Ice Fishing Spoons Tips to Hooking More Fish


Have you been looking for the best ice fishing spoons, but you cannot find any on the market?

If you want to find the one you’ve been searching for, then tinker your current spoons and do as you wish to make it as effective in catching fish as you want it to be.

As for ice fishing, tinkering with your angling spoons is not that common yet. That is, when we are comparing to open water fishing. Some anglers are already doing this, and the results are promising. Try to tinker with your own to increase your spoons visibility and attractiveness to fish. You will end up going home with a bucket full of fish.

Putting On the Prism:

Prism is an adhesive tape with foil on the outside. Anglers will cut the prism into the shape they Angling_Spoons_For_Hooking_on_the_Iceneed and tape them to their lure. This will cause your lure to shine thus attracting predatory fish to your line.

The prism helps reflect light off your spoon. This helps increase your spoons visibility to the fish, even in cloudy waters.

Prism tapes come in a variety of colors. You can tweak the color of your spoon to make it more attractive and alluring. Walleyes, for example, are more attracted to a color combination of green, red, orange, and yellow. Taping your spoon with these colors can increase your spoons visibility and your chances of hooking a walleye.

Making Some Sound:

Making rattling sounds in your ice fishing spoons can also increase your spoons visibility. This will draw the attention of marine predators towards your bait. Having your lure produce sounds to basically queue the fish for “food.” There are already many lures on the market today that have dangles and other additions to produce sound. You can buy them, or you can make your own modification to your favorite spoon.

Just attach a plastic or steel worm rattle onto the belly of your fishing spoon to add these sounds to your lure. Don’t worry about the movement of your spoon. The rattles are lightweight, so they will not affect how your spoon moves through the water.

Toss In Some Feathers

Plastic_Ice_Angling_SpoonsThe feathers help you provide more flash and color to your lure. They are light, so just like the worm rattle, they won’t affect the fluidity of your spoon. Alos, be sure that the feathers compliment the size of your spoon.

Super-Size Those Hooks

Don’t miss a trophy size catch because your hook was too small. This means that the fish can easily escape your grasp. Larger hooks give you a more prominent chance that the fish will be caught. Don’t settle for the defaults attached to the bait when you purchased. Tinker around and replace it with one that’s super-sized.

Make your bait noticeable to the fish by producing a sound under water. Then once they hear it, further attract them with your spoon’s colors and shimmering flashes. As the fish draw closer towards your bait to grab their “food,” this will make sure they won’t get away. Catch them with your new monster hooks.

Increase the visibility of your ice fishing spoons more efficient by tinkering and modifying them.

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