Need an Ice Fishing Sonar?

Sonar is a device that will help you get a better an idea of what is under the water that you are fishing in. It will help you locate the fish you want to catch.

There are many types of makes and models of these fish finders with different functions and features. All these options can make your decision of which one to buy that much more confusing. So before buying an ice fishing sonar, consider some of these things so you can have one that best fits you.Sonar_for_Ice_Angler

Portability of Sonars for Ice Angling

In ice fishing, as much as possible, you would want all your equipment to be both highly functional, sturdy, and lightweight all at the same time. Your fishing sonar should not be an exception to this. You wouldn’t want to bring with you a lot of bulky equipment and gear. Your poles and reels are already enough to worry about.

You may have chosen a medium sized ice fishing sonar. The battery this will require is large like that of a truck. This would mean that you are still losing the purpose of portability. The battery of your sonar has to be powerful. You don’t want to worry about it draining after a few uses. At the same time, it needs to be small for easy handling.

Many sonars today are made to be portable and come equipped with a powerful yet small-sized battery so you can carry them easily.

How Sonars for Ice Angling Work

Best_Fishing_Sonar_for_Icy_WaterTwo types of units are commonly utilized. First, there are the flasher units which show the real-time view of what’s under the lake. The second example would be 2D sonar units, which show a graph of the view below.

Although the flasher units use an older technology compared to the 2D sonars, it can still serve its purpose of scanning the bottom of the lake, and everything else in between it. If you need a fish finder solely for fishing on the ice, then the flasher units would be an excellent choice.

The 2D sonar, on the other hand, shows you a geographical representation of the view below. Some 2D sonars usually have a flasher mode option, which matches the effect of the flasher units. Most of the 2D sonar units however, only have a normal graph option. If you want one equipped with a flasher, make sure the sonar that you choose comes with that feature.

The Cone Angle

In ice fishing, you are more likely to be angling while stationary. The cone of the sonar beam will help you see the details on what likely is happening around your bait or lure. Make sure to get a clear and more detailed view of the bottom with a bigger sized cone.
There are many sonars for ice angling that you can choose from. Find out which best suits you and your needs. A great place to start would be looking into Humminbird Sonars. This brand is durably constructed and simple. Try out one of their sonars today and see what you have been missing.

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