Drop Shotting for Crappie

Drop Shotting for Crappie

Drop shotting for crappie is straight-forward, easily used fishing technique used by newbies and seasoned fishers alike when fishing for crappies. This is especially helpful during cold days when crappies are lethargic due to the cold water. This makes it perfect for winter months. Many fishers use it as an alternative technique during slow days. Despite the method’s simple nature, there are special drop shot rigs and techniques that you need to have for successful drop shot fishing for crappie.

Basic Drop Shot Rig for Crappies

How to Best Use Drop Shotting for CrappieA drop shot rig for crappies consists of three main things: a line, hook, and weight. The hook is placed five to six inches above the weight in an upright or horizontal position. The first thing you need to do is to tie the hook on with a Palomar knot and leave a long tag end that can be anywhere from 10 to 36 centimeters long. Then tie the weight at the end of the line below the hook. It’s best to use a split-shot weight. Although, you can also use a bell sinker if the weight is still too light. Then nose hook your crappie bait onto the hook.

Drop Shot Hooks for Panfish

The way you tie the hook is especially important since you want the hook to face upwards. To tie up the hook, just do a basic Palomar knot. Insert the line to the hook and insert it right back through until it forms a loop. Then grab the end of the line you just inserted and the end of the loop. Tie them up together with a single overhead knot like how you would tie your shoelace. However, before you pull and seal it up tight, grab the hook and insert it in the loop. Once the hook is inside the loop, pull and seal the loop up. The Palomar knot will ensure that the drop shot hooks for panfish will face upward.

Techniques for Drop Shot Fishing for Crappie

Hooks for Drop Shotting for CrappieDrop shot fishing for crappie can be a productive activity for you with some fishing tips and tricks. This method will help you suspend your bait near structures or the covers long enough for the lethargic crappies to notice it.

The first thing you want to do is to cast your line and let the bait drop to the bottom. Then place your finger on the line to feel their bite as crappies are known to be light biters. Slowly jiggle your rod up and down, and leave it there for a long time so crappies, even though they’re feeling lethargic, will eventually bite on the bait.


The key to successful drop shotting for crappie is having a properly set up drop shot rig for crappies and using the right techniques. The weight should be placed 5 to 6 inches below the drop shot hooks for panfish. You can adjust this length depending on where the fish are. Then cast your line and wait for your crappies to come and bite. Remember to pay attention to sensitive movement on your line. Armed with your rig and the know-how, you too can use drop shotting for crappie.