Ice Fishing Perch How To’s

Ice Fishing Perch Feature

Perch are among the marine life that are most commonly sought after by ice anglers. This is because they have sweet and moderately soft meat making them a desirable meal. When ice fishing perch there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Some Tips for Ice Fishing Perch:

If you want to catch more Perch, the first thing you should be aware of is the location you’re angling in. Live baits and attractive lures are of no use if there aren’t any fish in the area you are ice looking for Perch in.

Secondly is how you present your bait or lure. Seeing everyone on the lake catching Perch except for you can be discouraging. It is not only about finding the location of these fish. In order to catch them, you have to attract them and get them interested in your bait.

You can try ice fishing perch anytime of the day. However, some factors such as the changing of light can affect their movement and feeding habits. These fish are usually active both at night and during the day.

Perch Ice Angling Location:

Perch_Angling_In_Frozen_WatersDuring summer, Perch are usually scattered around the lake making them harder to find. However, winter provides ice anglers with extra luck for hooking Perch. They tend to pop up in large schools from the deep parts of the lake during the cold season.

Similar to the Sunfish and Crappie, Perch can be found in the deep water. Unlike these fish, they will inhabit water at further depths as well. They prefer to remain closer to the bottom of the lake, like the Walleye, especially when they’re hungry.

In the early days of winter, they can usually be found near the weeds in the shallow areas. Drop-off (or break points) of the lake are another area they choose to linger.

During mid-winter, minnows, and zooplanktons are the main food for Perch. They move into the deep basin of the lake. At this time, you may find them in nearest the deeper sections of the lake or waterbed.

Later in the cold season, Perch start to spawn. When this starts, they tend to move near the weeds and vegetation to lay their eggs. This is why you will find them swimming in multiple domains throughout the year.

Now that you have an idea on where you should go ice fishing perch, the next challenge is how to hook them.

Perch Ice Fishing Presentation:

Vertical spoons with live bait on the hook will help substantially with catching Perch.

One of the best ways to attract a Perch is by jigging your lure. This is done by quickly moving your lure about a foot from its original position under water. Then you allow it to drop back by moving the tip of your rod up and down.

Raise and then drop your rod about every five to ten seconds. If you do not have a sonar with you, start at the bottom of the water. Gradually pull your lure up while still jigging, until you get a bite. If your lure reaches the surface, cast your lure again and start jigging it.


You would be very lucky to hook a Perch on your first attempt of jigging. So don’t become discouraged. Try again, and your chances of catching them will go up.

Now that you have an idea on how to find them, get your equipment ready and start ice fishing for Perch.

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