Daiwa Tatula-R100XS Reel Review

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.7/5

Gear Ratio




- The new T-Wing System (TWS) provides great and smooth casting.

- The new Air Rotation System allows a smoother feel and effortless winding.

- The maximum drag pressure of this fishing reel is very high compared to most competitors on the market.

- The reel body and frame are extremely well built.

- Unbeatable price/quality ratio.


- It might be a bit heavy for some people’s taste (8 ounces).

- The reels size is a bit large compared to others of its kind, making it uncomfortable to handle for some.

- Even though it may be used in saltwater, it needs to be cleaned with fresh water after every use in order to maintain this fishing reel in good shape.

Daiwa is a prestigious Japanese brand that has become a leader and a reference within the fishing world. They build from the most basic standard equipment to the highest cutting-edge technology, all in service to fishing activities. On this case, the Daiwa Tatula series gather both of these characteristics, delivering a great product at a low price as a result.

Daiwa Tatula fishing reels are built with a design that ensures the performance and the durability desired by a pro angler.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

A hybrid-design level wind gives a great casting performance, while also ensuring a large durability.

Some of the most important features of this model are the new T-Wing system, a lightweight aluminum frame and sideplate, air rotation, UTD (Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag) with a max. drag of 13.2 lbs, Magforce-Z cast control, multiple gear ratios, seven ball bearings and a roller bearing, Infinite Anti-Reverse, and a corrosion resistant mechanism.

This fishing reel will amaze you immediately after checking out how far and great it casts. With the feel being very similar to the one provided by the Daiwa Steez models, the Tatula provides a smoother action at a lower price.

Main Usage

The Daiwa Tatula-R100XS is a baitcasting reel. Even though it can be used both in fresh or saltwater, if you’re using it on saltwater you will need to clean it with fresh water after every use. The Daiwa Tatula fishing reels are perfect for skipping docks, pitching or making long bomb casts, due to the T-Wing System.

Baitcasting is a fishing technique that consists on throwing a bail with a fishing line out over the water using a flexible fishing rod. There are many different techniques that can be used by anglers as an attempt to cast further, making this kind of fishing challenging and exciting. The most common technique is to shift the body weight towards the front foot in correlation to the forward movement of the rod. For salt water fishing, rods and lines are usually heavier.


Rotating reels used to be built for catching bigger species, so they were not totally adequate for this kind of fishing. During the last years, reels with up to 10 bearings (Daiwa Tatula has 7 bearings) have been designed, allowing a functioning so soft that allows a way out for the fishing line as agile as the one that would be obtained with a frontal reel.

Product Features

Reel Body/Housing/Frame:

The Daiwa Tatula R100XS is painted with dark grey and a metallic finish. It all puts together in a very solid way and doesn’t have any alignment problems or unusual spaces between the parts. As a matter of fact, Daiwa has made it very clear that they have worked hard to ensure that the adjustment between the aluminum handle sideplate and the aluminum frame is as accurate as possible. The space between the handle of the reel and the knobs is also reduced to the minimum.

In summary, the Daiwa Tatula R100XS is extremely well built and the reel body and frame are according to what one would expect from a fishing reel that sits above the Lexa in Daiwa’s lineup.

Drag System:

Equipped with Daiwa’s ultimate tournament drag system, the Daiwa Tatula R100XS guarantees an amazing fishing experience.

The official product specifications of the Tatula indicate a 13.2 lbs of max drag pressure. The experience with most anglers using the Daiwa Tatula not only confirms the maximum drag pressure that is indicated by the manufacturer, but also exceeds it, becoming a rare and interesting case.


Adjusted to finger tight lockdown, the Tatula has been proved to work at a max of even 16.13 lbs of pressure by some expert users, maintaining a very smooth and consistent performance also.

Casting Controls:

The Daiwa Tatula R100XS features an advanced Casting System called T-Wing, that brings great casting possibilities for precision and distance, while also providing a natural fall in the lures. This new system is perfectly easy to handle, while also allowing the sideplates and frame to keep rigidity.


The width of the T-Wing level wind in casting mode is extremely wide. It actually can get as wide as you can go without removing the level wind altogether.

Overall, the casting performance of this fishing reel is incredible and definitely becomes one of its main strengths.

Level Wind Mechanisms:

The latest implementation of Daiwa’s T-Wing level wind is another one of its top features. The T-wing level has two modes, and each one is specific to one of the two reel’s functions: casting and retrieving. While casting, the level wind is enabled in wide mode in order to get rid of sharp angles when the line is peeling off the spool, which generate some friction that usually reduces the casting distance. And during retrieve, the level wind is enabled in narrow mode in order to distribute the line back into the spool.

The level wind rotates internal to the reel flipping from wide mode (during casting) to narrow mode (while retrieving).


In summary, even if the Daiwa Tatula R100XS looks average and unimpressive after taking it out of the box, just after its first spin on the water it proves to be one of the most amazing fishing reels at this price range.

The level wind system is great and delivers for long and easy casting days, while also being transparent to the user; and the new innovative T-Wing System is already loved by millions of followers. Even though it may be considered a little heavy for some, it’s only after a few fishing days that you get used to it and the problem is vanished.

If the Lexa was a step in the right direction for Daiwa, the Tatula is even more than that, being a more complex and innovative fishing reel all along, and at an affordable price.

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