Garmin AIRMAR P79 Plastic, adjustable in-hull mount, Depth Review

Garmin AIRMAR P79 Plastic, adjustable in-hull mount, Depth

Garmin AirMAR P79 Plastic 1

Rating: 3.2/5


Screen Resolution




• It can be installed without pulling the boat


• The cable is not long enough

• You need to buy an additional adaptor.

• It does not adapt to the 43dv easily

• It is difficult to install



The p79 is one of the finders that is easy to use and guarantees you clear images taken at a depth of 800-1,200 ft. The unit comes with a transducer and a cable.

Garmin AirMAR P79 Plastic 5

It is not easy to install, but if you manage to install it, it will operate seamlessly and give you good service. 

The angler can drill a hole in their boat hull and have the unit installed or can choose to install it in front of the keel. However, drilling a hole in the hull works better and will give you good results.

Main Usage

The P79 is a great device that comes with an adjustable transducer that is easy to install. The unit’s operating frequency ranges from 50 to 200 kHz. It comes with a beam width of 45 to 12 degrees and 0-22 degree deadrise.

Also, the transducer comes with a manual that is easy to install and understand. It is a powerful unit with a transmitting power of 600w and comes with 8-pin connector. It is made of plastic material, with a deadrise angle of 0-22 degree and is capable of taking images at a maximum depth of 1200 feet. The unit works well if installed in a hull transducer or hull floor.

Garmin AirMAR P79 Plastic 3

One important thing is that you need a correct extension cable and some understanding of how it works before installing it. The cable is 26 ft and may not be enough.

Product Features

Screen Resolution:

Airmar P 79 is a high-resolution finder that can be used for serious fishing. The screen has a high amount of pixels that makes it display crystal clear picture. The greater number of pixels allows it to give 5 to 10 times more details and gives ten times more energy on target. The resolution makes the unit to give more accurate pictures to objects that are 3000m deep. It gives precise separation between the gamefish and the baitfish.

The angler will still get a clear picture even when the boat is tracking at high speed. Coupled with the large screen that the device comes with, gives the angler the sharper images hence buying this unit is one of the investments that anglers can make when they want to enhance their fishing experience.


The power of a finder is an important factor that determines the speed at which the unit can display readings. It also determines the depth of the readings.

A unit with less wattage can only be used to find fish in shallow water. Airmar P79 is rated 500w RMS. This is enough power to allow it to take images of objects that are found at a depth of 800- 1200ft.

The unit comes with a powerful transducer that emits and displays the received signals on the screen in real time. It is a dual frequency unit with 50/ 200 kHz operating frequency unit designed to show readings up to 1200ft.

Garmin AirMAR P79 Plastic 4

Cone Angles & Beams:

The cone angle is one of the factors that should be considered when choosing a transducer. It refers to how wide a transducer can send a beam at the water bed and the area that the beam can be put under surveillance.

The Airmar P79 feature transducer cone in ranges of 12 to 45 degrees. This is an excellent transducer that allows the angler to fish in water with varying depths. The unit has more than one transducer that emits signals which search the objects and relay the images so that they can be displayed on the screen.

It enables the angler to take actions that can help them catch more and more fish. It emits more beams that help to cover a large area which is an advantage to anglers looking around for specified type of fish.


The Airmar P79 features both 12 and 45-degree cones and comes with 50/200 frequencies. As such, it is a good finder for anglers who fish in shallow and deep waters. The unit can also be used by anglers who pursue fish species that can only be found deeper in the water using the 50kHtz transducer.

Garmin AirMAR P79 Plastic 2

The higher 200 frequency is ideal for anglers pursuing fish in shallow waters and can allow them to view sharper images of the bed including small fish and plants.

Also, the unit allows the angler to zoom the pictures to enable the angler to identify the fish species found in the area. The frequencies make the device ideal for people interested in recreational and commercial inshore and offshore fishing.


Transducers are made of different materials suited for particular types of boat. The Airmar P79 comes with a plastic transom mount traducer which is compatible with different kinds of boats. It has a plastic housing that is suitable when using metal or fiberglass metal hulls. If installed properly, the transducers guarantee the angler good service. Note that the angler can choose between a bronze and plastic transducer.

Also, the angler can choose between the dual beam, the side beam, and triple beam depending on the needs. A transducer that comes with more beams can cover more water and can be a great asset if looking for different species of fish. The P79 has a solid fiberglass hull body that works well with a plastic transducer.


If you are an angler planning to go on a fishing mission, relying on the new Airmar’s P79 finder is one thing that should be done regardless of whether you are a commercial angler or just a charter captain.

The unit feature CHIRP transducer that can detect fish that are 3000 meters deep. It is compact and designed to allow the angler to see the underwater structure and the fish. The unit has a great bandwidth that enables it to perform superbly better.

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