How to Oil a Spinning Reel

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If you love fishing, you might already be familiar with spinning reels. Spinning reels, like many other parts of a fishing pole, need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Regular maintenance of the spinning reel helps it to last longer. Maintenance such as cleaning and oiling of the spinning reel is also crucial for it to perform better. Today, we’ll show you how to oil a spinning reel.

Cleaning and oiling are basic, simple and quick ways for you to keep and care for a rod great for fishing. You should look at oiling a spinning reel as a necessity. A clean and well-oiled spinning reel doesn’t require much of your time, but it can offer the ultimate fishing experience. Make sure you always have a well-maintained reel for you to have an easy and enjoyable time fishing.

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable sports and if you want to be serious about it, you need to know the different ways in maintaining your spinning reel. Proper cleaning and oiling can go a long way.

With well-maintained reels, you can expect great performance and it also helps to help the reel last longer. One way to perform maintenance on your spinning reel is to oil it. There are a lot of ways to put oil or grease on your spinning reels. Below is our guide on how to oil a spinning reel. After reading our guide, you’ll be able to realize just how easy and quick it is to clean and oil a spinning reel.

Prepare the Needed Materials for Oiling

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Before you start to lubricate your spinning reel, you first have to prepare the needed materials for oiling. You will need the reel oil, some paper towels or rags to clean up, isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. To oil a spinning reel, you could work without the alcohol and the cotton swabs, but oiling is more effective with them.

Be sure to be careful with the products you will use in maintenance for your reel. Don’t include gasoline when you prepare the needed materials for oiling. You should never use gasoline in servicing your reels because it can potentially melt the plastic parts of your reels. You should use biodegradable products or isopropyl alcohol to clean your reels.

Remove the Spool Assembly by Turning the Drag Knob Counter Clockwise

After you prepare the needed materials for oiling, the second step would be to remove the spool assembly by turning the drag knob counter clockwise. For reels that a have rear drag, the release of spool assemblies can be done by pushing the release button. After removing the spool assembly, inspect for damages.

If there’s none, you can start by cleaning the reel using some alcohol and cotton swabs. Again, never use products that could potentially damage your reel. Isopropyl alcohol makes for an ideal cleaning agent. Cleaning before oiling your reel also causes the effect of the lubricant to be better.

After cleaning your reel with the alcohol, you can then start putting some oil on the assembly. Next would be knowing which parts are to be lubricated with oil.

Which Parts Are to Be Lubricated with Oil

You need to put oil on everything that moves, is the best guideline, to perform proper maintenance. The parts of the reel that needs to be oiled are the line roller assembly, drive gear bearings, maintenance port and bail arm assembly. Depending on the type of reel you have, there might be more places you need to put oil on.

You can apply a drop, two or more, to the parts or use a cotton swab to gently lubricate the sections of the reel. Knowing which parts are to be oiled ensures you cover everything. Missing a spot can affect the reel’s performance and increase its damage. When using oil, use the cotton swab or simply put a drop or two on the parts.

All operations of the spinning reel should then move smoothly. Another caution with oiling your spinning reel is to not use any degreaser, as it can cause premature wear and tear on the internal parts of the reel.

If you still think you don’t want to apply oil on the spinning reel yourself, you can always find a friend who knows how or a professional who can help you out with your trouble. However, it is always advantageous and crucial to learn the skill of doing the maintenance on your own, for your own convenience.

As you can see, it is actually quite easy to oil a spinning reel. You don’t have to fret needing to know too many technical details about performing maintenance on your spinning reel. All you have to do is know the basics on how to dismantle your reel and that’s about it.

Dismantling the reel isn’t even hard and might actually be fun for you. Don’t be intimidated with putting oil on your spinning reel yourself. It’s super easy and you also don’t have to worry about damaging any part when dismantling and assembling the reel. It’s actually harder to destroy some parts of the reel when oiling than not.

Follow the easy steps in how to oil your spinning reel and you’ll be surprised with just how easy it can be done. Again, all you have to do is to prepare the needed materials for oiling the spinning reel. Then, remove the spool assembly by turning the drag knob counter clockwise and begin inspecting for damages if there are any.

Lastly, simply put a drop or two of oil into all the necessary parts that need oiling. Know which parts are to be oiled to ensure you cover everything. We hope our guide with how to oil a spinning reel has been really helpful. Oiling your spinning reel should be a quick and effective process that lets you have a well-functioning reel, and it also helps the reel to last longer.

Learn the skill of required to perform the maintenance of your spinning reel and you shouldn’t have problems with having it cleaned or oiled.

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