Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods Review

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods 1

Rating: 4.1/5






- Offers the best balancing tools that any rod in its range provides

- Sensitive to bites and bottom for timely reaction by angler

- Fast action

- Can handle big fish


- A bit stiffer than some anglers would love

- Little fun fishing experience with the stiff rod

- The weight is a bit on the higher side


Fenwick Rods Comparison

  • Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod
  • From 6' up to 15' in length
  • Variety of different models
  • Lightweight graphite construction
  • High-performance rod built with quality
  • Fenwick HMG Fly Rod
  • From 7'6'' to 9' in length
  • Classic design with modern details
  • Medium-fast action
  • High line speed and accuracy
  • Fenwick Eagle Fly Rod
  • From 8' to 9' in length
  • 4 piece graphite body design
  • Medium-fast action
  • Lightweight
  • Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod
  • Unidirectional fiberglass construction
  • Excellent smoothness and accuracy
  • From 6'6'' to 8'3'' in length
  • Medium action
  • Fenwick World Class Fly Rod
  • Powerful, high-performance rod
  • Very high break strenght
  • From 7'' to 13'6'' in length
  • Crafted with 3M Powerlux Resin


Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods are made of graphite. Yes, that ever strong and reliable pole construction material is here to offer more resilience and power to your fishing rod. 

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods 2

These are rods that will offer you fast action that you direly need when you have a bass within striking range. Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods are durable and strong poles that have been specially reinforced to offer the best fish experience for both newbie anglers and the more experienced ones.

Main Usage

This series of rods allows you to focus on your fishing activity as opposed to worrying about tools. The reasons are simple. Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods have been subjected to the most rigorous design and engineering technologies for the ultimate service while out there in lakes, river banks and on boats.

The rod is made of the trending IM-8 graphite construction that gives extra strength and durability. It can carry a variety of line types and deliver great results. I was impressed with the recovery offered by this highly tuned up rod from Fenwick. Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods give you a combination of power and sensitivity that is needed for deep sea angling missions.

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods 3

If you have Salmon on your radar, this is the rod you can count on to deliver results without having to fight much. The rod is the best you can use for freshwater fishing in the modern day. The following features make this rod what you will want to buy next if your fishing activities involve a range of targets including the weighty ones like salmon.

Product Features


The rod is a fast action pole that gives you all you need to secure your big catch. Fast action rods present users with the advantage of fast and powerful hook setting and high sensitivity. You are not only signaled in real time, that you have a client knocking at the hook end of the line, but that you can respond in real time too and set the hook so that the fish has no chance of escaping.

The tight and powerful hook set means that you can dig into the fish’s mouth tissue with the hook in such a way that the fish will stand no chance. It is impressively resilient; thanks to the IM-8 graphite used in its construction.


Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods construction is one that gives them the ultimate power. With the state of the art IM-8 graphite on the rod and blank, you have a pole you can count on in whatever fishing environments you find yourself in. The rod is powerful and strong. It can handle and carry lots of weight and pressure exerted on the tip. 

The blank is reinforced, so the chance of such a pole breaking under pressure even with the biggest of bass is nearly zero. The pole also offers plenty of room for carrying heavy lures and accurate delivery. It is fitted with the high-end Fuji guides that help you to cast your lines much further.

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods 4


The rod was constructed by pundits in the angling industry. It is made light enough to allow you to go for those long fishing sprees without straining your arms. It comes with the lightweight Fuji reel seats that serve to displace weight from the pole. 

Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods 5

The cork split handles also help to distribute the weight so that the actual rod feels a lot lighter than many poles in its range. The cork split Fuji handle provides balance to the angler to effectively control.

The rod is versatile. It can be used with a range of reel types. If you are a highly mobile angler, you can carry Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods with ease in your bags.

Sensitivity, Recovery, and Brittleness:

I loved the casting experience that Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods offers. With both front and comfy rear grips, anglers can have confidence when casting and even fighting fish. Now, the casting experience is closely knit with the sensitivity that the rod affords you.

Since it is a fast action rod with a strong part that flexes with reservation, it gives you a lot of accuracy in delivery of the bait and distant casting that is free from play. The lines recover fast since there is little batting. The graphite rod construction offers high sensitivity too. The reinforced rod cannot easily break; even under great pressure. The high modulus carbon graphite gives it sensitivity.


Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods are tested rods that give you the ultimate fishing experience in the right environments.

Constructed with the ever strong and resilient IM-8 graphite, Fenwick Eagle Fly Rods are great poles in the hands of an angler. You can bring home your dream fish without having had to fight with your tools in the process.

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