. These rods come in lengths from 6’ to 7’ with two models made in the two-piece construction and the remaining four in a one-piece construction.

This rod has a nice stiff backbone, good balance,and decent sensitivity which is ultimately what makes it so ideal for casting. That aside, the tip on this rod is rather stiff, so it lends itself to useful as a crankbait or swimbait rod as well.

Overall, the Exceler Casting rod is a great value casting rod that you will also find serves other purposes as well, making it even more of a bargain buy.

3. Daiwa Laguna Spinning Rod

Daiwa’s Laguna Spinning rods are the superb rod choice for fishing in-shore saltwater. They feature an IM-6 graphite and carbon construction, a stainless steel hooded reel seat, aluminum-oxide guides, a split foam grip, a blank-through-handle construction, and a hook keeper.

The graphite with “woven carbon” construction makes this rod extremely durable, light and sensitive while the split foam grip ensures comfort during use, especially when you’re attempting to reel in the bigger ones.

The Laguna Spinning rods are easy to maneuver and come in ten models of fast to extra-fast action and medium-light, medium, or medium-heavy action. Most come in a single piece and range in lengths from 6’ to 7’6” while just two come in Daiwa’s two-piece construction and are easy to assemble.

This rod is excellent for catching bass, bluefish, pickerel, etc. Everything about this rod, from the price to the construction, makes it ideal when you are trying to reel in those tougher, larger fish. It certainly holds itself up to the most expensive rods of its kind. Daiwa’s Laguna Spinning rods is one of those rods, though designed for saltwater use, are an all-around great rod for almost any fishing adventure.

4. Daiwa Beefstick Surf Spin Rod (2 Piece)

Daiwa’s Beefstick Surf Spin Rod is a modest surf rod with a sleek, black design that will take you places and last you a long time. This rod features a tubular fiberglass blank composition, stainless hooded composite reel seat, cut-proof ceramic guides, EVA foam grip, and a rubber butt cap. The EVA foam grip is non-slip and makes using this rod all day a breeze, the ceramic guides ensure line durability, and the rubber butt cap is ideal for comfortable resting on your body when reeling in fish.

The available lengths of these rods are perhaps what make it fantastic for casting. The available length range is ideal for that type of fishing, and anglers of any experience level are sure to find a right fit.They range from 7’ up to 12’, all of which come in two pieces.

Though the 12’ rods come slightly flimsier than the rest of the bunch, it still has a surprising power and will catch the smaller species easily. The action on the Beefstick Surf Spin rods is labeled as “r,” which corresponding to other rods out there, equals a moderate action rod.

The two-piece construction of this rod is easy to assemble, feels like a much more expensive rod, and can cast smoothly for days on those long fishing trips.

5. Daiwa Wilderness Downrigger Trolling Rod

Daiwa’s Wilderness Downrigger Trolling Rod is an amazingly affordable beginner downrigger trolling rod. This economical rod comes in ten models and features a durable, resilient fiberglassblank, EVA foam grips, a hook-keeper, cut-proof aluminumoxide guides, down-locking, Fuji-style graphite reel seats, and a round-shaped rubber butt cap.

Powers range from medium-light, medium, to medium-heavy, with the most rods offered in medium-heavy. Lengths start at 7’ and go up to 9’6”. The added length allows you to get those fish that are really far out.

The two shortest 7’ rods are one-piece, whereas the eight longer ones (ranging from 8’ to 9’6”) are two-piece, making them ideal for travel. The set up on this rod is easy enough, and the backbone is stiff enough for all your downrigging escapades and can even be used as a surf rod

Whether you are a beginner or have a dozen rods in your arsenal, this rod is well worth the small investment and will pay itself off with all the catfish, striper, salmon, steelhead, trout, and walleyes you’ll be catching.And if that weren’t already enough, Daiwa’s Wilderness Downrigger Trolling Rod is the best choice for boards. Considering how lightweight this rod is, you will be surprised with what it can handle.


Daiwa has been in the fishing tackle industry for quite some time and offers an extensive list of fantastic rods. These are some of the top-tier options, most of which would be value purchases. If you’re an angler on a budget, most of these rods will work wonders depending on what your fishing needs are. If, on the other hand, you have a bit more to spend, Daiwa’s Tatula rods offer some of their best, modern technology. Even at the higher retail price, the Tatula line is still a steal for what you are getting.

If you’re just looking for a new spin rod at a decent price, either the Laguna Spinning Rod or Beefstick Surf Spin Rod will serve you well. For trolling and downrigging, you can’t go wrong with Daiwa’s Wilderness Downrigger Rolling Rod. These give Daiwa rods are the best of the best, and any of them would make an excellent addition to an angler’s arsenal.

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