Best Fishing Line in 2020

You want to become a better angler, and you already bought yourself a rod and a reel you like. You need a good quality fishing line to complete your kit, but you don't know where to start. This happens to most beginners, so don't be alarmed. There are many different types of fishing lines so selecting the right one for yourself can be a challenge.

The truth is, there is no best fishing line, everything depends on your needs. This guide will give you more information about the different types of line and will make it easier to get the one you need.

Choosing the Best Fishing Line

As we mentioned earlier, you can't find a single fishing line that provides the best results. Everything depends on the type of fishing you want to do, the species of fish you are after, the equipment you are using and the location where you want to fish. There are many factors that you need to consider before you buy a fishing line that suits your needs. When you decide purchase a fishing line, you will see that there are three main categories available.

Monofilament lines are made out of a single strand of nylon. You can easily tie knots with this line and the fish can't see it underwater. They are durable, cheap and efficient, but they also absorb water, and they can break easier as time goes on. Braided lines consist of braided strand of polyethylene. They are strong, they don't change shape or deteriorate, but they are also expensive and hard to knot.

Fluorocarbon lines are made from a single strand of polyvinylidene fluoride which makes them thin and strong. They are mostly used for fly fishing. The downside is that they are expensive and they don't work well with spinning reels. As you can see, there are many factors you need to keep in mind when buying a fishing line. Do some research to figure out the type of line you need.

Benefits of Having a Good Fishing Line

Since there are a couple of different types of lines available on the market, they all have different advantages and downsides. A good fishing line can make a huge difference in your angling career. Knowing which type of line to use in various situations is crucial, so you need to know the benefits of all line types.

Braided Lines

Braided lines are the oldest line type that dates back to prehistoric people, but the modern version was perfected in the early 1990s. They are also known as microfilament lines, and they are braided with strands of polyethylene. These lines are strong, and they are hard to stretch. They are waterproof, and they don't deteriorate easily. Braided lines are used the most because of their strength and reliability, but they are also expensive than other types.

Monofilament lines

Monofilament lines are made out of a single strand of nylon. They are easy to tie knots with, and the fish can't see them easily in the water. These lines offer a good strength-to-price ratio and are flexible enough to enable anglers to cast them without problems. They are frequently used and are best for beginners on a tight budget.

Fluorocarbon lines

Fluorocarbon lines are made from a single strand of polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF. These lines are extremely thin, so the fish can't see them. This line type is difficult to stretch, and it's mostly used for fly fishing. Fluorocarbon lines are expensive, but they reduce visibility which can make a big difference when fishing in clear and viable waters.

Things to Consider

There are four main factors you have to keep in mind when you decide on buying a fishing line.


The width of the line you use is a very important feature because it affects the stretch, castability, and running depth of your lures. Smaller lines are less visible to fish in water. Grubs and crankbaits work best with these lines because the motion they create looks more realistic to the fish. Thick lines are used for big game fishing.

Visibility and color

The color of the fishing line can make a big difference in your success. If you are planning to fish in clear water, you will need a low-visibility line. Otherwise, the fish might be scared away. However, if you are fishing during the night, a high visibility line is a much better choice because you can see it when the fish bites. The color of the line depends on the color of the environment in which you will fish.

Abrasion Resistance

Fishing lines have to endure harsh conditions like trees, weather, rocks, and thick growth, and that is why they have to be abrasion resistant. Thin lines are used because the fish can't see them, but they are also less resistant to abrasion, while thick lines are easier to spot, but are harder to damage.


Stiffer lines are harder to cast, and the stiffness depends on the line's diameter. The thicker the line - the stiffer it is, but it also adds strength to the line.

As you can see, there are many things you have to consider before buying a line. You have to figure out the type of fishing you'll do, and you have to have the right gear before you purchase a line. Your casting techniques can also make a big difference in line selection.

Types of Line

There are many species of fish and ways to catch them, which means that there have to be different kinds of line to do so. The most common types of lines are Monofilament, Braided, and fluorocarbon lines, but you can also come across specialized lines for fly fishing and other forms of fishing.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon lines are made from a single strand of polyvinylidene fluoride, and they are very thin and hard to spot. That is the reason why they are used in clear water fishing.

Furthermore, fluorocarbon lines don't stretch line mono lines, and they are much stronger. Bass anglers widely use these lines because of their strength and thinness. They are excellent for crankbaits and sinking lures.

Don't let the higher price send you away because these lines are worth buying, especially if you are fishing for trout that are easily scared. The downside to fluorocarbon lines is the fact that they canbecome brittle after a long time on your reel. Fluorocarbon lines also sink quickly which means that they are good for deep trolling or cranking. Fluorocarbon lines can be used on spinning and baitcasting reels.

Check out Seaguar Invizx flouro line. It's my favorite because of it's thin diamter and consistent strength. 

Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing lines are the most used type of line because they are good for spincasting and baitcasting. They are also known as microfilament lines, and they consist of braided strands of polyethylene.

This type of line is hard to stretch, even though they are relatively thin. They offer lots of strength, and they don't deteriorate over time. Since these lines are hard to stretch, tying knots and changing lures can take some time.

Braided lines are the most expensive of all line types, but they are also the most used type. The diameter of braided lines is small, but the strength is very impressive. Anglers can reel in medium-sized fish with a thin line without a problem. This type of line is good for beginners, and it's widely used by professional anglers. Overall, it is a strong and dependable line that works well with most types of fishing.

Fly lines or fly fishing lines are, of course, used for fly fishing. They are usually composed of braided dacron or gelspun monofilaments. Since fly fishing needs entirely different techniques than other types of fishing, the fishing line is also specialized. These lines are not that long, but they have to be flexible enough so you can cast them.

Some fly fishing lines were designed to float. They are packed with air bubbles or silicone that gives them buoyancy and reduces wear and tear. 

Fly fishing lines are attached to a secondary line at the butt section to make sure there is enough line if a power fish hooks up. All lines designed for fly fishing are equipped with a leader of monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line. Different fly fishing line sizes are often referred to by their X size, depending on their diameter.

Fishing Line Brands

You can find hundreds of fishing line brands on the market. The problem is that many brands have low-quality products, so you have to pick the best fishing line that fits your needs. Maxima, Berkley, Power Pro, and Stren are brands you can always rely on.

Stren Fishing Line

Stren is a strong name in the fishing line market. They offer a broad range of products including fluorocarbon lines, monofilament lines, and superlines. Stren lines are known for their abrasion resistance and their overall strength. Their lines make lines that can be visible in all conditions. The lines are also stiff and stretch-proof.

Stren was founded in 1958, and the company was working hard to perfect and create high-performance fishing lines that were reliable and made to last. They have implemented technology like Advanced Microbound technology, easy cast Powerbraid, Lumaflex, Stren Extra Strength into their products. This has helped Stren to rise above most other companies. Many professional anglers and amateurs around the world use Stren lines for in all kinds of fishing techniques.

Stren is a company with a long history of top quality products that can be trusted and that's the main reason why it made its way to the upper part of the fishing line market.

Stren Original Service Spool

One of the most famous Stren lines is the Stren Original Service Spool. This is a monofilament line that allows smooth casts and can be tied in a knot very quickly. The line is very well made and it offers a number of benefits anglers always look for. The line offers the perfect balance of sensitivity, strength, and suppleness that make it easy for anglers to tackle medium sized fish.

Stren Original Service Spool sets the standards of dependability, and the purple box makes it instantly recognizable. Casting this line is easy, and it works great in fresh and saltwater. Furthermore, the Stren Original Service Spool is strong, and you have to work hard to break it. It is also abrasion resistant so it can take all weather conditions and can be dragged through thick cover.

The line provides good action to jerkbaits and it's a good alternative to fluorocarbon lines that are much more expensive. Anglers use it to catch bass, catfish, and pretty much everything in between. 

It's good for baitcasting, and most fish can't see the line at all. There is no doubt that the Stren original fishing line l is an excellent choice.

Maxima Fishing Line

Max Gottlieb Meinel founded MAXIMA in Germany in 1920. The company expanded in the 1950s when they opened a new factory for the production of monofilament fishing lines. Today, Maxima manufactures fishing lines of the highest quality using modern advanced technology. They are regarded as one of the best fishing line manufacturers in the world.

You can feel the quality when you touch a Maxima line. Their focus is not only quality but customer satisfaction and continuous product development as well. The company employs dozens of engineers that are always finding new ways to improve Maxima fishing lines even further. Maxima products are currently being sold in over 70 countries in the world which only speaks more about their dependability and quality.

Maxima fishing lines are an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike. Overall, this is a fishing line name you can trust and rely on.

Maxima UltraGreen Maxi Spool - 660 yd

Maxima UltraGreen Maxi Spool is the go-to line for professional anglers around the world for years. It is known for its unmatched strength. The Maxima UltraGreen comes in many sizes, and it's used to fish everything from small trouts to big game fish. This line is very dependable, and it is even harder to break. With outstanding abrasion resistance, it can tackle all weather conditions and environments.

The tensile strength is at a high level as well, and this line can help you reel in fish of all sizes. The moss green color of the line was designed to be almost invisible to fish, and that is one of the reasons why it's used as the lead line. The 660-yard maxi spool model comes in 12 different sizes. The thinnest line can take 4 pounds of load, and the thickest can tackle 60 lbs.

The Maxima UltraGreen Maxi Spool - 660 yd is an excellent choice no matter which species of fish you are targeting, and it can be used in fresh and saltwater. When it comes to high-quality fishing lines, Maxima UltraGreen fits right near the top of the list. You can't go wrong by choosing it.

Berkley Fishing Line

Berkley was founded in Spirit Lake, Iowa, back in June of 1937 by the 16-year-old fishing enthusiast Berkley Bedell. He used to make flies he then sold to local anglers. In 1945, Berkley was reading Popular Science where he learned about a company that made nylon-covered cables for sailboat rigging. Bedell then visited the plant and decided to produce nylon-coated wire for fishing. The slogan "nylon leader with a heart of stainless steel" was added to their logo and the company soon made its name in the fishing line market.

As the decades passed, the company expanded their product offer adding fishing rods, soft plastic baits, and other tackling equipment. In the last 20 years, Berkley perfected their products becoming one of the most trusted fishing equipment brands on the planet. They are responsible for innovations like the Lightning Rod, FireLine, PowerBait, and many more patents that changed the fishing industry.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Spool

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Spool is one of the most popular monofilament fishing lines in North America. It is strong and reliable above anything else, but it is also a good buy for the money. Anglers use this line to battle large power fish in saltwater and freshwater. When a fish hooks up to a Berkley Trilene fishing line, it is going to have a hard time escaping its power.

The Berkley Trilene fishing line comes in many colors and sizes. You can find lines ranging from 4lb to 50lb of break strength and their diameters also vary. This is the number one choice line for big game anglers because of its super strength.

The line has an incredible strength that gives anglers confidence in their skills and control over the fish in the water. The Berkley big game fishing line is resistant to shock, and it stretches when fighting against big fish to add more power.

Furthermore, this line is extra tough and abrasion resistant. It will not break if your line hits a sharp rock, and it can take all weather conditions without problems. It is easy to see why this line is among the most popular choices.

Power Pro Fishing Line

Power Pro fishing lines are used in fresh and saltwater by professional anglers who want to have the edge over their competitors. The Enhanced Body Technology used on these lines provides a smoother and slicker superior ultra-strong braided line. It's good for jigging, casting, trolling, flipping, and big game fishing. The Power Pro helps the angler to cope with all fish species and conditions he might be facing.

The Power Pro fishing line is made out of ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber which is covered with EBA that gives it the round and smooth look and feel. This line creates little friction and it is superb for casting and battling fish in the water. You can find Power Pro fishing line for sale in most stores across the US and Europe, and it represents one of the most popular line purchases in the past decade.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

The Power Pro Spectra Fiber belongs to the PowerPro Microline family. These ultra-thin fishing lines were designed to be used in clear waters. They are used to fish small to medium species in crystal clear water without scaring the fish. The diameter of the line was designed to give more action to lures in the water which makes a big difference in your angling career. When the lure skids across, the line creates a wobble that the fish can't resist.

The Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided fishing line comes with a number of benefits. It is available in many different colors. The three-end braided construction and the minimum stretch make this line the most sensitive product Power Pro has offered so far. The company states that this line can change the way anglers think about the sport forever.

The line comes in different sizes. The diameters available are from 0.005 inches to 0.035 inches, and the length varies from 150 to 3000 yards. The Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line is a popular choice for many anglers because it's dependable and hard to break, but it's not meant for big game fishing.

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