Ice Fishing Spear for Your next Angling Venture


Using an ice fishing spear is a great way to spend the day under the some of the harshest and most challenging conditions. You may want to have a cup of coffee while waiting for the flag of your tip up to raise, or you may want to simply sit and relax. While fishing out on the ice, you are more likely to have less active movements and be more static. Next time you head out for the lake, leave your rod at home.

If you want a more challenging kind of fishing venture, then you might want to try catching a fish in a dark house while using quality ice angling spears.

Darkhouse quality ice angling spears take you to a more active and demanding ice fishing experience.

To give you a more detailed idea on what dark house spear fishing is, and how to get started, here are some points to help you out.

Ice Fishing Spear and Keeping It Dark

Ice spear anglers must be attentive to make sure their targets don’t notice them. If there is light, bright openings will be easier to see. Shadows will appear on the hole which can scare the fish away, making you miss out on your target. That is why these dark houses are black. It reduces the light passing through so the fish won’t be frightened away.

Quality Ice Angling Spears to Enhance Your Fun

Ice_Angling_Spear_in_DarkhouseIn this kind of fishing, catching a fish involves targeting them directly with only the use of a quality ice angling spears. If there are even slight noises, it may spook the fish away. Be sure to remain quiet and avoid carrying with you any items that may cause noise (like a cell phone with the notifications on).

Decoys and Lures

A good decoy, should attract fishes with just the colors and realistic movements. Different kinds and colored lures work well, while there are some recommendations available. Pike, perch, sucker, and panfish are some of the most popular lures used with quality ice angling spears. Red and white decoys are what is commonly used by professional anglers. Although, other colors can work just as well. depending on the conditions. Just to be safe, bring several different kinds of lures.

Circle the Hole

You are certain that your decoy can move properly to attract targets. Now, it is time to deploy your lure. Move it in such a way that it will appear to be a fish swimming in a circular motion to the fish you are looking to hook. Following the outer line of your hole will help to make the lure more appealing and getting other fish to check out your decoy.

Lure Them in From Behind

It is best to place the spear behind your target, so it won’t be as likely to be noticed. Before a fish goes near your lure, have your spear ready in the water. Then wait for the proper timing, spear the fish and snag your catch.

Invest in only quality ice spears. You don’t want to waste your time and money buying a dull one and then needing to spend the additional money on top of the original price you paid. Look for a high-quality spear that provides the proper balance. Ensure that yours is thick and heavy enough to put the necessary amount of force in as you throw it. Once you do just watch as it glides smoothly through the water.

Make your ice fishing experience a more exciting and adventurous one. Add more thrill and challenge to your winter outdoor experience. Get your ice fishing spear and decoy and get started with your first dark house ice fishing adventure.

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