Echo Base Fly Rod Review

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Echo Base Fly Rod

Echo Base Fly Rod 1

Rating: 4.9/5






- Lightweight design and complete balance

- Enhanced sensitivity for proper fishing experience

- Cork handles for immense control and comfort

- Four-piece travel design for portability


- Chrome guides – not the best option


Fly Rods Comparison


Now, they say that if you see a person carrying a fishing rod with a cork handle, he is most likely to be fly-fishing. This is by far the most dynamic of all the fishing types and it is also one which brings a lot of excitement and never ending adventures. 

Echo Base Fly Rod 2

Basically, you will be knee-deep in the river, casting and pulling your rod constantly in order to replicate the behavioral patterns of river flies.

This is your bait, by the way – artificially created river flies. You can either get them done yourself, which is the preferred and more economic option, or you can get them purchased.

Main Usage

Purchasing a fly rod is not something very challenging but there are certain specifics which ought to be taken into proper account. The Echo Base Fly rod is an entry level unit which is affordable but particularly well performing. This is something that you should take into consideration.

Fly rods do not need to be very expensive. As a matter of fact, there is not a lot that goes into the making of one and apart from the potentially expensive blank material, there is nothing too fancy about them, which should mean that the units are fairly affordable. And that’s also the reality. 

Echo Base Fly Rod 4

This particular unit is accessible and affordable but it also provides supreme fly fishing capabilities. There are a few main characteristics which are to be taken into perfect consideration. Without any further ado, let’s have a look.

Product Features

The Shape:

The shape of the fly fishing rod brought to you by Echo is not something out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, the only thing which is rather comprehensive are the alignment dots. These are designated to ensure quick assembly and we all know how important that is.

It comes in a four-piece travel design and you can conveniently pack it up and keep it at the back of the truck right next to your emergency wheel. You know, you should always be prepared in case you drive by a potentially awesome fly fishing spot and you want to kill an hour or two.

The guides are chrome and the finish is translucent deep blue which add to the overall appealing exterior of the rod. This makes you feel splendid and contemporary.


The Echo Base Fly Rod is a fast-action one. This means that you would be capable of swinging it quicker in order to place the bait perfectly.

That’s going to increase your overall success rate and you can rest assured that you will catch a lot more fish. If you are a fan of fast-river fishing, this is the rod that you need to consider.

Echo Base Fly Rod 4


The balance is something absolutely critical. It is, however, directly impacted by the weight of the rod as well as the type of handle that it has. The former needs to be perfectly optimized.

In other words, you need to ensure that the rod is not too heavy but it’s not too light as well. Or, if it’s too light, it needs to employ perfect handle. Well, that’s the case here. This is a very lightweight rod but it comes with professional cork grips which are going to ensure firm and properly balanced performance.

Echo Base Fly Rod 5

This is also something which boosts the overall sensitivity of the rod. For anyone who has experienced this type of fishing before, sensitivity is absolutely critical.

It’s one of the main characteristics that you have to look out for in a blank as this would determine whether or not you can actually react properly when the fish hooks up.


As we mentioned above, the rod comes with very lightweight construction, which is something overly beneficial, especially when it comes to fly-fishing.


As a matter of fact, the majority of the customers are absolutely fascinated by the rod. There are no negative reviews which is something incredibly rare when it comes to fly-fishing rods. 

One additional thing that you need to know is that the product is backed by the comprehensive lifetime warranty of ECHO. This only attests to the confidence and the trust that the manufacturer has put within the rod.

If you are looking for a great fly-fishing rod, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

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