Ice Fishing Jacket to Keep Your Core Insulated

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When angling on a frozen lake during the winter time, frigid temperatures will be a serious factor in your experience. Ice fishing is more fun than regular fishing, given that you are well prepared. You will need to bring your best ice fishing rod, your reel, and all the bait/tackle you can think of. Did you prepare for the bitter cold as well? You will need a warm ice fishing jacket to keep your core well heated.Insulated ice fishing jackets

Fishing in the dead of winter can be very annoying if you are not prepped for the freezing temperatures. Make sure you wear the proper ice angling apparel for fishing in the cold, including insulated shirts, warm pants. Layer both your top and bottom half of your body by wearing bibs and finally, an ice fishing jacket.

What Makes Good Ice Fishing Clothing?

Underwear and other clothing made with cotton will NOT help you stay dry and warm. Cotton absorbs moisture to your body, either from the environment or your sweat after dragging your sled and boring your fishing holes. When the moisture begins cooling on your body, you’ll start to freeze.

You should choose ice angling apparel made of materials which draw moisture off of your body. Clothes made from polyester are a great alternative. Moisture from the cold and sweat are not absorbed by polyester fabric which means you will stay dry and warm.

Insulated ice fishing jacketsInsulated ice fishing jacketsHow to Dress with the Proper Ice Angling Apparel?

Knowing the materials of the clothes that you should use, the next step is the kind of clothing you need to wear. To keep you warm, layers of insulated clothing should be worn. Each layer has its purpose to help you retain your internal temperature.

The innermost layer, composed of underwear, long underwear, and socks should be made of materials that pull moisture from your body. Make sure all undergarments fit you so they can properly hold the moisture and draw it off from your body. This component is crucial in keeping you dry.

The second layer (or layers) of your ice angling apparel is for regulating your body temperature. The primary purpose of this layer is to hold the heat in your body, but not sweat. Drawing moisture both from the environment and your body is the point here. A cotton-polyester blend will do the job, and so will a blend of polyester-wool.

Ice fishing jacket

This is also the most adjustable layer where you can customize your clothing based on your activities and the weather conditions. So if you are initially wearing a hoodie and a vest you can remove the vest when you get too warm. After hiking through the snow and setting up your shelter, you will probably be sweating. Just put it back again when you feel that it’s getting colder.

The third, outermost layer is your protective layer. It should protect your insulation clothing from snow. Snow will eventually melt into your ice angling apparel and should help you keep the warmth in the core of your body. Get waterproof and wind-proof ice fishing jacket or bib, and boots with thick soles and sound insulation. Make sure that the outermost layer can also draw out moisture.

After layering your clothing, keep the other parts of your body warm with insulated hats, scarves, and gloves.

Striker Angling Apparel

Using an anglers jacket made by Striker can give you the best possible insulation that you can find. Their brand is a leading contender when it comes to ice angling apparel and gear. Check out the wide variety of options they offer.

Now that your body is set for ice fishing, you won’t have to worry about going home early because you’re freezing.

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