Hunting with a Slingshot for Survival

Do you think slingshots are just for children? Think again. A hunting slingshot can help you survive off of the land if you ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness while out hunting or camping. While nobody ever anticipates getting lost, you never know when you might accidentally wander off a familiar path. If you ever do find yourself lost in the wilderness, knowing how to hunt with a slingshot can provide you with much-needed food. 

Benefits of a hunting slingshot

Hunting with a slingshot is challenging because the range of a slingshot is much smaller than other hunting weapons. But the precision required to hunt with a slingshot can advance the hunting and stalking skills of even the most advanced hunter. 

If you’re going on a camping trip without your rifle, a slingshot provides you with a reliable way to hunt for food if you get lost. Slingshots are lightweight and easy to carry, which makes them easy to throw in your backpack or tuck into a pocket. 

If you are planning on a hunting trip with a rifle, a slingshot is a good backup if something should happen to your rifle on the trip because ammunition for slingshots is easy to find. While it is better to purchase glass, steel or lead ball ammo before your trip, you can also use pebbles. Lead ammunition travels the furthest and steel ammunition can be easily recovered and reused. Pebbles do not have the best trajectory, but they can be found in abundance while you’re out in the woods. 

And no matter what your scenario, it is also important to remember that slingshots are nearly silent. This means that you can shoot at prey without scaring other nearby animals away. 

What you can hunt with a slingshot

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be hunting deer with a slingshot. Slingshots are not the most powerful hunting tool. If you shoot at a medium-sized or large-sized game with a slingshot, you’re most likely to cause a shallow wound that won’t immediately kill the animal. Instead, the animal will run away and slowly bleed out. 

To humanely hunt with a slingshot, you’ll want to stick to small-sized game that you can easily kill with a shot to the head. Look for small animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, small birds, and rodents. The reason it is best to aim for the head is that some types of ammo can cause internal bleeding on small-sized game, which ruins the meat and can cause a painful death. 

Rabbits are the easiest game to hunt with a slingshot because they have larger heads than the other animals mentioned above. 

How to hunt with a slingshot

Before you go out hunting with a slingshot, you’re going to want to get some target practice in. This will allow you to get a sense of how far away you need to stand, how to grip the slingshot’s pouch, and how fast your ammunition will travel. The speed of a slingshot will vary by model and type of ammo being used. Small errors in calculating distance or speed can result in your meal running away, so the more you can practice on a target, the better. 

When you do start hunting prey, remember that you’re not going to be able to hit small animals while they’re on the run. Rabbits, squirrels, and birds are very quick. It is best to wait until the animal is resting, eating, or scouting the area. Once it is still, sneak up on it, take aim, and shoot it in the head. 

Hunting slingshot safety tips

While slingshots aren’t as powerful as a gun, it is still a weapon and someone could get injured if safety rules aren’t followed. Never purposefully shoot at another human or a pet with a slingshot. While you’re not likely to kill another human with a slingshot, it could still cause a small painful wound or a head injury. 

For your own safety, you should also wear some sort of eye covering. Goggles or glasses work best, but you can even wear sunglasses. The reason you want to cover your eyes is because sometimes projectiles will ricochet. Getting hit in the eye with ammo that is moving at a high speed could cause you to lose your eyesight. 

Final Word

Hunting with a slingshot can be challenging, but having a slingshot and knowing how to use it could help you survive if you ever find yourself lost in the woods. No matter if you’re on a hunting trip or a camping trip, a slingshot is easy enough to add to your bag because of how small it is.