A Guide on How to Surf Cast with a Spinning Reel

A Guide on How to Surf Cast with a Spinning Reel Image

Have you been considering going on a fishing adventure, particularly surf casting using a spinning reel, but do not quite know where to start or go about it?
Then you have come across the right page to give you tips on how to surf cast with a spinning reel.

how to surf cast with a spinning reel

How to Surf Cast with a Spinning Reel: The Basics

The line type and quality of the fishing tackle, the rod length and composition, and the casting or spinning reel all have an impact on your attempts at surf casting.
To better help you understand the ways to begin or improve surf casting with a spinning reel, this article will present a couple of pointers to get you started.

How to Surf Cast with a Spinning Reel: The Basic Principles Involved in Surf Casting

sur casting spinning reel

Basically the sinker with the lure or bait will move toward the direction of the rod tip, right before you stop it. In order to more effectively load the rod, you should at first cast slowly, gradually speed up the movement until you reach the fullest speed, right before stopping the rod.
The reason for this is because when you try and cast too fast initially, the lure or bait will move too quickly and thus not fully pull the rod.
To fully make use of the loaded rod, it is important to note you should sharply put the rod to a halt, but without dropping the tip from the line.
Logically, if you choose to lengthen your casting stroke, the more you will need to load the rod.
These are the basic principles involved in surf casting to keep in mind as we go along.
Now we are ready to get going and move on to the other aspects on how to surf cast with a spinning reel.

How to Properly Grip the Rod and When to Release the Fishing Tackle Line

how to grip a fishing rod

As a surf caster, you should be sure to not start the cast with the rod and the line placed too close together with each other. The reason for this is because loose slack can come in between the rod and the line which will in turn, result in the rod’s not being fully loaded.
The usual mistake in handling the rod together with the line. One of the most common mistakes when surf casting a rod, is anglers often add this loose slack by not grasping the fishing tackle line with enough pressure and tension.
Therefore, the tendency will be to release the line prematurely prior to the abrupt stop of the rod. This then results in the lure or bait floating high up into the air before going back down.
How to avoid this common mistake. To prevent from adding loose slack in between the rod and the line, hold the spinning reel stem in front and support it with another finger on the back side. Then carefully pick up the fishing tackle line with your forefinger so that your forefinger will be in front of the spinning reel stem.
Then pull the line toward the rod with your left hand supporting the rod.
As you cast and the line swings, gently release the fishing tackle line from the hold of your index finger.
As an additional note, you can wear a comfortable glove so as to avoid cutting your finger with the line. A
This is how to properly grip the rod and when to release the fishing tackle line. Bear these pointers in mind for they will definitely come in handy in your actual attempts at surf casting later on.

How to Surf Cast with a Spinning Reel: The Slingshot Stance

The slingshot stance involves your left foot taking the forward position, and your right foot, behind. However, the distance between your two feet should not be too far. Otherwise, you will not be able to efficiently rotate your hips as you surf cast.
The movement of your hip and torso. You need to hold the rod in a vertical position. Then swing the sinker with the lure or bait upward away from the water as you rotate your hips to turn your body slightly to the right. Be sure to do this with ease so you will be able to cast back the sinker on to the waters on time.
When the sinker and line are about level horizontally, rotate your hips to turn your torso back toward the front. This is when you gently release the line from being pressed with your forefinger as the rod swings back toward the waters. Again, the purpose of the gentle and careful release of the line is intended so as not to add loose slack in between the line and the rod.
The rod and the spinning reel. Remember to maintain the position of the rod, i.e., pointed in the same direction upon release of the line. As the sinker with the lure or bait hits the water, pivot the bail of the spinning reel. After the sinker hits the waters, let some time pass to allow it to completely sink, depending on the depth of the waters.

the proper way to cast your fishing rod

Some Tips for Controlling Your Hips and Body Movements When Surf Casting

Be sure your right arm will move accordingly as your weight shifts and as you rotate your body. This should be how to surf cast with a spinning reel because if your arm moves more quickly than your body will turn, the tendency is to pitch the line while losing power along the way, turning you into an arm-caster instead of a surf caster. 

Another reason for carefully controlling your hips and body movements when surf casting is because when your arm swings before you can turn your body back forward, you will then prematurely pull down the rod and unload it. 

These are only the most fundamental tips on how to surf cast with a spinning reel. The best practice still is to head out there to the waters and try and realize these guidelines. Go ahead, pick up your fishing gear and try your hands at surf casting until you get good at it.