Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel Review

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel1

Rating: 3.8/5

Gear Ratio




- Aluminum-made frame and side plate.

- Multi-stack Megadrag featuring washers made of carbon fiber.

- MegaLock antireverse.

- MegaShield corrosion protection.

- Six stainless steel bearings (double-shielded).


- Product description doesn’t say it is a manual bail.

- The handle knob makes too much movement.


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For many, pleasure means heading out to the sea and trying to catch a big fish. The bigger the catch, the better the fun—and feeling of accomplishment. Whether your most preferred fishing point is a jetty, pier, or boat, saltwater fishing is miles better than others.

For many, pleasure means heading out to the sea and trying to catch a big fish. The bigger the catch, the better the fun—and feeling of accomplishment. Whether your most preferred fishing point is a jetty, pier, or boat, saltwater fishing is miles better than others.

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel2

You can further enhance your experience by investing in a smart freshwater reel, like Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel. Packed with many useful features, from a highly-efficient carbon-made fiber drag to a braid-ready spool, this aluminum bodied saltwater reel is every inch a winner. With it by your side, you would be easily able to haul in a 40 pound fish.

Main Usage

Fin-Nor LT 100 Lethal Spinning Reel is a saltwater reel. The body of the reel is made of aluminum, and so is the side plate. This means you get an extremely strong appliance and can expect the reel to show no signs of wear and tear even after repeated use.

Additionally, the forged and machined aluminum spool lends you maximum stability while you are fishing as well as optimal smoothness when you reel in the line. Other than the multi-stack drag system featuring carbon washers, this saltwater spinning reel is well-known for its tremendous line capacity rings, which ensures you are never short of adjustment possibilities as you let the line out.

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel3

Furthermore, the 6 stainless steel bearings are double-shielded, which basically means they perform equally well in all conditions. Stainless steel bearings also last up to 12 times more than standard ball bearings. As this spinning reel offers 6 ball bearings, your retrievals will be ultra-smooth.

Product Features

Reel Body:

Those looking for a durable saltwater reel would love Fin-Nor LT100 aluminum body. Aluminum bodies are significantly stronger than graphite, so you can easily expect this reel to stay in top shape after several years of repeated use. Fin-Nor LT100 is not only strongly built but also solidly constructed.

Because there are no flimsy or loose parts, the reel is easy to use. The fact that there is no back play and every moving part is smooth in performance is surely a piece of great news for all those who love salt-water fishing.

Reel Size:

Thanks to its extremely well built reel, Fin-Nor LT 100 is a delight to use. Its size is just perfect for catching amberjacks or even bigger fishes.

The very first thing you are likely to realize when you use this reel is that you will be now loosing far fewer to the wreck, compared with earlier—and all the credit of this goes to its strong reel and insanely strong drag. This reel is really a powerhouse.

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel4

Reel Gear Ratio:

The gear ratio of Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel is 4.9:1. This puts it in the category of medium speed reels. However, customers have reviewed that this reel is actually faster and require less torque than its counterparts.

Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel5

Experts usually recommend having one of each of the three types of reel, slow-speed, medium-speed, or fast-speed, in your arsenal. However, in case you are not looking for something insanely fast, you can very well do with just Fin-Nor LT 100.

Another big plus in its favor is that the reel holds up pretty well for repeated use, something that’s not true for many medium-speed reels.

Drags System:

The drag system is pretty good and something that most users will enjoy. It goes without saying that picking a reel with a smooth, non-constrictive drag is a must, because otherwise you will not be able to pull out the line steadily.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this when you spend money on Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel. As the drag system is of high quality and uses strong carbon fiber washers, you don’t have to deal with broken lines too often. The other plus is that the risk of drag slippage and mechanical problems are very low with this reel, which you can expect to serve you well for years to come.


Fin-Nor LT100 Lethal Spinning Reel ranks among the top saltwater spinning reel. It has a solid body, an effective and smooth drag, six double-shielded stainless steel bearings for fast retrievals, a megalock anti-reverse and several other advanced features. If you love saltwater fishing and looking for an efficient and affordable reel, you should strongly consider Fin-Nor LT100.

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  1. Hi!, good review lethal. The guys say that lt100 is better than the smallest.
    Would it be useful for fishing kayak (some splashes)?. What do you mean by this: “The handle knob makes too much movement”?
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