Garmin Striker 5DV Review

Garmin Striker 5DV

Garmin Striker 5DV 1

Rating: 4.1/5


Screen Resolution




• Allows sharing of waypoints via data cable

• It comes with a 2 D CHIRP sonar

• It comes with a highly sensitive GPS

• It is a dual frequency unit capable of 50/200 kHz and 77/200 kHz


• Does not come with a unit cover

• Doesn’t come with microSD card reader

• It does not have NMEA connectivity



It is a new fish finder from Germin that features a high-sensitive GPS designed to help anglers map and mark their favorite fishing areas. The unit comes with a built-in GPS even though it does not feature a chartplotter and maps.

Garmin Striker 5DV 4

However, the unit offers the best sonar - thanks to the advanced CHIRP technology. This unit works well, could be customized to the screen, and is waterproof. The unit is nicely constructed and comes with a nice clear screen.

It is a 5-inch unit that offers better sonar that shows and separates targets. It has various sonar options including allowing the angler to create customized sonar views.

Main Usage

The STRIKER 5dv fishfinder has made fishing easier. It allows one to share favorite routes and waypoints with colleagues who own other strikers. The unit has an inbuilt flash and is capable of displaying data quickly. It comes with a swivel mount, trolling motor mounting hardware, and a cable.

The angler can pair them with a high-performance CHIRP and transducer which can be purchased separately. Note that the unit is designed to allow sharing of waypoints and routes and can be purchased separately. The STRIKER fishfinder has an inbuilt high-sensitivity GPS that helps to locate the current fish position and allows the angler to maintain their current location in the lake. This way, they can mark the spots with most fish for future fishing endeavors.

Garmin Striker 5DV 3

The unit comes with a 5.0” screen, is a dual frequency unit that has a 2 D Sonar 200 kHZ/15 degrees and 77 kHZ/45 degrees and DownVu 455kHz 2.5° / 53° and 200 kHz 1.4° / 32°. The 2D is capable of taking images up to 1,900 feet while the DownVu can take images up to 750 feet. The unit power output is 500 W (RMS).

Product Features

Screen Resolution:

The amount of pixel a finder has determine how sharp the images posted will look like. Also, it determines whether the unit could be used when it is too bright or too cloudy. The Garmin Striker 5dv has a resolution of WxH 800 x 480 pixels. This implies that it is capable of displaying 800 dots in a row to the right and 480 dots in each column.

This is a huge resolution that gives pretty and detailed images. When the high resolution is combined with the larger 5” screen, it gives anglers clear images and details that can be read easily regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It is an ideal finder for many anglers because it is budget friendly and guarantees them clear pictures and spreads out echoes, numbers, and data evenly.


Before buying a finder, anglers look at the power rating to enable them to choose a finder that can serve their purpose. Buying a finder with the correct specification regarding the wattage is critical because every angler needs a unit that displays readings instantly.

The Garmin Striker 5dv is rated 500w, meaning that it is capable of translating the sonar waves it receives into readings faster.

Also, the readings are clearer hence it is an ideal finder for anglers targeting fish that are found at a depth of 750 ft. The unit comes with a powerful CHIRP sonar that makes it suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Garmin Striker 5DV 2


The Garmin Striker 5dv has clear pictures on its DV which can be adjusted and swiveled to give clear images. It features a colored screen that shows up millions of colors that improve the clarity of the images. It makes fish and underwater objects pop up on the screen and enable the angler to see what goes on in the background.

Also, the colored screen allows the angler to read the screen when it is too bright or when it is too cloudy and dark. Besides, the colored screen provides more enjoyment and allows the fishermen to choose wisely the area they want to fish in.

Cone Angle:

The best transducer is determined by the cone angle, which refers to how wide the beams can be sent to the bottom of the boat.

Garmin Striker 5DV 5

The Garmin Striker 5dv includes a 77/200 CHIRP transducer with a 60 º and 120º dual beam that allows the unit to search a wider seabed and reveal and give anglers greater details. The 60- 120 degree is excellent especially to anglers that fish in water with varying water depths.

It has more beams and can cover more area, and is an ideal tool for anglers who want to cover more water area. It makes it a great tool for commercial angling activities.


The unit comes with 77/200 kHz CHIRP transducer that gives better visibility and gives clear and detailed images of fish and other structures found in the water bed. The transducer emits and receives water waves and sends sonar signals into the water.

When the signals hit the objects including fish that is hiding under water, it bounces off and is picked by the transducer. The data is then sent to the main unit, and this translates into pictures that can be seen and understood by the angler. The transducers are easy to install and mount and require minimal effort to enable them to get set on the boat and use.


The Garmin Striker 5dv was designed for freshwater use but can be deployed to coastal waters because it comes with a powerful CHIRP sonar. The unit is a great fish finder with basic navigation that makes it ideal for coastal and freshwater fishing.

The unit boasts of the best sonar technologies and is quite affordable. It is an excellent unit that comes with a portable kit and is the best choice for anglers who like ice fishing, freshwater or coastal fishing.

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