Ice Fishing Bibs for the Serious Angler

If you are an ice angler, you will want to make sure that you are warm while fishing. The best way for you to stay warm is by wearing the proper insulated clothing and gear designed to keep you dry, and sequentially heated.

There are many ways to stay warm when battling the cold such as layering. When it comes to your clothing, ice fishing bibs are one of the most compelling pieces of gear you should consider.

What Are Ice Fishing Bibs?

Tundra_Fishing_Bibs_Even_for_at_NightBibs are essentially coveralls for fishing. Most ice bibs are designed to keep you warm and dry from the worst weather conditions. The functionality of ice suits is what makes them essential. Many will include extra pockets for secure storage for your hooks, lures, bait and more, reducing the need for a tackle box.

When it comes to choosing your gear, make sure that you look at several different features. Since bibs come in many different options, be sure that you research each one thoroughly before your purchase. Some example questions you will want to ask would be:

  • What kind of insulation does the bib have?
  • How many pockets are available for storage?
  • Do you want the best ice suit for floating?
  • Is it a waterproof ice suit?

Individual coveralls will have different features such as attached cleaning cloths, magnet zipper snaps, built-in seat pads, knee pads and much more. These are all things should be considered when choosing your icy clothing.

Picking the proper gear will ultimately come down to what things you are most concerned with. When you know what features are a must have for you, you’ll be able to choose the best seam sealed suits for your particular angling needs.

The most important factor for most anglers is the waterproof ability of the fishing suit, degree of insulation offered, the stability of the seams and ventilation provided.

Features of the Best Ice Suits

When purchasing your icy clothing, you will want to make sure that the garments are functional. The best bibs will be practical while keeping you warm and dry. Here are a few types of best ice suits on the market in 2017:

Seam Sealed Ice-Suits

  • Seam sealed suits are ice fishing bibs that are waterproofed. Waterproofing is essential when going fishing. If your gear is not waterproof, you’ll have a lot harder time staying warm in frigid conditions.

Floating Suits

  • A lot of ice suits designs are made to be buoyant now. Making these types of bibs a smart buy for anyone fishing out on the ice. Unfortunately, ice fishing can be very dangerous. Picking the best ice suits that float is another safety precaution you can take.

Recommended Brand to Use:

Striker Brands – These suits are designed with sureflote technology that will keep your head above water even in the iciest of situations. The insulation that they provide will keep you warm all throughout the day while dealing with the frigid temperature.


It is important to remember that staying warm and dry will be easier with seam sealed suits oppose to those which are not. Seam sealed suits are designed for true waterproof functionality. When it comes to your angling adventure, ice fishing bibs are essential for complete weather protection.

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