Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Dendoh Style Deep Drop Rod, 6’6 Review

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Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Dendoh Style Deep Drop Rod, 6'6

Daiwa SA B66HF DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod 1

Rating: 5/5






- Strong and of medium weight.

- Uncompromising and offers fast action needed to tackle the pikes, bass musky and the like.

- Versatile rod to use in a wide range of fishing locations and surroundings.


- A little tricky for stand-up angling position. Of course, given its robustness and strength, may not be the best for smaller fish.


Daiwa Rods Comparison


Daiwa SA B66HF DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod 7

Designed and suited for Dendoh Style Power rods, the Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod, 6’6 can handle a range of large line options.

Fitted with uncompromising fiberglass blanks, the rod offer just the fast tapers you need to play that heavy bass and bring it home.

Main Usage

Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 rod is best suited for large fish. It is fast tapered to offer a high sensitivity in short and long distance casting scenarios. It can easily pick up light bites as well as the heavy ones. It has the tweak required to drive home the hook and secure your catch.

Daiwa SA B66HF DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod 3

So you are best placed using Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 if you don’t want to give your prey a chance to slip away. Its heavy line capacity ensures that the big clients are tightly gripped and have no chance to escape. The rod comes with some advantages as highlighted in the features below.

Product Features


You are presented with a fast action rod that has a heavy line capacity and the required flex at the top third of its length. Well, what does that mean for you the fish monger? Or is it just the fun fishing enthusiast? 

It means that you have the freedom to go off to the deep sea and pursue that bass, pike and musky without worrying about control issues.

The rod is designed to offer a combination flex speeds. It allows the fisherman to set a strong hook. This is a hook that allows you to do your long casting with ease and confidence of controlling it.

Daiwa SA B66HF DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rods 5

Power :

Regarding power, Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 gives one of the greatest power advantages a rod can give when dealing with large fish. The rod is just the maximum weight that gives you stability while holding and casting but also gives the much-needed resilience against heavyweight pulling by large fish.

I cannot overemphasize the essence of matching your rod to your fishing objectives. A rod like this one is best suited for the deep sea and large fish targets. It is the type of rod to count on to secure your catch. It offers a single hook and multiple hook features that give you a range of fishing options too.


Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 is a medium weight rod. It features rugged aluminum rod seats that help to moderate the rods weight and keep it reasonably light for easier handling. It has curved aluminum butts that fit perfectly into the flush mount holders. 

The fact that the manufacturer decided to use aluminum in most of the rod components tells you how the design is streamlined to give you the maximum advantage during tackles.

The rod comes in a range of weights too. If you wish to go with relatively larger weighted rods, you can make your selection and choose from MH, XH or XXXH options.

Daiwa SA B66HF DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod 6

Recovery, Sensitivity, and Brittleness:

Every angler needs a rod that offers high sensitivity so that they can react as soon as there is a signal at the end of the line that a client is knocking or better still, notify you that, already, a guest is having a meal.

Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 has a flex restricted to the upper third of its blank to give you not only the fast action for hooking up the large fish but also high sensitivity to prepare you for the tackle. The high sensitivity that results from the fast action allows the angler to set the hook powerfully. The rod can shut off at high speed; giving that musky no chance to slip.


It is evident that Daiwa SA-B66HF-DD Saltiga Deep Drop Rod: 6’6 offers a balanced design that considers the anglers comfort in handling, and the strength and precision needed to secure the large fish.

The rod offers a wide range of choices and uses. It is the rod you will want to carry on your trolling ventures but you won’t mind it, still, when angling from the sides of the rivers and ponds.

It has a great performance history in both onshore and offshore fishing locations.

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