How to Make a Crappie Trap Using Fyke Nets

How to Make a Crappie Trap Using Fyke Nets

If you have your private pond, using crappie traps with bait is an efficient and effective way to catch crappies.

Not only will it catch literally tons of crappie, it will also allow you to leave it and come back for it later. This is great for saving you time and letting you do some other chores. Crappie traps or perch traps are easy to make and cost-efficient, so here we’ll give you the run down on how to make a crappie trap and how to use a fyke net for trapping crappies.

How to Make a Crappie Trap and Find Crappie BaitBefore that, here’s a quick tip: Notice that we said “if you have your private pond” because using crappie traps in state regulated lakes is often illegal due to the fact that crappies are considered game fish or fish that is pursued as sport by anglers. Game fish also can only be caught by hook-and-line methods. If you want to set crappie traps in a public lake, better check with your state if that is legal first. We want you to get heaps of crappie, not fines!

Trap Netting for Crappie Using Fyke Nets

Many anglers use fishing nets to catch crappie if they don’t have time or the skills to build a trap from scratch. Trap netting for crappie is effective since fishing nets are proven to produce results. Some fishers like to use fyke nets when trap netting for crappie.

Fyke nets are an effective kind of fishing trap that is also used for trapping other kinds of fish. You can buy them online or offline at any fishing stores. The fyke nets consist of cylindrical or cone-shaped bags that are mounted on rings or other support structures. They are fixed on the bottom of a pond or lake by anchors, stakes, or ballasts. It has wings or leaders that lure the fish towards the entrance of the bag.

How to Use a Fyke Net as Crappie Traps

How to Make a Crappie Trap Using Fyke Nets

The first step on how to use a fyke net is to select where you’ll place it. Fyke nets are also usually operated in shallow waters, making them perfect for crappies. High nets, usually those that are 1.5 to 3 meters, are used for crappies.

Next, set them up by anchoring the nets to the lake or pond bottom. Also, you can use some help here to make the process faster. Fyke trap netting for crappie works by luring crappies to enter the nets and preventing them from swimming out.

You can even set up the fyke nets and visit the crappie traps every day to collect the captured fish. Leave the gear in the same place for several days for a larger catch.


Fyke nets are one of the most convenient and effective fishing nets you can use in catching crappie in a passive way. Remember that some state-regulated lakes make it illegal to use crappie traps in catching this fish, so it’s best to check first. Fyke nets also make the process of how to make a crappie trap very easy and convenient.