Best Ice Fishing Suits and Apparel


Going fishing on the ice can quickly turn into a disaster if you are unprepared. You don’t just need your rods and reels. Acquiring the right ice fishing suits and apparel that will cater to your needs will make your fishing a more enjoyable experience. Now let’s talk about how to dress for the ice accordingly.

The Best Ice Fishing Suit

You will need the best ice fishing suit with features that will exceed your desires. Choose one that has a detachable, wired hood which will protect your head from the cold. An important characteristic of your ice angling apparel should be to keep you heated.

Warm and dry are two things that the best ice fishing suit must have. A waterproof and seam-sealed get up to prevent water from leaking inside is just as crucial. Chin guards are also quite helpful to prevent cold from seeping in. It should have sealed up zippers which will prevent leaks.

Another important feature your ice angling apparel should have is plenty of pockets for easier access to extra tools and equipment. It should be lightweight and breathable for when you’re moving all your fishing gear out into the water, you’re going to be exerting a lot of effort and producing a lot of sweat and heat.

This allows excess heat to exit your body comfortably while keeping the cold out so that you won’t freeze yet you won’t sweat to death either. For colder and stormy weather, get a storm suit with a built in insulating layer to keep you warm. The best brand for ice fishing suits that we have found would have to be Striker ice suit.Icy_Water_Suits_for_Angling_in_Cold_Weather

The Ultimate Ice Angling Apparel

1. The bibs should reach all the way up to your chest area. This a good way to keep the water from entering your inner garments if you accidentally fall into the water.

2. Side straps to keep it snug and fit onto your body.

3. Side pockets which allow you to reach into your pants and allows proper ventilation. They are perfect for storing extra fishing lines and lures.

4. Comfortable and breathable.

5. It should also be waterproof. You don’t want to get wet pants. That would mean a shorter trip, and that isn’t ideal for a great fishing experience.

6. Sealed zipper at the bottom which allows you to quickly use the restroom when nature calls.

7. Leak-proof zippers on the sides of both legs to make it easier to wear/take off when you have boots on.


Striker_Floatation_Suits_Great_for_Icy_Water1. For the warming layer within your ice angling apparel, look for ones with the highest warmth ratio. Polyester fleece is one of the best options out there for trapping a lot of heat. A front zipper makes it convenient to take it on or off.

2. For the base layer, choose ones made with polyester/polar fleece and again, with a front zipper so you can open it up easily when it gets too hot. It should always be made from a synthetic product which will help keep sweat away from your body and prevent too much warmth from building up. Never use cotton as a base layer because once it gets wet, it will stay wet, draining all the heat from inside your body.


1. As your insulating layer, your ice angling apparel should also be made with polyester fleece, for the same reasons as mentioned above.

2. Wool socks are a great way to keep your feet warm. Again, no cotton socks, they will end up getting wet and once they do they will stay wet.


Having the right ice fishing suit will give you a better experience while you are out on the frozen tundra fishing in the ice like nobodies business. So check out the striker ice suit today and see what you’ve been missing.

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