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When you’re looking for great fishing lures, you only have one thing on your mind, and that’s catching the most fish possible. Catching all those fish requires the right combination of the skill, and the right equipment. If you plan on catching a variety of fish, than Hoy lures may be a great place to start.

Choosing the right type of lure for you is a decision based on what you’ll be fishing for. If you choose the wrong lure for the type of fishing you are doing, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage. Set yourself up with one of the excellent lure choices from Hoegy, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

What Makes Hogy Lures Great

Experienced fisherman Capt. Mike Hogan started Hogy lures in 2004 when he left the corporate world behind in order to chase his dreams of being in the fishing gear business. Mike has fished all over America, and literally field designed and tested each and every lure that Hogy carries. Everything Hogydoes is with catching big fish in mind.

Focused on Trophy Class fishing, Mike began designing lures that would be able to compete against the livebait fisherman. This competition with other anglers pushed him to develop more and more situation-specific lures that worked better and better and a saw a continued need for large softbait lures that closely imitate their livebait counterparts.

Today, Hogy products, along with their sister company, Standard Issue Tackle, are used to fish in all 50 states, and in 32 different countries around the world. Their custom softbaits are available in a number of different series offerings, and when used in combination with the right rigging and other equipment, put you in a prime position to catch a ton of fish.

Hogy Product Quality

Hogy lures are made using only the best plastics and other components. This means your baits can be trusted as being both soft and having great action along as being tough enough to withstand extended fishing trips.

Choosing a Hogy Lure

Many people view fishing as an activity to escape the hassles and complications of life. Consequentially, they want to keep it simple and not spend hours and hours fretting over which lures to use, especially if you are a beginner. Most young fishermen and women like to start with a simple kind of bait and hope for the best. Asking yourself a few questions before buying will allow you to make the most informed choice, things like:

What kind of fishing will I be doing?

How easy is the lure to put on?

Will the lure aid me in catching more fish?

Fortunately, the Hogy lures are easy to put on your rig, so you’ll be fishing in no time. Hogy lures are also renowned for helping their users catch more fish, so the real question remains in what type of fishing you’ll be doing. Here are the selections of Hogy Lures for a variety of fishing types, each sure to up your game!

Hogy 10” Rigged Jiggn

This lure works well on Lakers and Halibut. It is another long hard hook.

Hogy 7” HogyOriginal

This simple easy to use lure that mimics snook and lakers. It is easy to hook and a great lure for beginners.

Hogy Swimbait Hook Weighted

Like the Hogy H10BONE4 10” this lure is light and makes for an easy and long cast in the Ocean or Gulf. It only weighs 1 ounce so you may lose your lure with a Baracuda, but it could be worth it to haul in a big 9” to 12” prize catch. It is also good for catching eel.

Hogy 10” Hogy Original

This lure is light, and you can cast it long distances, as it only weights 3.2ounces. It is great for surf fishing for Barracuda, Tarpon, and Cobia. With its lightweight, it stays near the surface of the water but moves enough to attract the fish and reel them in with no trouble. You should reel the fish in fastso that you feel a burn for best results.

Hogy 10”

This is a long pink lure that looks like a minnow or a baby Pinkfish. It weighs 3.2 ounces and like the other Hogy Lures is an easy and deep cast that has good movement under the water. This makes it seem real and live to the fish.

Hogy Weighted Grip Hooks

These hooks are wide and give a lot of room for the fish to bite, with a small plastic lure on the end. The hook is sharp and makes it hard for the fish to escape or just nibble and swim on.

Hogy 7” Hogy Sand Eels Light

This is one of the lightest of lures, weighing only 0.3 ounces. It is a good lure for beginners and works well in clear or murky waters.

Hogy Weighted Grip Hooks

This is another light lure with a long sharp hook. You could have the lure and put live bait on it for extra effect.

Hogy 7” Hogy Original

This lure looks like a black minnow and is attractive to all fish. As it bobs through the water, it is visible in well-lit water, marshes and even in muddy water. As with al of the Hogy lures it mimics live bait and looks alive as it’s movement is like sea bait.

Hogy Hogy Flounder 5”

These lures look like an orange and yellow flounder with spots. They are good for catching striped bass as well as all fish eating fish.

Hogy Swimbait Barbarian

This hook and lure has a long hook and a bottle cork like end which hooks the fish easily.

Hogy 10” Rigged Jiggn

This is a 7-ounce lure which is long and yellow, and the hook sticks out from the bait.

Hogy Trophy Tarpon Lures Flats Kit

If you want to get an entire packet of lures you can order Hogy Trophy Tarpon Lures Flats Kit – Premium Saltwater Soft Baits and Hooks – The contents contain pure plastic and the finest contents for durability and success with all breeds of fish. They are great imitations of worms, mullet, houndfish, and ballyhoo. They make the hooks from the finest and most durable metals. This may be the Hogy product that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Hogy Pro Series 10/0 Barbarian Jighead 10 Pack

These lures are made from high carbon steel, with an extra-long shank. They have a needle-sharp hook point, and they come in a 10 pack. If you like to spend whole days on the water, this will keep you supplied

Other Hogy Products

Hogy Hogy x Strong Jig Head

This is another large hook with an enticing bait.

Hogy Tandem Quick Rig Mono, 14 inch 2 pack

This lure has two long 14 inch hooks that give the fish a choice of bites. It is one of the best because if the fish nibbles on one hook, it could bite the other.

When you go out in the boat and reel in that barracuda, Flounder, Weakfish, or any fish, you enjoy the experience and often do not have time to analyze how well you are doing. Many people fish just to relax and enjoy the experience of being with friends and family. Sometimes your enjoyment of the cool breeze or the heat beating down on you that makes the experience worthwhile.

Other times you enjoy fishing because there are some rough seas. You cast your rod out only to have to reel it in again because the boat has to go headfirst into a wave that is a remnant of last night's storm at sea. Yet, you hope the fish stirred up and head right for your boat. A half hour from now you can cast your rod back in because the waves miraculously got smaller. Surf fishing has added challenges after a big storm, but boy it is worth it to haul in your prize catch.


Winter fishing in Florida or the keys has the following psychological benefits. You can sadistically think of people up in New England who are shoveling snow. Or cleaning their windshields of frost with their long john’s, scarves, and heavy coats while you enjoy the 75-degree air and water. You have a tank top on or just shorts and sunscreen. You will be happy if you catch anything because the experience is still enjoyable.

Hogy Lures are among the easiest lures to use to attract fish. They are easy to keep, to put on, to cast, and they attract a plethora of fish. You won’t find a tremendous amount of user reviews online, but that’s because Hogy users are busy catching fish! Their high salesvolume and sometimes limited availability is a testament to their popularity. Get yourself one of these lures, and spend more time catching fish and less time fishing!

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