How to Spool Braided Line on a Spinning Reel and Other Fishing Equipment Tips

How to spool a braided line on a spinning reel

Outdoor leisure activities have been noted to induce health benefits such as improved emotional, mental, intellectual and physical health on many people. Activities such as recreational fishing have enabled aspiring enthusiasts to take advantage of these benefits and become a better version of themselves in the long run.

pros and cons of braided fishing line

With this in mind, many fishing enthusiasts have continued to look for ways to learn more tips and tricks to enable a more efficient fishing activity using their equipment. At this rate, many have learned some tricks such as how to spool a braided line on a spinning reel, to ensure that they are getting the best out of their fishing trip.

Braid ready spinning reels may be available in the market, but in any case, where supplies are scarce, it pays to know techniques on spooling braided line on a conventional reel while learning the pros and cons of braided fishing line. Doing so can help you decide whether you should pursue with a braided line or not. Hence, you should know the pros and cons of braided fishing line used to make sure that you are best suited to utilize this item.

Pros and Cons of Braided Fishing Line

Some kinds of equipment may work well with you, but some of them simply won't and it is all a matter of preference from the angler's point of view. There are several pros and cons of braided fishing line and it is important that after you find out what these are, you can assess yourself if whether this is the best design for you or not. Some pros of using braided fishing line include:

  1. It has a smaller diameter compared with monofilament.
  2. It is highly durable, given that it is composed of several strands of the line material.
  3. Because of its durability, a braided fishing line can be used to catch heavier fish. It can also be used for deeper waters such as bodies of saltwater where both depth and fish size are major deterrents of successful fishing.

While the pros mentioned above are considered highly beneficial to a fishing performance, there is also another side of the story. Braided lines also have cons and these include:

  1. It still has the tendency to tie up unnecessarily and form knots when not spooled properly onto the reel.
  2. It can be expensive, although some stores do offer them at good prices.
  3. One of the common troubles with braided lines is getting injured. Some may be abrasive and can cut through your skin.

Also, keep in mind that you should use fishing knots for braided line to prevent knot slippage. 

If you are trying to decide between using a braided fishing line or not, always take note of the pros and cons of the braided fishing line before you make a decision to make sure that you will encounter less trouble as you begin to scout for a catch in the water.

How to Spool Braided Line on a Spinning Reel

As you learn the advantages and disadvantages of using a braided line, it also pays to know how to spool braided line on a spinning reel. These pros and cons can ultimately guide you in employing safe techniques on how to spool a braided line on a spinning reel properly. You can look for a video on youtube which demonstrates the proper way of spooling a braided line on a spinning reel. In this regard, these are some ways on how to spool a braided line on a spinning reel properly:

  1. Study the anatomy of your fishing gear. This can help you determine where to attach one part and where to attach the other.
  2. Gather all your needed materials and equipment.
  3. Use a set of gloves if you need to especially if you think that the braided line is abrasive to the skin.
  4. Using an arbor knot, tie your line to the arbor to load it effectively. Tying this can effectively anchor your line onto your spinning reel.
  5. Put the roll of your line and place the line over and under your fingers in one hand, alternately. Clench your fist into light grips to induce a bit of pressure on the line. Start spooling.
  6. Check the line for any twists, given that some lines have large tendencies of getting twisted.

These are only some of the steps you can follow on how to spool a braided line on a spinning reel effectively.

spooling braided line on a conventional reel

Braid Ready Spinning Reels

By now, you may have already learned how to spool braided line on a spinning reel, but did you know that there are also braid ready spinning reels which can accommodate these braided lines readily? These braid ready spinning reels can wind your line with little to no trouble as braid ready spinning reels were designed in a way which can prevent a line from getting twists due to unneeded twisting. The key to getting a braid ready spinning reel is to look for forums and reviews on recommended products or braid ready spinning reels to ensure that you are getting the best product around.

As you begin your journey into the world of recreational fishing, there are a few things that you must remember.

First, you need to familiarize the concepts and principles underlying behind how the equipment operates. Doing this can help you assess which types of gears work best for you and which ones don't, depending on your intended activity level.

Next, learn how to set-up your gear. Check videos and other guides on how to spool your line on a reel and make sure that you adjust accordingly with your own set of conditions.

Lastly, you can go and check for other types of equipment such as braid ready spinning reels in any case that you have chosen a certain type of fishing line but you can't fit it properly with your current reel.

Always remember that it pays to know the basics of any activity you want to get yourself involved in, so you better do some research to enhance your fishing experience.